As Time Goes By – A Time Management Masterclass

Fundamental knowledge and skills that positively contribute to making more effective use of your time.


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    One of the paradoxes about time is that there never seems to be enough of it! Yet we have the whole of time at our disposal. We have time for anything but not everything! It is not time we are short of it is how we CHOOSE to consume it that needs attention.

    It is free – it isn’t subject to recession, interest rates, or inflation. You cannot buy it, sell it, or store it. It is the only aspect of our lives where we are truly equal – every human being is given 24 hours a day. It is personal and it is all yours. Only you can spend it. You can spend it wisely or waste it.

    This course is designed to help you tighten up in many areas of your own self-management. The action steps I have in this course are simple and practical – yet the cumulative effect can be radical.


    Module Purpose:

    This module will equip the learner, and also enhance established strengths, with a range of knowledge and skills that are fundamental to positively contributing to making more effective use of time available each day.


    General Learning Objectives:

    At the conclusion of this workshop participants will learn how to:

    ANALYZE the problems of time management and decide how to deal with them.

    ANALYZE your current use of working time and identify your strengths and weaknesses in effective time management.

    DEMOSTRATE learning and understanding of time management concepts.

    REALIZE more of your goals by differentiating the demands on your time and set your own priorities.

    EMPOWER others by using the five key principles of delegation and create more time for effective decision making.

    REGAIN control by actively managing interruptions, phone calls and email.

    OPTIMIZE team workflow using activity networks, float and critical path analysis.

    UNDERSTAND the value of effective time control leads to increased production, less stress, reduced costs and ultimately more profitable company operations.

    KNOW what are the benefits of making better use of your time to balance your life.

    DISCUSS the Good Things about Stress.

    REALIZE reducing stress in the workplace by the manager.

    UNDERSTAND time management skills can help you minimise the stress of work overload.

    DEMOSTRATE managing priorities for less stress.



    Who Should Attend:

    Managers of any discipline, whose organizational role requires them to organize their own time and that of their team members. Increasingly more is expected of us both at work and in our private lives. The demands on our time are ever present. Time is a valuable resource. Through this course, you will develop a framework and understanding of tools and methods available, that are needed to achieve better time management. You can apply these methods to your daily routines and schedules.


    Learning Methodology:

    Learning should be through a combination of trainer led instruction, audio-visual materials, group work, role plays and student participation in group discussions, simulation games, diagnostic exercises, and feedback questions. The goal is to lead the participants towards learning objectives. The program will be delivered in a training atmosphere that encourages two-way communication in a non-threatening, ‘open’ and enjoyable environment.

    The training program will meet the learning needs because of the interaction and group participation that will be required from each participant. As we work in a relaxed and non-threatening manner, each participant can adjust and warm to the learning atmosphere in their own way. Everything that trainees do or say has relevance and trainer comments and suggestions will be given. We will encourage natural learning methods where their work situations will be brought into the training wherever possible with role-plays, references to their own experiences, and of course their trainers experience. All training will have a direct relevance and association with their work.



    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Time Management Principles
    Identifying Time Loss 00:30:00
    Urgency and Importance Theory 00:30:00
    Effective Decision Making 00:30:00
    Making and Setting your Goals 00:30:00
    Defining your Objectives 00:30:00
    Section 2: Time Saving Techniques
    Dealing with Interruptions 00:30:00
    Knowing When to Delegate / Delegating Effectively – Delegate to develop 00:30:00
    Managing Incoming and Outgoing Calls 00:30:00
    Organizing your Workspace 00:30:00
    Communicating Effectively 00:30:00
    Understanding Importance of Developing a Personal Organization Plan 00:30:00
    Procrastination – ‘The Thief of Time’ 00:30:00
    Section 3: Stress Reducing Techniques
    Stress Management – Dealing with Stress 00:30:00
    Minimizing Stress 00:30:00
    Balancing Your Life 00:30:00
    What is in Fact Stress 00:30:00
    Section 4: Practical Time Planning
    Planning your Day 00:30:00
    Using Activity Networks 00:30:00
    Critical Path Analysis 00:30:00
    Effective Resources Planning 00:30:00
    Preparing Planning Diagrams 00:30:00
    Understanding the Analytical Tools to Diagnose your Time 00:30:00
    Examine Methods of Effective Time Managers 00:30:00
    Discussions / Coaching, Feedback, Questions, and Action Plan 00:30:00

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