Exceptional Customer Relationship Management

How to Deliver Outstanding Service Experience to Today’s Clients.


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    Course Introduction:

    Most of us do realise that communication, customer service and interpersonal skills are of supreme importance. There is a fine line between good service and exceptional customer service. Today’s priority customers are very well accustomed to outstanding service from most of their vendors and providers. Hence, for an organisation to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace, the primary differentiation factor that they need to explore is before, during and after-sales-service.

    As Service Managers, it is extremely important to preserve and grow a successful relationship with clients using well programmed language and solutions. This workshop will focus on nine (9) realistic tool which helps to build strong relationships with customers, even if occasionally they need to politely decline requests and remain professionally assertive. This workshop is designed to prepare participants to provide excellent customer service with the end goal in mind, which is to find suitable solutions which preserves the success and trust in a long term relationships.


    Each participant are given an opportunity to receive an additional certificate from the Institute of Commercial Management, UK. An additional fee of SGD 160 applies.



    Key Learning Outcomes:

    • APPRECIATE the point-of-views of customers
    • CREATE a great first impression to internal and external customers
    • IDENTIFY situations that requires assertiveness
    • REFINE your communication skills by developing finesse with the NLP communication model
    • ENHANCE body language, postures and hand gestures during a discussion with customers
    • ELIMINATE the usage of negative phrases during service delivery to customers
    • BUILDING rapport with clients
    • IDENTIFY what affects listening and why most people are so bad at it!
    • IMPLEMENT constructive approaches to conflicts while avoiding ones that leads to
      destructive negotiation outcomes
    • UNDERSTAND the attributes of customer service excellence
    • ENHANCE their verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • APPRECIATE the presuppositions about customers and their nature


    Training Methodology:

    • Classroom Lecturettes
    • Open Talk Session
    • Stand-Up Discussions
    • Pre & Post Training Tests
    • Group Brainstorming Activities
    • Energisers
    • Case Study
    • Role Plays
    • Pop Quiz
    • Discussion on Best Practices
    • Videos


    Value Added Services by The Box Training:

    • Pre & post training tests to gauge the effectiveness of the training programme.
    • Key Learning Points Takeaway Cards & pouch for all participants, who are then able to merge the knowledge from their training with their jobs.
    • Free post-training follow up session to gauge the efficiency of the training and to iron out concerns.
    • All questions with regards to the topic can be communicated with the trainer directly at any point upon completion of training via social media messages.
    • Certificate of Attendance.


    Who Should Attend:

    This course is aimed at customer service professionals, Service Managers and supervisors in organisations across various industries.


    Your Instructor:


    Sri Devi Panchacharam

    – HRDF Accredited Trainer, Certified NLP Master Coach, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner.

    Sri has been invited to speak at events such as the Malaysian National Assistant to the CEO Apex 2013. She also emcees for events; namely the Programme Collaboration of the Corporate Finance qualification (CFq) between SIDC, ICAEW and CICA, 50th anniversary dinner for the Jaffenese Corporative Housing Society and the Women Entrepreneur’s Excellence Awards 2011 organised by GOPIO, which was attended by notable VVIPs such as YMM Tunku Ampuan Najihah binti Tunku Besar, Tan Sri Devaki Krishnan and Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. She also wears the hat of a Business Process Consultant for clients who hire her to reengineer their work processes to optimise efficiency within their organisation.

    As a Certified NLP Coach, she also offers 1-1 coaching sessions to her participants who need that extra boost to achieve their goals. She has worked with over a hundred companies across Malaysia and Brunei; namely, Petronas ICT, Phillip Morris Malaysia, IJM Berhad, Panasonic Malaysia & India, Amanah Raya, DRB-Hicom, HeiTech Padu, Dominos, Polis Di Raja Malaysia, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Defence, Brunei.


    Testimonials for Sri Devi Panchacharam:

    “Energetic, great flow”.
    – Senior Manager, East Spring Investments Berhad

    “Well prepared and awesome”.
    – Manager, Lembaga Tabung Haji

    “Trainer was meticulous and put in tremendous effort in engaging the participants. Very useful and effective”.
    – Lawyer, Agility Logistics

    “Thumbs up for the trainer, Ms Sri. She made me very comfortable. Excellent time management and fully covered all the topic within the time frame. Great and useful tips to practise in our routine life”.
    – Clinical Instructor, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur


    Course Outline:


    Module 1: The Essence of Top Notch Customer Service in the Across Most Industries

    • Recent Statistics on Customer Service Habits
    • The Expectations of Customers Today
    • Group Brainstorming Session: How Has Customer Service Changed over the Last 20 Years?
    • De-Brief: Your Role & Responsibility in Understanding the Change In Clients’ Expectations and Managing Them
    • Service Tool 1: K-S-C-C: Attributes of a Confident Service Manager
    • Group Activity: Common Mistakes Made When Communicating with Customers
    • The NLP Presuppositions (Creates a Great Understanding on Looking at the Best in People)

    Module 2: Learning More About Your Customers through their Non-Verbal Communication

    • The Mehrabian Communication Chart
    • Sensory Acuity When Communicating with Someone
    • The Three Keys to Building Great Rapport
      • Calibration
      • Service Tool 2: Matching & Mirroring
      • Service Tool 3: Pacing & Leading
    • Demonstration & Practise Session
    • Body Language, Voice (Tone) or Words: Which is the most important?
    • Demonstration: It is Not Always About “What You Know” but “How You Say It”
    • Service Tool 4: Body Language for Service Managers
    • Individual / Group Activity: How Savvy are we with Reading Body Language?

    Module 3: Perfecting the Customer Service Language

    • Power Business Greetings, Ps & Qs
    • How we Unintentionally Create Disagreement / Complaint Situations
    • Service Tool 5: Positive Words & Phrases for Customer Service
    • Service Tool 6: The Influence Model: Using the Law of Reciprocity to Maintain Great Relationships
    • Role Play: Usage of Positive & Professional Customer Service Language

    Module 4: Managing Customers’ Expectations & Strategies to Negotiate towards a Win-Win Outcome

    • Service Tool 7: Chunking Up When Conflict Arises
    • Activity: Chunking Up & Down to Achieve Agreement when needing to Negotiate / be Assertive with Customers
    • Calibrate on the Behaviour of People
    • The Law of Requisite Variety
    • Service Tool 8: Understanding Clients’ Requests and Requirements Clearly through Meta Model Questions
    • Service Tool 9: The Agreement Frame- Gently Refusing Customers’ Requests which are Unachievable / Unrealistic
    • Role Plays Using the Agreement Frame

    Giving Your Best even when You Don’t Feel Like It!


    Course Curriculum

    Exceptional Customer Relationship Management 14:00:00

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