Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Learning Finance through a Business Simulation Approach.


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    Course Overview:

    This course provides a uniquely powerful way to learn about business and finance. It enables participants see how business decisions impact on finance and how finance decisions impact on a business. Our approach ensures that those in different parts an organisation understand how they integrate with other parts of the business and impact on the business as a whole. We believe that learning about finance should be an interactive and enjoyable experience. To make the subject of finance relevant, practical and less theory driven, we intersperse our training with a business simulation. We strongly believe in experiential learning (‘learning by doing’).

    This enables delegates to put concepts they have learnt immediately into practice in a realistic setting. Our approach allows better translation of learning into the workplace.


    The Approach:

    A business simulation is a high impact learning course focused on financial and commercial skills. Each simulation meets a variety of different learning needs, is applicable to different levels of seniority and experience and facilitates experiential learning. Business simulations provide a uniquely powerful way to learn about business and finance. They enable participants to see how business decisions impact on finance and vice versa.

    The learning ensures that those in different parts of an organisation understand how they integrate with other parts of the business and impact the organisation as a whole.


    How a Business Simulation Works:

    In small teams, delegates operate a business and make decisions regarding business and financial strategies to learn of the connection between their decisions and the financial results of their business. There is a clear link between decisions – such as offering value products and investing in quality – and the success of these strategies.


    What You Will Learn:

    • Learning outcomes applicable to business simulations
    • Understanding the financial consequences of running an organisation
    • How each area of a business affects overall financial results
    • The impact of different business decisions and strategies
    • The impact of financial issues on a business
    • Financial terminology and jargon
    • Accounting fundamentals and financial reports
    • Understanding how a business makes money
    • Budgeting and evaluating opportunities financially
    • Measuring business performance


    Past Participants’ Testimonials:

    “Simulation provided was very useful and practical understanding of how business strategy impacts financial performance.”
    – Head of Marketing, StarHub

    “Good presenter with clarity.”
    – Director, AET Tankers

    “The overall program is well presented. What was interesting and beneficial was the simulation, which had effective ways to experience the thoughts behind decisions taken.”
    – VP – Head of International Mobility, Maybank

    “Trainer’s style was very good especially in the market simulation.”
    – Executive, Petronas

    “This is a very fruitful course and I can use what I learned in my organization.”
    – Head of Budgeting and Procurement, Ministry of Education Brunei

    “The trainer presented and taught well. He interacted with the class, injected moments of humor, anecdotes, and fostered an enjoyable learning setting.”
    – Planning Manager, Phillips 66

    “It was a very good course. At the end of the day, I finally can speak in ‘finance language’ and understand more on this aspect.”
    – Division Manager, Mashhor Waste Management Sdn Bhd


    Who Should Attend:

    This course is specially designed for managers who do not have a comprehensive knowledge of finance or finance-related areas. You can benefit from this course regardless of your background, and whether you need to increase your financial expertise to help with your projects, department, or entire company. This programme is suitable for middle and senior level managers.


    Your Instructor:

    Charlie Dalton

    – Taught thousands of trainee accountants.

    – Works with variety of international clients to deliver wide range of training solutions.

    Corporate Career
    Charlie has almost three decades of experience in finance. He has spent a large portion of this time training people for recognized professional qualifications and offering related development training to management and staff at all levels.

    He completed his BA (Hons) at Economics at Exeter University and MBA at Cardiff University. In 2001, he set up BPP in UK and ran a successful business in teaching finance and accountancy in the region.

    Coaching Style
    Charlie formed an enthusiasm for training since early days in his career. He is passionate about training and aims to make it fun and relevant and to provide great examples from real life situations. Since living in New Zealand, he has gained NZ Assessor Awards.

    Previous Experience
    Over his career, he has taught thousands of trainee accountants undertaking accounting qualifications. In addition, he has helped numerous qualified accountants keep up to date and meet their continuing professional development qualifications as well as training many people from non-finance backgrounds to understand financial matters.

    He has worked with a variety of international clients to deliver a range of focused training solutions, including facilitated workshops, simulations, as well as individual and small team finance coaching.

    Business & Management Coaching
    Charlie has designed numerous finance training course, created for either face-to-face or e-learning delivery. He has also written textbooks and workbooks for Elsevier Business Books, Kaplan and BPP plc. His presentations reflect his own practical experience in running a business, together with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and communication skills built up through years of experience in a training and education environment.


    Course Outline:

    Day 1:

    1. An Introduction to Finance

    Essentials of Financial Management

    • This section is designed to enable you to explain the need for the preparation of financial information and describe the needs of different users of financial information.

    2. The Business Model

    The Language of Finance

    • One of the key challenges in finance is not necessarily the ‘numbers’ but the ‘language’ used i.e. terminology. We will explain some of the key financial terminology and how accountants will use the different terms for the same item.

    The Primary Financial Statements

    • An overview of the profit and loss account (income statement), balance sheet (statement of financial position) and cash flow. We will explain what they show and how they interact with each other using using some simple exercises.

    Day 2:

    3. Interpretation and Analysis of Financial Results

    The Need to Analyse Financial Information Carefully

    • We will explain how to ‘read’ financial information and make sense of the numbers to understand what is happening to a business.

    Calculating financial ratios and understanding their meaning

    • One of the key ways to understand a business is to use financial ratios. We will show you how to calculate the key financial ratios and what they mean. We will also look at the weakness of financial ratios and how they can mislead opinion as well as inform opinion.

    4. Internal Controls


    • A good system of internal control will provide reasonable assurance that a company will be able to achieve its objectives, but cannot eliminate all possible problems. We look at different procedures and touch on fraud too.

    5. Financial Budgeting

    The Importance of Planning and Forecasting

    • We will explain why planning is essential for business success and review the different methods an organisation can use to forecast future activity.

    Preparation of Budgets and Forecasting Methodology

    • Budgeting is one of the most common ways in which an organisation formalises their plans. We will look at the different ways that organisations can prepared budgets and how to monitor their activity.

    6. Key Performance Indicators

    What you measure is what you get – how to use Key Performance Indicators

    • KPIs are the indicators that tell us how well an organisation is performing. They are its critical performance measures. KPIs help focus employees’ attention on the tasks and processes that are most critical to the success of the business. You will leave the course with a clear understanding of the purposes and benefits of KPIs together with the techniques to apply effective KPIs to your organisation.

    Day 3:

    7. Pricing Strategy

    Understanding Pricing

    • This session examines the various techniques that they can use to set prices and the implications for organisations.
    • We will cover why pricing is so important to profitability and a whole range of pricing techniques.

    8. Investment Appraisal

    Investment Appraisal Techniques

    • We will review the techniques used by organisations to appraise capital projects and determine if an investment will be successful or not.

    Investment Appraisal in Practice

    • We will look at how investment appraisal techniques are used in practice.

    9. Business Valuation

    Business Valuation Techniques

    • The ultimate measure of an organisation’s success is its value. We will look at the different methods used to value businesses and how they work in practice.

    Course Curriculum

    Finance for Non-Finance Managers 21:00:00

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