Why Should You Be An Wedemic’s Affiliate?

Online & In-Person Courses

Choose from our wide range of Online and In-Person courses to market to your audience.

Easy Signing-Up

Anyone can be an affiliate. Click on the Sign-Up button at the end of this page to sign-up, only 2 minutes of your time!

Total Anonymity

Whether you are an educator or an experienced online marketer, your status as an Wedemic Affiliate is totally anonymous. In fact we only collect some basic info and PayPal payment email address from you.

Personal Affiliate Dashboard

Your personal dashboard provides all information and materials you need to promote the courses. From your commissions, to your unique URL links generator, everything is kept simple for you.

Creative Banners

Download creative banners from your personal affiliate dashboard to help you promote the courses.

Tiered Commissions

Access higher commission structures as you promote through the ranks from an Associate all the way to a Strategist.

Grow Your Affiliate Network

Recruit up to 2 down-line layers of sub-affiliates to work for you. Your earnings are uncapped!

Performance Bonus

As you promote through the ranks, you will be rewarded with performance bonus. Sounds like a full time job isn’t it?

What Should I Do?

1. Sign-Up as an affiliate
Scroll down and click on the Sign-Up button to sign up as an affiliate. It won’t take more than 2 minutes.

2. Promote the courses
You can promote Wedemic in general, or specific courses, to your audience.

3. Use your Wedemic affiliate links
You can copy your unique links from your personal affiliate dashboard or choose any of our creative banners.

4. Promote to your audience
Share Wedemic’s content to your audience with your unique links and creative banners, on your website, blog, or email newsletters. Don’t forget about your social media networks too!

5. Earn commissions
Everytime a person clicks on your unique link and comes onto the Wedemic site to make a purchase, the system will automatically track and show real-time statistics on your personal affiliate dashboard. The more you promote, the more you will earn!

6. Recruit a sub-affiliate
Recommend a friend to join as an affiliate. You will earn commissions too whenever your sub-affiliates make any sale!

7. Keep on promoting and recruiting
Continue to promote Wedemic’s courses and recruit sub-affiliates to grow your affiliate marketing empire!

Leverage on Wedemic’s established global presence to launch your own Affiliate Marketing business today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedemic is an Education Powerhouse! In partnership with instructors and training providers from around the world to offer in-person and online courses to the global community, and now you can, as an affiliate, earn serious money by promoting the courses on Wedemic. It is just like being a Sales Director of an international training company, you can choose the specific courses to promote or all the courses! You can also recruit sub-affiliates and receive indirect commissions from every sale they make.

Anyone can be an Wedemic affiliate. You can be an online marketer, an instructor on Wedemic, a student of Wedemic’s courses, an educator, a training provider, a blogger, or simply someone who knows how to target training courses to the correct audience.

All our affiliates details are kept strictly confidential. In fact, we don’t collect much data from you. During the signing-up process, we only require basic information such as your name (to be honest, we wouldn’t really know if that is your real name or not), and you need to create a username and password. We don’t ask for your address, your personal identification details, company you are working at now etc.

For commission payments to you, we only require your PayPal email address. During your signing-up process, you will be asked for this, but if you don’t have it, you can just input any email address you have and provide the PayPal payment email address later once you have it.

Yes absolutely! You are the best person to be an affiliate since you already have presence on Wedemic. Since you are already an instructor (or a student), then there is no need to separately create an affiliate account, unless you intend to keep your main account and affiliate account separate.

You can send an email to to inform us that you like to be an affiliate and we will link the affiliate account directly to your main account.

Yes absolutely. You are free to promote the courses to your contacts.

In the world of marketing, there are no boundaries.

You can be promoting the courses on your website by adding our creative banners.

You can be ‘shouting’ out the courses on your blog.

You can be emailing newsletters directly to your contacts.

You can be sharing the content on your social media networks.

We encourage you to actively promote on all possible channels to maximise your chances of closing sales. The links are unique to you and even if someone whom shared your content to his/her contacts and if the person purchase through clicking your link, the referral is awarded to you too.

Every affiliates have their own unique URL links. You can generate your’s when you access your personal affiliate dashboard. The links can be for Wedemic’s home page, or a specific course page.

Everytime when someone clicks on your link and comes to the Wedemic website, a cookie is stored on the person’s browser. So this cookie stays on as the person continues to browse through the website. And when a purchase is made, the system automatically identifies your unique link and award the referral to you.

Special note: We recognise the fact that a person may not make any purchase on the first visit, so the cookie will be ‘live’ for 7 days. Even if the person does not make a purchase during the first visit, and if he revisits the Wedemic website another time within the 7 days, using the same browser, the link is still valid and any sale from the person, referral will still be awarded to you. The only exception is when the person clears the cache on the browser, and in such cases, cookies are normally deleted.

When you first join as an affiliate, you are on the rank of “Associate”. Your commission is 5% of every sale.

Wedemic has an extremely competitive structure which allows all affiliates to be promoted to a higher rank and earning higher commissions.

The levels of ranks are:


To promote to each level, you just need to earn SGD 500 of commissions at that level. For example to promote from Associate to Ambassador, you need to earn SGD 500 of commissions, and you will automatically promote to the Ambassador rank. And to promote from Ambassador to Specialist, you need to earn another SGD 500 of commissions (meaning its SGD 1000 commission in total since you start). And from Specialist to Marketer, total commission of SGD 1500 to be earned. And from Marketer to Strategist, total commission of SGD 2000 to be earned.

Every rank you get promoted to, you will have an increase in your commission percentage as follows:

Associate = 5%
Ambassador = 5.5%
Specialist = 6%
Marketer = 6.5%
Strategist = 7%

Yes you can!

When you click on your own affiliate link to purchase a course, the system automatically tags the sale to your affiliate account to earn commissions!

Some courses are not eligible for commissions. For such courses, you will see a note at the end of the course that says “Note for Affiliates: Course not eligible for referrals.”

Affiliate marketing is through promoting using your unique affiliate links. Whenever someone on your website, blog, email newsletters, or social media channels etc, clicks on the links, they will be directed to the Wedemic website. Cookies are stored on the person’s browsers and tracks when he/she makes a purchase. And if a purchase is made, the system automatically award the referral to your affiliate account.

All these information including the number of clicks through the links, are available on your personal affiliate dashboard, in real-time statistics.

The last affiliate link used by the buyer, will be recognised as the affiliate whom referred.

For e.g. Affiliate A promotes to a client. The client clicks on Affiliate A’s link and come onto the Wedemic website, but did not make any purchase. Affiliate B then promotes to the same client. This time the client clicks on Affiliate B’s link and makes a purchase. The referral is awarded to Affiliate B.

We like to add in some “spice” to our affiliate marketing program. Besides having a competitive tiered commission structure when you promotes through the ranks, everytime an affiliate promotes to the next level, we throw in a small incentive to acknowledge your efforts.

Promote to Ambassador = Bonus SGD 50

Promote to Specialist = Bonus SGD 100

Promote to Marketer = Bonus SGD 150

Promote to Strategist = Bonus SGD 300

And when you earned SGD 5000 in commissions, you get a special bonus of SGD 500!

Payment of Referral Fees will be made within sixty (60) days of the end of the month in which the fee for a Course was received, but only if your unpaid, cumulative quarterly Referral Fee earnings exceed SGD 100. If your unpaid, cumulative Referral Fee earnings are less than SGD 100, they will be rolled to the following month.

What does this means? It means:

1) We hold onto all course fees received, for a period of at least 60 days. This is to ensure all funds are cleared from banks and also there is no refund requests from students. Once this 60 days is up, we can safely say that this sale is successfully completed and then payouts can proceed. And we will do the payout at the end of the month. Lets take for e.g. a course fee is received on the 14th August, the payout will be on the 31st October.

2) And if your total commission is less then SGD 100, it will be rolled to the following month to combine with your next month’s earnings to be paid out.

For all In-Person Courses, successful Referrals are dependent upon whether the course proceeds or not. As such, Referral Fees will only be paid within sixty (60) days of the end of the month of the course end dates. For e.g. if the Offline Course is on the 3rd – 4th May, the Referral Fee payment will be done in the month ending 31st July.

Exception: For In-Person Courses, successful Referrals are dependent upon whether the course proceeds or not. If the course does not proceed as scheduled, the Referral is deemed to be unsuccessful. In such case, there will be no Referral Fee awarded to the affiliate.

Note: All affiliate payouts will be done through PayPal. The amount is subjected to any PayPal charges for sending funds to your country from Singapore. Please visit for more information on receiving funds in your country from Singapore.

Online courses are taken on demand. Meaning whenever a student enrolls into an online course, the course can be taken immediately upon payment confirmation.

In-Person courses are scheduled with a location and date. These courses are dependent on a minimum number of students enrolled into the course. The minimum numbers are set by the instructors/providers. So only if a course successfully proceeds, then affiliate payouts can be made. If a course does not successfully proceeds, all payments received by Wedemic will be refunded to the student and no affiliate payouts will be made.

Sub-affiliates are affiliates recruited under a “main” affiliate.

Each affiliate in our affiliate marketing programme can maximise their earnings by introducing the programme to other people. When you send your unique URL link to a potential affiliate, and when he/she clicks on the link to sign-up as an affiliate, this person will automatically be your sub-affiliate.

Each affiliate can recruit up to 30 affiliates under them. Your indirect referral commission is 2%, when any of these 30 1st-level sub-affiliates makes a successful sale. And each of these 30 sub-affiliates can recruit up to a further 30 sub-affiliates under them. Meaning it can be a maximum of 900 2nd-level sub-affiliate under your 1st-level sub-affiliates. And when any of these 900 2nd-level sub-affiliates make a successful sale, your indirect referral fee is 1%.

Take for e.g. You are the main affiliate. You have a sub-affiliate (A) in your 1st-level. And sub-affiliate (A) has a sub-affiliate (B) under him. When (A) makes a sale, you will receive 2%. When (B) makes a sale, you will receive 1%.

Further note: Even if you are a sub-affiliate of another affiliate, you can also have your own 1st and 2nd level sub-affiliate. Taking the above as an e.g. If you are a sub-affiliate of another affiliate “above” you, lets call him (Z). When you make a sale, you will still receive your direct referral commission based on the rank and tiered commission rate you are on. And (Z) will receive 2%. And when (A) makes a sale, (A) will receive his own direct referral commission, you will receive 2%, and (Z) will receive 1%. And if (B) makes a sale, there is no indirect commission for (Z) since (B) is not within (Z’s) 1st and 2nd level sub-affiliates.

In summary, every affiliate in our affiliate marketing program, can recruit up to 30 sub-affiliate in their 1st-level, and each of these sub-affiliates can recruit up to 30 sub-affiliates. Your indirect referral commission will reach to the 2nd-level sub-affiliates under you only. When you talk to a potential affiliate, let the person know that although he will come under you as your sub-affiliate, but this will have no impact in his earnings at all. He can also has his own structure of 30 1st-level sub-affiliate and 900 2nd-level sub-affiliate.

What happens after you have reached 30 sub-affiliates on your 1st level and you want to continue to recruit? Well you can. The “31st” sub-affiliate you recruit, will automatically be place on your 2nd-level, and he will be placed under the first slot available on the 2nd level.

Each affiliate in our affiliate marketing programme can recruit up to 30 sub-affiliate directly under them. This is called the 1st-level. The main affiliate’s indirect referral commission on this level is 2%.

And each of your sub-affiliate, can further recruit up to 30 direct sub-affiliates under them. This is called the 2nd-level. The main affiliate’s indirect referral commission on this level is 1%.

An affiliate’s indirect referral commission will reach all the way to the 2nd-level.

So how does this work. Lets take for e.g. you have a full blown structure of sub-affiliates under you. Meaning 30 on the 1st-level, and 900 on the 2nd-level.

Taking an example of an average sale of SGD 1,000 (courses on Wedemic price ranges from SGD 30 to SGD 8,000) for each affiliate in a month.

Your 2nd-level will earn you indirect referral commission of (SGD 1000 x 900 affiliates x 1%) = SGD 9000.

Your 1st-level will earn you indirect referral commission of (SGD 1000 x 30 affiliates x 2%) = SGD 600

You will earn a direct referral commission of (assuming Strategist rank and 7% rate), SGD 1000 x 7% = SGD 70.

It is a total of SGD 9670 of commissions for you in that month! So as you promote more courses, also recruit more affiliate to earn passive income for yourself!

Once you have successfully sign-up as an affiliate, and for future visits, you can just click on the “Login” link at the top right corner of the Wedemic website. Login with your username and password. Then you will be able to see at the top of the page, “Affiliate Area”, click on it and you will see your personal affiliate dashboard.

Sign-up today and you can start immediately! Click here to sign up.