Document Management and Control

Creating Confidence in Company Policies and Standards.


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    Course Overview:

    The 3 day workshop will focus on all the major stages Document Control, from FEED to concept design, the approval process to construction and finally to Hand Over to Operations. It has been designed for Document Controllers, Technical support (Vendors) and commercial staff of all major industries and professionals supporting projects and everyday duties. The objective of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview of Document Management / Control, and in particular of the concepts, methods, terminology, and technologies employed.

    In addition, the workshop covers risks and uncertainty inherent in projects, methods of risk assessment and potential mitigation (due to lack of documentation) and how appropriate decision making processes can improve shareholder value. This workshop will provide the tools to better understand the major technical and business considerations that make up each phase of the life of for example a typical oil or gas field, and to demonstrate the link between the many disciplines involved. The benefit described by many participants of this module is to ‘have a better understanding of other disciplines resulting in better conversations and improved team work.’ Each subject is introduced by pointing out its commercial application to clarify its relevance to the overall business.

    At the end of the course, all delegates should get a clearer picture, awareness and understanding of Document Management / Control across all companies, identifies the risk associated with the lack of good Document Management practices across all disciplines.



    What You Will Learn:

    • MASTER the phases of Document Management & Control, ensuring compliance to international and local industry standards.
    • KNOW how the information is controlled from FEED to Design to Construction and Final Hand Over to Operations.
    • UNDERSTAND the purpose of Design Data versus Vendor Data, purpose of having two Procedures one covering Design and the other Vendor Data.
    • LEARN about the roles and responsibilities for Project Managers, Engineers, Document Controllers as per the guidelines of the various Management Plans and Procedures.
    • SET UP structures – Filing for Non-Technical Documents, Document Numbering Structure for Controlled Documents.
    • USE EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) benefits across the company.
    • ENSURE confidence in Company’s Policies, Management Plans and Procedures, data readily available for any audit (internal or external).


    Who Should Attend:

    • Document Controllers
    • Records managers interested developing their skills in this area
    • Members of IM teams – who contribute to the design of document control systems
    • Anyone who wants to improve and understand the key points and importance of Document Management & Control, the benefits ensuring full compliance to Internal and External Auditors

    Course Curriculum

    Day 1: Overview
    Introduction – Awareness of the Governance – International Standards 00:45:00
    What went wrong on some Projects – Bypassing the Procedures & Guidelines 00:45:00
    Understand the flow from Management Plans to Procedures 00:45:00
    Defining the Roles & Responsibilities 00:45:00
    Document Numbering Structure – The Key Document to run and maintain a Project to Final Hand Over to Operations 00:45:00
    Controlled Documents versus Un-Controlled Documents 00:45:00
    Design Data Versus Vendor Data – The Key Points in managing the Documents 00:45:00
    The Review and Approval process – Design versus Vendor 00:45:00
    Day 2: Procedures, Design Data, Vendor Data
    Document Control Procedures vs Vendor Data Procedure 01:00:00
    Set up Meta Data – utilizing the Document Numbering Structure 01:00:00
    Key points for using Meta Data – Reports – Searching 01:00:00
    Creating Packages – Vendor / Construction 01:00:00
    Vendor Data Process – Review and setting up Distribution Matrix – close out 01:00:00
    Hand Over to Operations – set up structure 01:00:00
    Day 3: EDMS – Electronic Document Management Systems
    Close out previous days subjects 01:00:00
    EDMS – Electronic Document Management Systems – the value in having the system setup and managed to it’s fullest potential 01:00:00
    Run Demo Project 01:00:00
    Managing Correspondence through EDMS 01:00:00
    Processing and Transmittals of documents 01:00:00
    Tracking Reviews and expediting overdues using the EDMS 01:00:00

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    Areas: Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Power Stations, Oil & Gas (Refineries - LNG Projects). Andre Le Fleur is a self-motivated and highly driven administrative support specialist with over 25 years of experience in Document Control Management from FEED to Hand Over to Operations, EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) Implementation, EDMS Training Support and Procedure Writing in accordance with AS9001 and other associated Records Managment Standards. A meticulous professional who maximizes all his skills to provide excellent document support for 14 companies over that span, his work ethic managed to get him several promotions in EGIS, GlaxoWelcome and Murray & Roberts, SATORP and Origin Energy APLNG Project, where he served as a bona fide Senior / Lead Document Controller, Document Control Specialist, Document Control & EDMS Trainers and Document Control Manager.
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