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Sales leadership requires skills and savvy that managers are not born with! Perception is a global sales force consulting group that helps client teams adapt and grow. ‘Practical Sales Management and Leadership’ develops practical skills utilizing bite-sized learning modules that can be self-paced or internally facilitated anywhere, anytime in small group sessions. The system establishes a durable process for building management and leadership consistency across multiple sales teams and people. Sales leadership is different to other forms of management as it places unique demands on managers. Why is that? Sales by its nature is results oriented and managers must have the ability to help salespeople deal with a high level of personal accountability. Because salespeople operate under constant scrutiny, the performance of no other job is so immediately transparent to all employees. Additionally, sales leaders manage people who experience anxiety in that they face the unknown everyday; they don't know what's behind the next call or door, and are constantly challenged by a different ditch to cross or a different problem to deal with. As a result, sales leaders must have the thinking and skills to build and support a sales force on a daily basis. The program, presented by The Fortune Group's Chairman, Steve Brown, provides the experience and tools to achieve it.
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