Banter: Secondary Systems That Steer Society

Business, Art, Nations, Technology, Education, Religion: The steer forces of human society.



    Course Description:

    Unlike Foundation Systems, which evolved around humanity over hundreds of thousands to millions of years, second order systems are created by humanity, and have existed from a few decades to several years. They are primary drivers of human direction. These systems are eclectic. Some of the second order systems are not singles systems, but interconnected complexes of system that function as a single system. Looking at these systems will give us an understanding of and glimpse into connectivity and the creation of networks. We will also get a chance to look at the systems in the context of small world networks, which have been used to examine social patterns with in modern social networks. These interconnected networks provide structure not only to countries, but to our global society as well. These interconnected networks will explain how it is not strong connections that determine their movement but often it is weak ties that can often become crucial bridges between formations in these systems that can create new directions. The directions of these networks not only help shape the global and national economic structure, but the political structure of individual nations, and the overall philosophy which defines human society.



    Students need to bring a healthy curiosity and enthusiastic attitude.


    What Will You Get From This Course:

    • Understand how secondary systems steer humanity
    • Distinguish between the secondary systems
    • Understand the types of stress each system exerts on society


    Who Should Take This Course:

    This course is great for people who want to understand how our world works. It is a basic level course covering all secondary systems.

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction to second order systems
    Lecture 1: Introduction to second order systems FREE 00:05:30
    Lecture 2: The definition of second order systems FREE 00:03:00
    Section 2: Business
    Lecture 3: Definition of Business system FREE 00:03:40
    Lecture 4: Money and the role it plays in business system 00:06:00
    Lecture 5: Banking in business system 00:05:49
    Lecture 6: Small World Models 00:04:30
    Lecture 7: The business cycle 00:06:10
    Lecture 8: Review 00:01:49
    Section 3: Art: the system of conception
    Lecture 9: Art, a practical definition 00:07:00
    Lecture 10: Review 00:01:10
    Section 4: Nations as a system
    Lecture 11: Nations defined as a system 00:01:49
    Lecture 12: Geographical boundaries of nations 00:06:45
    Lecture 13: Laws of nations 00:03:19
    Lecture 14: Provisions and connections of nations as a system 00:03:00
    Lecture 15: Review of nation systems 00:00:49
    Section 5: Technology as a system
    Lecture 16: Technology, the system 00:04:40
    Section 6: Education as a system
    Lecture 17: Education as a system impacting societies directions 00:08:15
    Section 7: Religion the emotional system
    Lecture 18: Global religions 00:05:04
    Section 8: Course review
    Lecture 19: Course review 00:07:00

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