19th Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum – UAE

This forum is held under the patronage of His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, United Arab Emirates.



    “As the pipeline of female talent continues to expand, it is up to corporate stakeholders to make the ‘business case’ for investing in women and act as catalysts for change.”
    – Dr Leila Hoteit -Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group



    The 19th Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum is bringing together up to 500 global male and female business leaders, policy makers, as well as young female professionals and entrepreneurs. They’re gathering to dissect the challenge of diversity, share experiences and produce actionable strategies to strive for women’s economic empowerment.

    Endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Economy for the past three years, the forum has championed the recognition of women as key economic drivers for over a decade. It aims to highlight inspiring stories of successful women and best practices from organisations that are leading the way in this domain.

    The forum also hosts the WIL Achievement Awards, presented by the Minister of Economy, His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, to honour such exemplary individuals and organisations.

    This year’s conversation revolves around three pillars: story-telling, future-building, and game changers. The agenda is designed to facilitate discussion, promote innovative thinking and have an impact on the global discourse around the role of women in the global economy.

    Participants will also receive a CPD-certificate at the end of the forum.


    Forum Format:

    A Format Design To Make Change Happen

    Insightful and Inspiring Keynotes
    Listen to and learn from the most successful and renowned thought leaders on diversity and inclusion principles.

    Interactive Panel Discussions
    Get your questions answered by expert panelists as they share their viewpoints on some of the most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

    Global WIL Achievement Awards
    A highlight of the forum, the awards ceremony acknowledges individuals and organisations for their impactful support of women’s empowerment.

    Case Studies
    Gain insight into some of the best diversity and inclusion practices through real-life examples.

    Practical Workshops
    Choose from a variety of specialised workshops, each delivering practical knowledge through simulations, group exercises and case studies.

    16+ Hours of Business-Focused Networking
    Cement and build relationships with cross-sector peers and industry leaders in an environment built to harness the principles of diversity and inclusion.

    Brain-Dating Lounge
    Book ‘brain dates’ with like-minded peers using our online app ( and kick off conversations in our brain dating lounge at the forum.



    What Others Say:

    “Business cannot be successful without diverse thinking styles and approaches to leadership. The Women in Leadership Economic Forum provides an important opportunity to listen and share how to integrate these differences into the everyday processes, projects and values of the organisations in which we work.”
    – Walter Hurdle, Global Chief Diversity Officer, AIG

    “The WIL Economic Forum is a unique opportunity to find yourself absolutely surrounded by powerful, strong women-the resulting inspiration, knowledge and connections will be life changing.”
    – Kristen Pressner, VP/Head of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, Diagnostic Division, Roche

    “I was very impressed with the comprehensive agenda and broad mix of highly quality speakers at the WIL Economic Forum. It was time worth spent and another big step forward on the important topic of diversity and inclusion in this part of the world.”
    – Assaf AlQuraishi, VP Human Resource, Unilever MENA

    “I left the Women in Leadership Economic Forum feeling inspired and energised. While we have certainly come a long way, there is much more work to be done to support and foster equality for women in every segment of our economy. Onwards and upwards!”
    – VP of Talent Planning & Inclusion, Pfizer

    “Women are increasingly moving into roles as decision-makers and leaders in both private and professional spheres. It is important that they now step up and engage in the change process.”
    – Jennifer O’Lear, Head Corporate HR Development & Engagement, and Chief Diversity Officer, Merck

    “Gender diversity makes good business sense and everyday women are making positive changes to workplace culture by driving service excellence and enabling a balanced economic growth.”
    – Nathalie Amiel-Ferrault, VP, EMEA Customer Experience, MEI Marketing & Communications, FedEx Express

    “Women are typically adept at managing complexity, coping with ambiguity and bringing clarity to situations. Conferences like WIL give women the chance to pause, reflect and recharge their batteries by creating new global networks.”
    – Wendy Alexander – Associate Dean, Global Business, London Business School










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