Behavior Based Interviewing Course

A 1-day course, delivered by Registered Business Psychologists – experts in Interviewing for Recruitment and Selection.


    Time: 9.30am – 5pm


    Course Description:

    The interview is a common tool for employee selection. However, many interviewers have never been formally trained and it has long been recognized that there is little intra- and inter-rater reliability (consistency) where traditional non-structured interviews are utilized. This one day Behavior-based Interviewing Course provides busy recruitment agency staff, human resource managers/professionals, selection panels and line management with effective tools for increasing the objectivity and standardization of interviews. Training focuses on the objective and structured interview technique with the greatest support for scientific validity: the Behavior-based Interview, also referred to as the Competency-based Interview, or even the Patterned Behavior Description Interview.


    Learning Objectives:

    By the end of the Behavior-based Interviewing Course, delegates should:

    • Know what is wrong with traditional, unstructured interviews.
    • Understand why behavior-based interviews are two to five times more accurate than traditional interviews.
    • Know how to create competency requirements for any given position that they intend to interview for.
    • Be able to create behavior-based interview questions from competency frameworks.
    • Be able to enhance professional interviewing skills with effective communication strategies and behavioral interview techniques.
    • Be able to create and identify positive and negative indicators of various competencies, as well as potential overplayed strengths.
    • Be able to develop and use a reliable, valid and defensible rating/scoring and evaluation process for interviews.
    • Be able to run an entire behavior-based interview professionally and with developing* competence from start to finish.

    *It is not expected that the delegate will be fully competent immediately following the course as this will take some practice. However, our style of experiential training does give delegates a head start in developing competence in the subject matter.


    Who Is This Course For:

    Our Behavior-based Interviewing Course is suitable for recruitment agency staff, human resource managers/professionals, selection panels, line management, supervisors, and consultants who interview for recruitment and selection and wish to ensure they conform to scientific principles, international best practice, and techniques which reliably and validly predict performance at work.


    Practice Interviews & Interactive Quizzes

    This entire course is based on experiential learning. From the very start, participants will be engaged in interviewing in small groups. As the course progresses, new knowledge components will be added little by little and then practiced in groups, and immediate feedback offered by the psychologist facilitator. Participants are offered multiple opportunities to assess their new knowledge by way of interactive quizzes on their mobile devices. The course culminates at the end of the day in preparing for and conducting a final professional-quality behavior-based interview.


    Course Outline:


    • Ice-breaker interview exercise with feedback
    • The importance of hiring the right people
    • The cost of hiring errors
    • From the applicant’s point of view
    • From a team leader/manager’s point of view
    • From a human resource perspective
    • What the research tells us about different interview techniques


    • Conduct a mini Job Analysis
    • Identify competencies and performance dimensions


    • Writing the questions based on competencies
    • Ensuring questions are fair and elicit the right level of response
    • Practice questions on co-delegates


    • Developing rating scales
    • Making ratings reliable (consistent)
    • Rating errors and how to avoid them
    • Scoring candidate responses objectively


    • Interviewing and preparation
    • Developing an interview format
    • Gathering predictive information
    • Probing the candidate
    • Is the candidate telling the truth?
    • Ethical and legal issues
    • Interviewing techniques in problem situations
    • Interviewer errors to watch for



    “A very engaging and hands-on course.”
    – Crystal Yang | Senior executive | Civil Service College, Singapore

    “A very interactive and insightful workshop focusing on a lot of practical learning. Delivery effective and pleasant. This workshop is a must for HR practitioners who are involved in Recruitment & Selection.”
    – Raji Arun | AVP-HR | HSBC Singapore

    “After having the first day to process and “digest” all the theory, the second day spent practicing BBI skills was so invaluable.”
    – Andrea Platts | Asst. Director of Housekeeping | The Peninsula Hong Kong

    “Provides a good structured approach.”
    – Yeo Seow Leng | Resource Manager | NCS (a member of the Singtel Group)

    “Fun, Educational and Inspirational”
    – Steffen Braastad | Recruitment Manager | Vedel IT Malaysia

    “For hiring companies who wish to hire competent and right skill set of employees, they should attend this course to change their current interview question structure.”
    – Jolene Wang | Deputy Contracts Manager | LTA Singapore

    “Good, structured way to prepare for interviews.”
    – La Yei Fung | Assistant Director | IE Singapore

    “Who we employ is critical to the ongoing and future success of the business. It was good to learn how to apply some science and process to how we bring people into the business.”
    – Peter Weiley | Operations Manager | Leighton (Hong Kong)


    Course Facilitator:

    Dr. Graham Tyler – Registered & Chartered Organisational Psychology

    Dr. Graham Tyler is an award-winning, fully registered and published organisational psychologist with specialisations and interests in workplace assessment and development as well as cross-cultural assessment of personality and prediction/maximisation of workplace performance.

    After early managerial experience in retail and work with the UK Civil Service Headquarters Training Operations, Graham spent a number of years in Dubai as a Human Resource Management Lecturer for the University of Leicester’s MBA in HRM and the University of Sheffield’s MSc in HRM. At the same time, he set up and managed a human resource training and consulting business specialising in psychometric assessment. Prior to relocating to Australia for his PhD years, he went back to the UK and worked with a psychometric test publisher as a trainer, consultant and Head of Quality Control. During his time in Australia he set up PsyAsia International in Hong Kong and Singapore and now he is a director of the company and a joint-resident of these two cities, spending about 40% of his time in each (and the remaining 20% elsewhere!). His experience in the human resource field has seen him work on locally- relevant workplace issues in, for example, the United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. He has worked with local, multi-national and government entities, including Cathay Pacific Airways, Citibank, ING, HSBC, Intercontinental Hotels, Dubai Duty Free, Telekom Malaysia, Sony Electronics, Li & Fung, Hewitt Associates, Hay Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Emirates Petroleum, the Singapore Ministry of Defence, the Singapore Ministry of Education, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Service, the Hong Kong Institute for Vocational Education and the Government of Macao.

    Course Curriculum

    Behavior Based Interviewing Course 07:00:00

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