Emerging Leadership Certification

The skills and competencies needed to master the transition into a leadership position.


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    Earn your Emerging Leadership Certificate in as little as 3 weeks, 100% online!

    • Successful Transition to Leadership Roles
    • Improved Morale, Motivation and Team Engagement
    • Begin Building a Significant Leadership Legacy


    “This research is groundbreaking and a leadership development game changer.”

    – Havard Business Review


    “Schneider’s work and his application of known best practices create effective leadership development for any industry.”

    – Training and Development Magazine



    The Emerging Leadership Certification Program is a requirement for all people moving into a leadership position. The skills and competencies provided in this series of online programs will ensure immediate impact and a successful start to a leadership career.

    In as little time as three weeks, you will be able to navigate the challenges of becoming a leader, create boundaries and expectations with team members and redirect your focus to leadership functions.  The ability to communicate clearly, frequently, and effectively is a cornerstone of this learning path.  Leaders who communicate well have a significantly higher chance of success in the working environment.  You will learn to improve listening, clarity, your tone, non-verbal messages, and overall communication richness with this program.

    Cascading from communication, the Emerging Leadership Certification Program will guide you through creating influence with your team members through the tone you set, work culture you create, and the relationships you build.  You will also get a glimpse into what motivates your team and how to tap into that powerful knowledge.  The program then guides you into the super-competency of coaching your team and unlocking their true capabilities through positive and corrective feedback.  The ability for you to create a lasting legacy will hinge on your ability to coach your team members to greater levels of performance and achievement.

    Based on the pioneering work by Tim Schneider and the team at Soaring Eagle Enterprises, the Emerging Leadership Certification Program provides the first four leadership competencies in a clear and easy to apply manner.  The research based on a 20 year study of over 11 thousand leaders and provides statistically accurate guidance in the skills and approaches needed for leaders to be successful.  Combining that research with decades of results oriented application and you have a program that will produce the leadership needed to obtain results that are uncompromised in the training industry.

    Delivering learning content is easy.  Delivering it in a manner that is engaging, easy to follow and visually appealing is quite another.  The highly acclaimed learning design work from Katie Meeks is on full display in the Emerging Leadership Certification Series.  Graphical elements, video, activities, self-assessments, audio, and a good dose of fun all help you enjoy the learning process.



    Learning Objectives:

    • Leadership, Supervision and Management Fundamentals for Success
    • Enhanced Communication
    • Provide Feedback for Significant Change in Team Performance
    • Understand the Impact of Your Style and Approach
    • Develop Skills to Connect with Team Members and Build Solid Relationships
    • Continued Growth and Development


    The Experience:

    During your experience with the online certification, you will be guided through a series of interactive elements that include assessments, video, reading, audio, activities, books, reporting and discussion forums. You are guided through the process at your own pace with the support of our team and those who are also honing their leadership skills and competencies.

    Once your order is processed and your online learning journey begins, one of our team members will contact you to assist you on your learning path. You will receive access to complete your DiSC® Assessment, your online login and directions on getting started. Each individual program is available to you for 180 days. You will receive the required programs in a cascading manner, meaning you will have access to the first program and when completed you will receive access to the next program.

    Every program can be completed on any device that has an internet browser (laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone). You can take a break whenever needed and return where you left off. All programs are provided to you at your own pace. Upon the completion of each program you will receive a certificate of completion for each program and one for the entire certification series.


    Additional Tools:

    Leadership Guide DiSC


    Who Should Take This Certification Course:

    The Emerging Leadership Certification Program is a must have for all people moving into a leadership position. Those people new or newer to leadership positions or those who want to become leaders. It is also perfect for supervisors and managers who have never received any type of training in the science and art of leadership.

    As a refresher or as a new jump-start for any level, the Emerging Leadership Certification Program will also reconnect an executive, manager or experienced supervisor with the skills needed to be even more successful in any organization.

    All industry types can benefit and find value in the program. From manufacturing to retail, public sector to hospitality, non-profits to financial services; everyone will find the key competencies for leadership success.


    Certificate Requirements:


    The Emerging Leadership Certificate will be awarded upon completion your personal DiSC® Assessment and completion of four online programs. Once these requirements are met, you will receive notice of completion and your Emerging Leadership Certification from Soaring Eagle Enterprises, Inc.

    Please also see if you are able to use this certification for any needed continuing education credits or college credit hours that you may be looking for. Our programs have passed various accreditation processes and are recognized by many institutions and organizations


    Course Curriculum

    Emerging Leadership Certification 11:00:00

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