2-Day Masterclass on Women in Leadership

High-Impact Performance and Communications in A Man’s World.



    “Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams.”

    – Lady Gaga


    Course Proudly Presented By:

    – The Global Authority and Thought Leader in Women’s Leadership.

    – International Speaker, Strategy Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach.

    – Winner of “The International Alliance of Women’s World of Difference Award 2014”.

    – Author of Your Loss: How to Win Back your Female Talent


    Christina Ioannidis


    Book Endorsements by Leading Industry Figures:

    “Getting it right on diversity and inclusion, creates business competitive advantage. This book both makes the case and tells us how.”
    – James Smith, Chairman, Shell U.K. Limited

    “Diversity is not just the right thing to do but it makes good commercial sense. This book represents a welcome and refreshing approach to this critically important issue.”
    – Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive, Global Retail Banking, Barclays Bank Plc

    “It is time organizations started reviewing diversity metrics as closely as revenue metrics because retaining talent in an environment in which they can perform at their best is what will drive revenues. This book gives a clear framework on how to create such a high-performing and healthy organizational culture”
    – Vahé Torossian, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

    “A must-read for those running organisations hoping to attract, retain and develop top female talent in our time.”
    – Ellen Miller, Executive Fellow London Business School & former Managing Director, Lehman Brothers


    Course Overview:

    This 2-Day intensive masterclass has been specifically designed to cater for the development needs of Women in the current economies. In this 2 days, Christina will unveil the unspoken rules in the predominantly male-dominated business world. It helps participants gauge their personal challenges, understand their leadership footprint, what they stand for, and how to balance the multiple dimensions of the challenging, fast-paced business world.

    Delegates will be stretched in hands-on case studies and assignments, but will ultimately, benefit from material taught at advanced business school level.

    Each participant will also benefit from an individual Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument assessment. This is a cutting- edge system of identifying mental preferences based on neuro-scientific breakthroughs. Over one million people around the world have gone through this assessment and witnessing firsthand its value in improving personal, professional and organizational effectiveness. Leading academic institutions and organizations of all sizes and industries, including 9 out of 10 of the Fortune 100 companies, are using this assessment to get better results in their mission critical areas. The value of this assessment is at SGD 145 and is included in the course fee.

    Techniques for developing a “Whole Brained” approach to management and leadership will be discussed throughout the workshop, as this model sets the basis for the two days.

    All participants will receive a pack including:

    • Their own personal assessment results
    • An action plan
    • A tailored programme to work on for their personal development


    Course Objectives:

    To equip all participants of this course with:

    • Insight on their Feminine Leadership Footprint and their individual “blind-spots”.
    • A toolkit for effectively managing being at the top of their game, channeling their energy effectively and reducing the sensation of being “stretched in multiple directions”.
    • Hands on experience in communicating with maximum impact, and ensuring their messages are not shot-down in an aggressive and challenging environment.
    • A 5-step process to prepare and undertake effective negotiations for their business and personal life.
    • The latest, cutting-edge thinking in management and leadership.


    Past Participants’ Reviews:

    “Many Thanks for the excellent workshop this afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed it and you are an excellent facilitator.”
    – Maya Minkova, Shell, UK

    “Christina’s style in training is wonderful. I really enjoyed it and also benefitted from it”
    – Senior Director, Learning & Development, Bahrain Institute of Public Administration

    “The trainer is excellent. Not a minute of boredom and she is very passionate about the subject matter.”
    – Senior Project Manager, Etiqa Insurance & Takaful

    “Very useful training for me. Topics learned can be applied to work environment and home front.”
    – Senior HR Manager, Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company (KPOC)

    “Overall excellent training and an eye-opener especially for all ladies who are working in the corporate world.”
    – Manager – Integrated Planning, Petronas Carigali

    “Informative! Useful information and techniques that can be applied on our daily life and work.”
    – VP/Head of Direct Marketing, Etiqa Insurance & Takaful

    “I like Christina. She is very energetic and feminist. She defines the Masterclass on Women in Leadership.”
    – Executive, SapuraKencana Petroleum Berhad



    Who Should Attend:

    • Women who are in a management position in private and public enterprise.
    • Existing or aspiring entrepreneurial women looking for the competitive edge for their business.
    • Ambitious women who would like to get ahead and desire the foundations to do so.
    • Companies looking forward to further empower their female employees to greater job responsibilities.


    Your Instructor:

    Christina Ioannidis

    Christina Ioannidis is a world-recognized speaker, facilitator and entrepreneur.

    She has engaged with audiences worldwide. Christina’s expertise, professionalism, and charismatic personality are only a few of the traits that have made her an international choice as a Keynote Speaker and Mistress of Ceremony.

    Renowned organisations have loyally made Christina their preferred choice for various engagements from MC’ing, delivering Keynote Speeches through to Training and Consulting. Christina is an extremely versatile professional speaker. With a strong business and marketing acumen, Christina has an ability to engage with a wide variety of business audiences; she is also immediately personable and has the ability to motivate, with her energy, passion and enthusiasm, any individuals from any field.

    One of Christina’s areas of expertise is the creation of Gender Savvy Business Cultures, re-balancing corporate management approaches and systems to cater to the needs, wants and desires of female employees, and, of course, customers. She provides insight into the behavioural and cultural differences between the men and women which lead them to communicate, purchase, reason, work and make decisions differently.

    She has advised and trained many organizations to adapt their approach to build engagement with men and women in Marketing, CRM, Sales, PR and Talent Management activities. Externally, these have translated to increased female consumer engagement and market share; internally these strategies have improved attraction and retention of female employees via Gender-Savvy business cultures.


    Course Outline:

    Day 1:

    Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

    The Female Perspective in Business

    Women face a number of challenges in the modern world, which often clash with cultural and social expectations. In this part of the masterclass, these challenges will be laid bare and participants will discuss and identify the strategies they need to consider to keep them at the top of their game. Core to this, is the revealing of their personal leadership style, which will be debriefed to participants with the use of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument pre- course assessment.

    • The Female Factor: the realities of being a woman in business
    • Channeling your energy: being at the Top of Your Game
    • Understanding your personal leadership Style
    • 4 point plan to effective leadership
    • What the good leaders do and don’t do

    GenderStyles: Leveraging your Female Brain in an All-Male team

    On average, women tend to see the world of business as a collaborative experience; men tend to approach it as a competitive game. Consequently, women often feel misunderstood and out of touch with the rules of the game. Using the outputs of Whole Brain Technology TM, this part of the session will cover the implicit and explicit gender differences in wiring, behaviour and provide participants with the skill-set to maneuver themselves in a male- dominated environment.

    • Cultural mine-field: Collaboration vs Competition
    • The secrets of working within a male-dominated environment
    • Strategies to use your feminine intuition for professional success
    • Do’s and Don’ts in working in an all-male business environments

    Intelligent Women work Smarter not Harder!

    Women often feel sidelined and that promotion escapes them. This segment of the 2-days masterclass is designed for women who are looking to be smart as well as intelligent in managing their productivity, visibility and exposure. It covers top-tips for maximizing uptime, focusing on what is important, and techniques for letting their reputation do the hard work them.

    • Overview: Your Personal Time Zone, Time Effectiveness Strategies
    • Managing your time – start, middle and end of the day
    • Leveraging your “peak” times to ensure you are maximizing your optimal “brain time”
    • Dos and Don’ts to manage your time most effectively

    Day 2:

    GenderStyles Communication and Influencing in Business

    GenderStyles Communication: Solving the Gender Dichotomy

    Research has highlighted numerous gender-based differences in communication between men and women, influenced by the differing social and cultural backdrops that shape them. This part of the workshop highlights the subtle nuances of communication, ways to avoid the “Gender-Trap” through targeted, neutralized influencing language and communication strategies. Participants will this benefit from a high-impact influencing, motivating others to support them in what is important for them.

    • The communication model – what we hear, what others interpret
    • The “Gender-Trap”: how language can be “macho” and ways to avoid cross-cultural miscommunications
    • Strategies to use neutralized influencing language to get your message across succinctly

    GenderStyles: Women – The Powerful Negotiators

    Research has proved that women are excellent negotiators, as they use what is called “Integrative Bargaining” techniques; in negotiations with men, however, they often feel intimidated. This is the culmination of the 2-day workshop, designed to guide women through the stylistic differences with their male counterparts and offer practical techniques to negotiate, and achieve what they want, in a man’s world.

    GenderstylesTM Negotiation 1: delving into the heart of negotiations:

    • Preparing for tough negotiations
    • Understanding the gender-based differences in approaching negotiations
    • Strategies and techniques to diffuse scepticism and aggression

    Genderstyles Negotiation 2: practical management of negotiations

    • Asking diagnostic questions
    • Sharing information
    • Brainstorming, agreeing and closing negotiations

    Case-study – role play, discussion and debrief


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