First Aid for Remote and Rural Locations

Wilderness First Aid for those who enjoy the remote areas, or choose to live in rural and remote areas.



    Course Description:

    A course designed for those wanting a more intensive level of training in first aid. The course covers preparations for entering the wilderness, and assessments to be used when evaluating the injured in remote locations, where medical assistance is not readily available. A course designed for students with basic skills wanting advanced training and exposure to advance techniques. The course covers assessment techniques, CPR, wound treatment, burn treatment, allergic reactions and much more. It is a condensed version of the full two day courses taught as wilderness first aid in many states. Students need to complete CPR, First Aid, and Introduction to Emergencies as prerequisites.



    • CPR, First AID, and Introduction to Emergencies


    What Will You Get From This Course:

    • Assessment of injured
    • Treatment of wounds and burns
    • Treatment of environmental injuries
    • Treatment of bone and joint injuries
    • How to handle altitude related illnesses
    • Dealing with allergies


    Who Should Take This Course:

    A must take course for boaters, hikers, back country skiers, and people living in rural and remote locations

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Preliminary Planning and Discussions
    Lecture 1: Course Introduction FREE 00:04:39
    Lecture 2: Why take a course in rural first aid FREE 00:06:58
    Lecture 3: Ten essentials for remote locations 00:04:22
    Lecture 4: Location devices and cell phones 00:04:19
    Lecture 5: Designing the First Aid Kit 00:05:34
    Lecture 6: Legality issues concerning treatment of the injured 00:05:40
    Section 2: Assessment of the injured
    Lecture 7: Preliminary steps 00:04:21
    Lecture 8: Emergency and initial Assessments 00:03:57
    Lecture 9: Focused Assessment 00:04:46
    Lecture 10: Time Lapse assessment 00:02:42
    Lecture 11: Decision to call for Evacuation 00:06:15
    Section 3: Injuries and their treatment
    Lecture 12: CPR 00:09:07
    Lecture 13: Wounds 00:09:06
    Lecture 14: Burns 00:06:31
    Lecture 15: Bone and joint injuries 00:06:40
    Lecture 16: Cervical injuries 00:06:14
    Lecture 17: Temperature related injuries 00:10:43
    Lecture 18: Abdominal injuries 00:03:34
    Lecture 19: Altitude injuries 00:06:26
    Lecture 20: Allergies 00:03:02
    Lecture 21: Insects and Snake bites 00:02:02
    Lecture 22: Drowning 00:04:19
    Lecture 23: Summary 00:04:37

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    • 126 Minutes
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