Blogging for Authors: Writing Blogs on WordPress or Blogger

Blogging for beginners and intermediates. Designed for self-publishing authors who use blog writing to sell books.



    Course Description:

    Create your blog at the best venues: WordPress and Blogger. Designed for authors, learn how to engage readers interested in your subjects. It’s fun and easy.

    We’ll put the power of blogs to work for you. Save time and money with a blog that attracts more readers to your books.

    Reach Readers Around the World through Blogging.

    Perfect for beginners, also designed for intermediates who want to do it better.

    Everything from choosing a domain name to posting and sharing with social media. We’ll blog in a schedule that fits yours as a stress-free way to assist your writing career.

    And the best part is that blogs can be made free of charge. Of course you can spend wisely on a custom domain name, premium template or hosting if you want, but that’s not required. Any author on any budget can follow this program, and we’ll use free examples with WordPress (dot) com and Blogger. The lessons will also apply to WordPress (dot) org templates or blogs hosted elsewhere.

    The course is taught by Jason Matthews, bestselling author and self-publishing expert. At the end of this course you’ll have a great blog on WordPress, Blogger or another site. You’ll have a powerful means for online success at your fingertips.

    And as a bonus, you can have your blog featured on mine to spread the word.

    Get started today and build your audience.




    There is no need to spend money on creating blogs within the course. The examples from the instructor are started and completed at no cost. However, students may spend if they choose on a custom domain name, premium hosting or premium templates if they desire.


    What Will You Get From This Course:

    • Over 27 lectures and 2 hours of content
    • Start a great blog
    • Improve an existing blog
    • Choose your template and design
    • Pick a custom domain name (if desired)
    • Post on interesting topics
    • Add eye-catching images
    • Add videos
    • Use the best keywords
    • Make custom social media icon widgets
    • Connect your blog to social media sites for automatic sharing
    • Do it all for free (if you choose)


    Who Should Take This Course:

    • Great for bloggers just starting out
    • Also great for intermediates still learning how to blog
    • Designed for authors who want more readers
    • No difficult tech skills required

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction
    What Blogging Can Do for You FREE 00:01:54
    Meet Me FREE 00:02:19
    Benefits of Blogging FREE 00:02:24
    Free Guide FREE 00:00:00
    Section 2: Hosting Options
    Platform Options FREE 00:05:22
    Examples 00:03:51
    Section 3: Getting Started
    Domain Name Planning 00:06:01
    Creating a Blog at WordPress (com) and Blogger 00:06:00
    Starting with WordPress (org) 00:04:36
    Choosing a Template 00:05:55
    Adding Pages 00:03:49
    Section 4: Keywords
    Keyword Research 00:05:58
    Custom Domains and Support 00:03:34
    Section 5: Blogging Elements
    Choosing a Topic 00:06:04
    Adding Text 00:05:43
    Getting Images 00:04:58
    Adding Images 00:03:42
    Adding Video 00:07:09
    Section 6: Sidebars and Updates
    Sidebar Items 00:07:46
    Updates 00:04:00
    Section 7: Social Media
    Social Media Icons 00:03:45
    Social Media 2 00:09:25
    Connect Sites and Enable Sharing 00:05:03
    Section 8: Let's Publish!
    Publishing Posts 00:05:09
    Go Dashboard Diving! 00:02:31
    Add Tidbits 00:02:33
    Finale and Get Featured on My Blog! 00:01:57

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    • 122 Minutes
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    Jason Matthews is the author of multiple titles, both fiction and non-fiction. His books have been translated into 8 languages and his self-publishing lessons have been viewed by students in 123 countries. Jason works with writers around the world and teaches many courses on self-publishing topics (listed below). He lives in Pismo Beach, California. He's a skier, soccer player, beach lounger and loves a game of chess or scrabble. He can be contacted through his websites and social media links.
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