Advanced Negotiation

High Performance Negotiating to meet the Global Challenge.



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    In Just 2 Days, You Will Learn How To Negotiate Like A Pro.

    Conducted by One of the World’s Leading Negotiator and Coach.


    Course Overview:

    To be calm and confident under pressure requires practice. To achieve success from a weak position requires skill, experience and know-how. To develop your innate strengths requires discipline.

    Negotiation skills can help an individual in all aspects of life. Training on this skill set will help to create better results for business, career, relationships and at home.

    This course is for individuals who want to really understand the fundamental and advanced skills of “hands on” negotiating. Participants will gain a clear and practical insight into the critical skills needed to be a truly confident and successful negotiator.

    The structure of the programme works through the processes every negotiator uses, and provides explanation, practise, technical tips, and guidance. A full range of training techniques are used to help all participants gain the maximum from the two days – lectures, practical exercises, negotiations, casework, interactive discussions, personal planning and mentoring and plenty of interesting tips, anecdotes and advice.


    What You Will Learn In Just Two Days:

    • GAIN a deeper knowledge of the negotiating process; how it works, how to read it, how to gain effective control and use it profitably with confidence
    • RECOGNISE negotiating opportunities and learn how to maximize advantage from them
    • DEVELOP and STRENGTHEN critical negotiation skills; listening, pacing, questioning, preparation and planning, collecting intelligence, note taking, analysis, reading signals
    • LEARN how to make well-constructed, targeted and effective proposals and present them with maximum power and influence
    • PRACTICE specific techniques: opening, closing, bargaining, summarising, clarifying, observing and analysing
    • IMPROVE one’s understanding and reading of body language, negotiating signals and cultural differences in managing the process
    • APPRECIATE techniques such as haggling and how to use them in the negotiation
    • IMPROVE the understanding of relationships; how to form, develop and protect them for the long term
    • INCREASE creativity and strategic flexibility
    • UNDERSTAND and DEVELOP your personal negotiating style and deal with difficult behaviour and situations
    • DISCOVER tactics and gambits to; defend weak positions, exploit deadlock, think quickly on one’s feet and to remain calm under pressure


    Past Participants’ Testimonials:

    “You have proven to be one of the best and most engaging trainers that I have ever experienced.”
    – Purchasing Director, Siegwerk, Germany

    “Mike Roberts is the highest level, toughest negotiator I have met. He doesn’t just talk about it, like a lot of trainers, instead he has been a practicing high level negotiator for many years and now coaches others to be more effective. He has worked in areas such as trade union and political negotiations.”
    – NLP Coach and Consultant

    “Superb negotiator. Shared personal experiences. Explained everything clearly and concisely. Very good teacher”
    – Business Development Manager, FMCG, UK

    “Speaks with authority, highly engaging. Intense (commands respect), but retains approachability.”
    – Deal Maker, Venture Capitalist

    “Strong background of hands-on negotiating experience, made learning realistic.”
    – Buyer, Electronics

    “A very inspiring session. The communication skills training and role play sessions are especially useful and worth practicing.”
    – General Manager – Procurement, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

    “The training is helpful to my work. I learned, had fun, and made some new friends! Thank you WWBC Group!”
    – Claims Specialist, International Container Terminal Services

    “The course was very good.”
    – Operations Geologist, SapuraKencana Energy

    “Knowledgeable and fun.”
    – Director, Falcon Resources Management

    “This is the best course which covered most of the things I wanted to meet the global challenges and its beneficial to my company. The interactive exercises are very exciting.”
    – Senior Manager – Procurement, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

    “Well prepared and knowledgeable trainer.”
    – Lead Contracts Department, Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company

    “Very good experience attending this course with actual practices on the topic.”
    – Corporate Insurance and Projects Supervisor, International Container Terminal Services


    Who Should Attend:

    Leaders, Senior Executives, Directors, Partners, Professional Negotiators and Managers active in deal making, conflict resolution, mediation, procurement, sales, client relationship management, employee relations, anyone who wants to negotiate more effectively.


    Your Instructor:

    Mike Roberts

    – Recognised as one of the UK’s leading international negotiating coaches and consultants.
    – Having trained and coached over 8,000 senior staffs worldwide.
    – More than 30 years’ experience covering high level negotiations in M&A, procurement and employee relations.


    Mike Roberts is one of the leading international Negotiating Coaches and Consultants with a wealth of high level experience. He has worked with CEOs, Directors and senior management teams from across many and varied businesses and government sectors. He has trained and coached well over 8,000 senior staffs globally. His experience has taken him on assignments to The Far and Middle East, throughout Europe, to Bermuda, The United States of America and Canada.

    Mike’s experience comes from working at Board level for a world-class multi-site international business, as an Industrial Relations Expert and Trouble Shooter. He has led large professional teams covering a variety of significant high level negotiations often in highly complex situations – Mergers, Takeovers, Enabling Agreements for New Sites and Technology, Plant Closures, Productivity Deals and major Procurement Contract Negotiations. He pioneered 24 / 7 shift arrangements, introduced long term stability deals (2 & 3 year pay deals) and in the last 18 months has been helping Company Boards secure investment and contracts through special consultancy projects.

    In the past 10 years Mike has been providing expert negotiating advice and skills development to finance houses in the City of London, working with individual specialist investment teams who want someone they can trust to deliver good sound professional practice with good intellectual rigour.

    The techniques are well proven and trusted having been developed, tested and polished over the past 30 years. The approach is special – expert negotiating skills development from an expert negotiator.

    Increasingly active in the fast moving entrepreneurial world of FinTech & IT Start Ups, Mike runs specialised workshops for fast growth investment backed businesses.

    Here are just a few of the many major organisations Mike has worked with over the years:

    Google, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Unilever, Cadbury, Mars, Scotwork, Corporate Training (Germany), Schott International, Pepsico and Coca Cola. The BBC, Channel 4, The Ministry of Defence, Government of Bermuda, British Venture Capitalist Association (BVCA), Nissan, Mercedes, KPMG, IBM, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Waitrose and the John Lewis Partnership, Apple and many more.

    In recent years Mike has run advanced negotiating workshops as part of the MBA program at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. He is a guest lecturer on the MSc Global Economics Course at Nottingham University Business School.


    Course Outline:

    Day 1:


    • Round Table Introductions
      • To share and agree group and personal goals.


    • Introduction to Negotiating
      • Why do we negotiate?
      • Where negotiating fits within our armoury of influencing skills?
    • Interactive Session
      • Key Models – The Process
        1. Power Dynamics
        2. The Costs
        3. Bargaining Arena

    Case Preparation

    • Group briefed and given basic guidance to prepare and run initial case
      • To learn how well the participants prepare.
      • To access habits and techniques used.

    Case Negotiation

    • Live recording of a timed negotiation
      • To practice negotiating:
        1. Focus on Preparation, Objectives and Strategy
        2. Develop understanding of negotiating tasks

    Case Review

    • Interactive session with expert analysis
      • To learn from the recorded highlights and lowlights.
      • To establish levels of understanding and self-awareness.
      • Start the process of identifying specific personal training goals.


    • Preparing for Negotiations
      • Setting goals
      • Information management
      • Strategy planning
      • Key tasks
      • Style / Environment

    Second Case Practice

    • Case Preparation
      • Check on improved preparation
    • Case Negotiation
      • Develop understanding of the dialogue phase
      • Key objectives and skills
    • Case Replay and Analysis
      • Face to face control, signals
      • Information management
      • Review key negotiating tasks


    • Dialogue
      • The purpose of this phase
      • Critical skills e.g. listening, questioning
      • Develop good clarifying and summarising techniques
      • Information and intelligence management
      • Verbal and non-verbal signals and communications
      • Cultural differences

    Day 2:


    • Proposing
      • The essence of good powerful proposals
      • Conditionality
      • Presenting Proposals with Power
      • Timing / Who goes first? / Syntax / Control
      • Responding to proposals
      • Key disciplines
      • Possible response options
      • Bargaining and finessing skills
      • Development of bargaining

    Interactive Session

    • Negotiating Styles – Coorperative vs Competitive
      • Open discussion
    • Managing Difficult People – Situations
      • Agenda formed from interest of group and individuals
    • Cultural Considerations


    • Creative Thinking – Developing Bargaining Capital – Wish Lists – Thinking on one’s feet
      • Syndicate work
      • Looking at issues from different points of view to generate negotiating capital


    • Closing / Confirming / Implementation
      • Closing techniques for negotiators
      • Timing / Discipline / Vulnerabilities
      • Agreeing what has been agreed
      • Impact on implementation on the next deal

    Case Exercise

    • Case Preparation
      • Exploring the complexities of multi-lateral bargaining
      • Three teams exploring – consensus or deadlock
      • The prisoner’s dilemma
    • Negotiation
      • Lessons about multi-lateral negotiating
      • Hidden agendas, alliances, relationships, complexitity
    • Case Review and Analysis
    • Course Review, Follow Up Actions – Close
      • Review of main lessons
      • Personal action plans
      • Key tips for better negotiations

    Course Curriculum

    Advanced Negotiation 14:00:00

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