Empowered Leadership Certification

Advanced Communication, Influence and Leadership.


3 Day Certification Training

Internationally Recognised and Approved by NLP Top Coach




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Internationally recognised Certification Program

Advanced Communication, Conflict Resolution & Leadership techniques

Learn how to build instant rapport and communicate laser sharp messages

Understand the filters that determine how people view the world in ways different to you

Communicate using language that engages different personalities and learning styles

A powerful & effective Goal Setting process, that gets things done

Remove negative emotions, stress and anxiety

Take control of how you think, feel, speak and act


What is Empowered Leadership?

Empowered Leadership incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a set of tools, processes, techniques and skills that can be used to create positive change in yourself and in others.

It allows us to observe the mechanics of the mind, so that we can learn how to control our thoughts & emotions. With this new conscious awareness, we are guided through processes for re-programming our unconscious mind, to achieve greater Success & Happiness in all areas of our lives.


Training Overview:

This 3 day Empowered Leadership Certification is uniquely designed to ensure that you learn these new techniques and skills at the conscious AND unconscious level. Every tool, technique and process follows a format that allows experiential learning and understanding, so that these new skills become a natural part of you.

Each technique is delivered through a process of theory, demonstration, hands-on practice, de-brief and Q&A. The core focus is to accelerate your Personal Growth in the area of Decision Making, Leadership & Emotional control. If you’re ready to accelerate your career or business results, then now is the time to unleash your Power for Success & Happiness.


Benefits of This Training Program:


The quality of your Personal Life and your Professional Life will dramatically improve once the Fundamental skills of NLP are understood & implemented.


Your new advanced communication skills will influence your internal thinking processes & Leadership style. You will naturally & effortlessly influence & motivate the people around you.


Build better relationships with everyone in your life. Understand the thinking process, and develop empathy, by appreciating other peoples ‘map of the world’.


Discover your Passion by tapping into the potential of your sub-conscious mind. Develop your vision, goals and strategies to become super-confident in everything you do.


Unlock the tools for effortless Self-Motivation. Achieve more in less time by managing your emotional state. As you become the director of your own movie, you will motivate your team and people you are about, to be the best they can be.




Who Must Attend This Training Program:

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming based Empowered Leadership Certification Training is perfect for Managers, Executives & Business Owners. The focus is on Personal Empowerment, Motivation, Leadership, Inspiration & tools and techniques for improving your career or business.

CEO, Senior Executives, Head of Department, HR Managers, Training Managers:

You will leave this certified training with a set of new tools, techniques, skills and competencies you can bring back to your organization and teams.

People who want to start a professional coaching career:

Start with a rewarding career, helping people to see life in a broader view and let them rediscover hope, inspiration and passion. Guide others to greater Success & Happiness.

Anyone interested in personal or professional growth:

Personally, you will take your Relationships to a whole new level with a depth of understanding. Professionally, your new skills will accelerate project work, promotions & performance in all areas.


Our Empowered Leadership Certification program is internationally recognised by NLP Top Coach. Based on the core NLP tools and techniques as created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, this certification is perfect for anyone who wants to develop themselves, their career or business.


Your Instructor – Sebastien Leblond:

SebastienSebastien Leblond, Author, Speaker & Master Coach, is a highly respected and sought after Coach and Trainer, and has trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their goals. With over a decade of experience in NLP training & Results Coaching, his purpose is to transform people’s lives so they can unleash their power in the areas of Wealth, Health, Career, Relationships, Success and Happiness.

Sebastien is the President of NLP Top Coach, a coaching and training company with expertise in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), who certify students to become NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners, Certified Life Coaches, by running workshops and Executive Coaching. Other seminars include NLP for education, Sales, Presentation skills, Leadership Development, Soft Skills, EQ and much more..

He has worked closely with the internationally acclaimed Tony Robbins – motivational speaker and coach (his programs have reached over 4 million people from 100 countries around the world), supporting his company in their worldwide engagements, and as a team leader on Tony’s MUST coaching team.

Sebastien is a fully certified trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Coach by American Board of NLP, TLT Association and Michael Bolduc International. He is also the author of the Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M.© System book. Sebastien has been featured several times in The Bangkok Post, The Guru Magazine, Edulife Magazine and has helped companies such as PTT, Chevron, Forensics Bureau, Wall Street English and is uniquely qualified to help you Unleash your Power to achieve Success and Happiness.



t1Khunying Porntip Rojanasuan

– Director, Central Institute of Forensic Science

“NLP is great because it is scientific and logical. We didn’t just listen to lecture, but had fun with active participation. It teaches you how to communicate effectively between managers and subordinates, with compassion. It helps clear the obstacles in communication and it is good for those who are undergoing leadership development, I wish this course was part of the academic curriculum.”


t2Michel Le Quellec

– CEO, Wall Street Institute

“Having the opportunity to learn NLP Made me not only realize how to access the potential in my own life, but also gave me insights about other aspects of human potential and the methods to utilize it.”


t3Winfried Hancke

– COO, Centara Group

“It was a very valuable experience !!”


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Course Curriculum

Day 1: Self Awareness and Connection
Learn the history of NLP & the foundation of excellent communication. Begin to understand the mechanics of thinking and emotions and unlock the door to greater self-awareness and empathy towards others. Develop unique skills that help you develop a deeper level of trust, loyalty and understanding with everyone you meet. 09:00:00
Day 2: Unlock The Power of Perception
Open your mind to new ways of seeing the world. Release the shackles that have been holding you back, and transform negative emotion into powerful Life lessons. Tap the power of your unconscious mind to accelerate the learning process and adopt new empowering beliefs that put you in charge of your Life. 09:00:00
Day 3: Ultimate Influence and Goal Setting
Learn how the conscious use of language can shape your Life. As we choose to re-program ourselves, and positively influence those around us, these new language patterns and ways of thinking develop greater leadership & motivation skills. You’ll also learn the Ultimate Success Formula for achieving goals in Life & Business. 09:00:00

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