Complete Strategies on Shipping, Treatment, Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Wastes to Help Your Company in Reducing Waste Handling and Disposal Costs while Being Proven to Become More Environmental Friendly.



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    Course Overview:

    The workshop will cover the handling of hazardous materials, transportation, packaging and regulatory compliance as well as treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes. We will explore all aspects of HAZMAT and HAZWASTES and you will learn how to respond to incidents, master the techniques for reducing waste treatment costs, reducing corporate liabilities and increasing the effectiveness of waste reduction and management activities.

    You will also learn what tools are available for helping you to plan for various types of incidents and accidents which can involve HAZMAT or HAZWASTES; and how those planning activities can increase the effectiveness of your response and also increase community acceptance of your activities. Specific scenarios from participant’s firms will also be detailed and provided with specific solutions.

    The course will cover the United States as well as international standards and present specific design and management case studies for your evaluation.



    What You Will Learn:

    • DISCOVER the difference between hazardous wastes (HAZWASTES) and hazardous materials (HAZMAT).
    • AVOID costly mistakes in packaging, handling, storage and treatment which can lead to massive fines and large environmental liability.
    • BUILD the skills and competency of your people to enhance productivity.
    • GROW the capacity of your organization to respond to and handle emergencies.
    • DEVELOP the planning and training skills necessary to lead the compliance and emergency response efforts.
    • CREATE & INCREASE awareness of your programs at all corporate levels.
    • MEASURE the effectiveness of your HAZMAT and HAZWASTES control programs.
    • DESIGN effective systems and programs for handling HAZWASTES and HAZMAT.
    • EVALUATE the effectiveness of your programs as compared to the best practices in the Industries.


    Who Should Attend:

    CEOs, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, Engineers, Safety Engineers, Process Safety Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, HSE Personnel, Supervisors, Managers, Technicians, Chemists and Plant Managers from the following industries:

    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemicals
    • Petrochemicals
    • Utilities
    • Truck/Transportation
    • Metals
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Automotive

    Course Curriculum

    Day 1:
    Assessing Hazardous Materials Regulations and Standards 02:00:00
    Comprehensive Understanding of Hazardous Materials Labelling and Placarding 02:00:00
    Selecting and Mastering the Use of the Right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 02:00:00
    Day 2:
    Responding to Hazardous Materials Incidents 00:45:00
    Developing Incident Response Through Best Practices 00:45:00
    Reviewing of Case Studies to Identify Estimation Tools for Pre-Planning Responses 00:45:00
    Exploring and Evaluating the ‘Coloured Books’ 00:45:00
    Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and Its Contents 00:45:00
    Recognising the Training Requirements for Responders 00:45:00
    Decontamination of Contaminated Materials, Equipments and Chemicals 00:45:00
    Disposal of Hazardous Wastes 00:45:00
    Day 3:
    Defining Hazardous Wastes 01:00:00
    Conducting Field Screening, Testing and Tools 01:00:00
    Hazardous Waste Management, Recycling, and Wastes Disposal 01:00:00
    Fundamentals of Environmental Protection 01:00:00
    Community Relations and Management Relations 01:00:00
    Auditing the Program to Meet the Environmental Management Standards for Your Organisation 01:00:00

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