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Welcome to the world’s trusted resource to professional development. Wedemic serves a huge, global community of learners and instructors. We are here to help training buyers and learners, to meet training providers and instructors. We make it easy for the global community to search, compare, and most importantly, to learn.

Wedemic is not just another education company. We rethink and redesign the entire concept of learning and education, from the bottom up. We recognize the fact that the interconnectivity of the world today has brought new dimensions to learning, and at the same time we bear in mind the very basic reason of education, i.e. to improve oneselves.

Learn with us today, while we Pioneer The Next Generation Learning.

Wedemic is filled with high quality education resources to help everyone to develop essential, up-to-date, and useful skills. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a mid-career professional, seeking a new job role or promotion, starting a new business or simply wanting to learn new skills, Wedemic empowers you to achieve your desired goals.

We serve a huge global community of learners, corporate organizations, instructors, training providers, and students, and we are growing everyday.

You can find a specialized topic taught by a highly qualified instructor through In-Person courses that deliver the classroom experience, or short and impactful Online courses which you can take anywhere, anytime.

Browse all our courses now, and get ready for a life changing experience.

Wedemic brings high quality education resources to everyone in the world.

The ability to acquire new skills and knowledge is vital in our world today. It makes you a more valuable employee, or simply a better person. Wedemic gives individuals the empowerment to improve confidence, hungrier for more knowledge, and ultimately to lead a more fulfilling life. The only thing you need to do now, is to begin.

All our online courses are designed to be in clear structural format and enabling you to have a good overview of the course. Courses are specially prepared and delivered by an expert instructor.

Register with us today and start learning new skills.

The team with the best skills wins.

At Wedemic, corporate training is in our core. We designed this robust platform with one objective in mind; to provide a trusted source of training resources.

Search and compare all instructors that fit your training needs. Contact them directly for an in-house quotation. Alternatively, search for In-Person courses for public enrolment. Either way, you are assured of a wide selection of direct resources.

Thinking of revolutionizing your corporate training structure? Wedemic can provide you the tools and resources for a dedicated focus from the support of all our courses, for your employees. Talk to us today to know what we can do for your organization.

Whether you are a face-to-face or an online instructor, Wedemic is a platform for you to reach out.

For face-to-face teachings, you can list your specialty topic with its course outline. Thousands of companies around the world use Wedemic to source and procure training resources for their organizations. For online instructors, you will find that our beautiful interface makes it easy to post your online content. Online courses can be in video or materials download.

Share your knowledge and monetize your expertise today.

Sometimes, you just want to reach out to a wider audience range with your limited marketing resources. Now with Wedemic, you can achieve a cost effective approach to market your courses.

List as many courses as you need to maximize your exposure of your courses on our platform. You will be on the same status as an instructor and same fees and charges apply.

Reach out to us today at for more information.