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    Course Description:

    In today era, Accountants and Finance Professionals place very much reliance on System for data entries and thereafter reports for management decision-making. However, be it Accounting or Logistic ERP System, the platform provides business solution to certain needs which answer to portion of a business/ product life cycle.

    Though Internet of Things and Big data are going to make a significant difference to the way we process our business data, Excel is still going to be the essential tool in our business environment. And it is not surprise that most daily users can only use up to 5% functionality of Excel while they are not aware that 95% of the capabilities can and will improve their working efficiency, which ultimately lead to Work Life Balance and effective reporting deliverables.

    In this hands-on course, participants will go through intensive demonstration, hands-on practical practices and a final exercise to measure individual overall learning objectives.


    Course Objective:

    Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Create Accounting Template and thereafter applying the connectivity within a Financial Statement (i.e. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and the Cash-flow Statement).
    • Set Data validation and specify an accounting error alert.
    • Appreciate and apply Advance Function which will expedite accounting works when processing raw data.
    • Manage Accounting Database such as listing feature toolbar and database functions.
    • Consolidate accounting data by category, position and also creating links from Consolidation.
    • Create Scenario and audit accounting worksheet.
    • Create Macro for the raw accounting data and run it from a toolbar button.
    • Create Pivot Table and customize it.


    Target Audience:

    Inspired individuals from the Accounting field such as the Accountants and the Finance Professionals. Other Non-Financial Professionals who are eager and want to learn these life time skill-sets are also welcome.


    Course Content:

    Lesson 1: Working with Templates focusing on accounting data

    • Creating a Template
    • Applying a Template
    • Editing a Template

    Lesson 2: Data Validation

    • Setting Data Validation
    • Specify Input Message
    • Specify an Error Alert
    • Circle Invalid Data
    • Clear Validation Circles

    Lesson 3: Advanced Functions

    • IF Function
    • IF (AND) AND IF(OR) Functions
    • COUNTIF Function
    • VLookup Function
    • HLookup Function

    Lesson 4: Database

    • Sorting
    • Data Forms
    • Filter Records
    • Advanced Filter
    • Subtotal
    • Outlining a worksheet
    • List Feature
    • List Feature Toolbar
    • Database Functions

    Lesson 5: Data Consolidation

    • Data Consolidation by Category
    • Data Consolidation by Position
    • Adding Source Area,
    • Change a Reference
    • Delete a Reference
    • Creating links from a consolidation

    Lesson 6: Scenario Manager

    • Creating a Scenario
    • Displaying a Scenario
    • Editing a Scenario
    • Deleting a Scenario
    • Merging an Accounting Scenario
    • Generating a Scenario Accounting Report

    Lesson 7: Audit Accounting worksheets

    • Tracing cell precedents
    • Tracing cell dependents
    • Tracing cell errors
    • Removing tracer arrows

    Lesson 8: Create Macro for the Accountants

    • Record a Macro
    • Run a Macro
    • Edit a Macro
    • Run a Macro from a Button
    • Deleting a Macro

    Lesson 9: Pivot Table for the accounting and business data

    • Creating a Pivot Table
    • Editing the Pivot Table
    • Updating a Pivot Table
    • Filtering Data by creating page fields
    • Creating a Chart from the Pivot Table
    • Customize a Pivot Table
    • Grouping items with Numeric labels into Ranges
    • Grouping items by Date or Time Intervals
    • Paging or Filtering a Pivot Table
    • Hiding grand-totals, sub-totals
    • Displaying subtotals for multiples Fields in Row or Column
    • Formatting Numbers

    Course Curriculum

    Excel Course for Accounting Professional 14:00:00

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