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    Course Description:

    Excellent IT Leadership is first and foremost a practical and interactive course. It combines our own experience with that of over 1,000 clients and delegates and has identified the most valuable lessons on the road to delivering exceptional IT leadership. Delegate feedback has allowed us to tune the course, delivering a proven combination of models and guidelines, supported by carefully designed, enjoyable and interactive role plays, case studies and team exercises.


    Course Outline:

    Day 1

    Introduction to Excellent IT Leadership
    The course starts with introductions and confirmation of
    delegate objectives.
    • What makes an IT leader?
    • Five key leadership skills

    Personal leadership
    Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence emphasizes personal leadership — our ability to understand ourselves and achieve our best.
    • How leaders optimize their time and activity
    • Secrets of successful CIOs
    • Leadership opportunities for IT managers
    • Building and maintaining reputation
    • Developing a personal brand

    Leadership profiles
    We use a proven leadership model to help IT managers identify their leadership and management style and use it effectively. The model looks at how we make decisions and assimilate information, and we show how to use it as a highly effective tool of persuasion and influence.
    • Styles of leadership
    • How we assess situations
    • How we make decisions
    • Understanding your leadership profile
    • Recognizing leadership styles in others

    Day 2

    Peer leadership — building influence
    IT is at the heart of all business and has a key role to play in many of the key corporate and political decisions. Using the work from day 2, we look at how to build strong business relationships in the business and increase our circle of influence.
    • Techniques for building influence
    • Adapting your style to influence others
    • Leadership and motivation
    • Authentic leadership — acting with integrity

    Peer leadership — corporate politics
    This module examines the effect of corporate politics on IT success, using guidelines from Dr Robina Chatham’s book, “Corporate Politics for IT Managers.” Delegates learn specific techniques to raise their profile and personal brand.
    • Corporate politics — the inside track • Developing successful networks
    • A model for political success
    • Growing your sphere of influence
    • A political game
    • Case study ‘ The Runaway Project’

    Day 3

    Team leadership profiles
    Part one of our team leadership module examines how to build effective teams based on a knowledge of the team’s behaviors and leadership profiles.
    • Team leadership styles
    • Assessing your team’s profile
    • Identifying team strengths and weaknesses
    • Structuring the I T organization
    • Maximizing performance

    World Class IT teams
    Our “World class IT” model has been 5 years in the making, and identifies the key stages in the development of top performing IT teams.
    • The formula for world class I T
    • Selecting and motivating top I T talent
    • Creating and fostering team spirit
    • SFI A — The skills framework for I T
    • Coaching and developing staff in real time
    • Identifying and resolving team problems

    Day 4

    Innovation leadership
    IT leaders need to be at the forefront of technical innovation. Day 4 takes delegates through the technology innovation process with techniques for fostering creativity, brainstorming
    new ideas and plotting technology vision.
    • The process of innovation
    • Creating a culture of innovation
    • Developing a creative mindset
    • Innovating with business stakeholders
    • The innovation workshop
    • Identifying problems and generating ideas
    • The importance of technology in innovation
    • Case study ‘Innovating in industry’

    Technology vision
    • Creating a vision for your IT organization
    • Plotting a technology roadmap
    • Predicting the business impact of technology

    IT to business alignment — reality
    Our IT to business alignment model is a proven process for delivering business results and enhancing the perception of IT.
    • A process model for IT to business alignment
    • Alignment through good governance
    • Technology governance structures
    • Using governance to improve results
    • Case examples of governance models

    Day 5

    IT to business alignment — perception
    • Managing and enhancing I T perception
    • Alignment through people
    • Creating a campaign of influence
    • The importance of I T’ s brand
    • Aligning reality and perception
    • Bringing it all together — a business alignment game

    Corporate leadership
    This module focuses on corporate leadership and the high level role of senior IT executives.It is based on research and interviews with CIOs and technology leaders from around the world.
    • I T leaders at board level
    • The responsibilities of I T corporate leadership
    • What CEOs look for in their CIOs
    • The changing role of the CIO
    • A role model for corporate IT leadership

    Course close
    • The plan going forward
    • I T Leaders network
    • Wrap up (typically 3 p.m.)



    IT Leaders provides world class leadership training and coaching based on many years of experience from helping a broad range of clients. Feedback from our courses is very positive — our average overall feedback score is over 90%. Here is some of the feedback we have received from recent delegates:

    “A superb course”
    Boehringer Ingelheim

    “An excellent course presented in a practical and interactive way”

    “Very well presented and very good structure”
    Ernst & Young

    “An excellent program based on real life experience”

    “The best course in the market”

    “Excellent course. Unique in market and presented by experienced professionals with know-how”
    Allen & Overy

    “A very good program”

    “Really good and well presented”

    “Has had an enormous impact on my outlook and confidence to deal with leadership situations”
    SSNI T

    “Straight to the point”

    “Really great.The amount of real life experience is the most valuable part to back up the theory”
    Western Union

    Course Curriculum

    Excellent IT Leadership 1 day, 16 hours

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    Successful technology leaders are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their own performance and that of their teams. The development of IT management and leadership skills is clearly an essential part of achieving this. IT Leaders was set up to provide high quality, practical training for technology managers. Our experience has been built up over many years, working with hundreds of IT professionals world-wide. David McKean is currently the Managing Director of IT Leaders. David founded IT Leaders after 10 years as an IT director and CIO. His most recent role was as the IT Director for Cable & Wireless in the UK. Previously he was CIO for UPC Nederland and AT&T in Asia. His international successes include Bouygues Telecom’s successful GSM license bid and network roll-out in France. His career started in sales and marketing, working for Misys and Hewlett Packard. David is a Chartered Engineer and a graduate of the University of Cambridge.
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