How to become a Voice Actor in 7 easy steps

A solid introduction to performing behind the microphone.



    Course Description:

    Hi there. I’m Marinda Botha

    Thank you for considering taking this course. The voice over industry can sound very glamorous but the truth is, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve success in this business.

    I have been in the voice over business for 16 years and 8 of those I spent working in the British voice over industry. I now work from my home recording studio, in South Africa, with numerous clients from across the world. I am also a lecturer with 6 years teaching experience. I hope this combination will serve you well.

    Now in this course I start off quite technical, looking at microphone technique but then we move on to the essence of voice over performance, which I believe is acting. We look at dissecting your script, using and ignoring punctuation, finding your target audience and unearthing subtext from your script.

    What tools do you need to enroll in this course? All you need is your computer and a willingness to learn. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY A MICROPHONE. To be able to do the exercises, you may use the microphone on your mobile phone, or the one in your computer.

    Acting for voice overs can be super fun. You can act the whole day long, even though you may have a bad hair day and want to stand barefoot behind the microphone. You can! All the listener is interested in, is the sound of your voice.

    So if you are ready for the challenge and serious about becoming a professional voice actor, please enroll. There are 7 lessons to complete and a bonus video on the end. Hop to it!

    Voice Overs is Acting. Learn how to become a voice actor.



    • You do not need any prior knowledge or experience, other than a hunger for knowledge and the commitment to practice the techniques.
    • Students interested in public speaking or those wishing to improve their overall articulation or inability to speak clearly in front of others, are welcome to take this course.
    • For this course you don’t need to buy a microphone. To be able to do the exercises, you may use the microphone on your mobile phone, or the one in your computer.


    What Will You Get From This Course:

    • Over 26 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    • Express and apply knowledge of the self-directing process for the audio performance
    • Possess a basic command of vocal technique in response to various corporate and commercial voice over scripts and in performance.
    • Express working knowledge of the actor’s approach to analyzing the audio script.
    • Express and demonstrate a technical know-how on microphone technique


    Who Should Take This Course:

    • This 7 part course can be taken by complete beginners to advanced students.

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction
    Download 00:00:00
    How to become a Voice Actor FREE 00:03:05
    Section 1 Audio Lesson 00:10:11
    Section 2: Fearing the Microphone
    Fearing the Microphone FREE 00:03:37
    Section 2 Audio Lesson 00:05:00
    Section 3: Your Target Audience
    Your Target Audience 00:04:30
    Section 4: Marking Your Script
    Marking Your VO Script 00:04:03
    Section 5: Punctuation Marks
    Punctuation Marks 00:04:17
    Section 5 Audio Lesson 00:04:52
    Section 6: Subtext - How to hook your listener
    Subtext – How to hook your listener 00:04:40
    Section 6 Audio Lesson 00:11:05
    Section 7: Carry the thought through
    Carry the thought through 00:04:27
    Section 8: Foreign Voice Actors
    Foreign Voice Actors 00:04:40

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    I obtained my degree in Performing Arts at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2000. I then promptly ran away to the UK, to further my training in Puppetry, physical theatre and performance in various genres. I spent 8 years working as an actress, voice artist and puppeteer in the UK, gaining experience in acting for film and television, creating and performing a one-woman show, amongst other puppetry projects. I have been in the voice over business for 15 years. I now work from my home recording studio, in South Africa, with numerous clients from across the world. I am also a Film lecturer in tertiary education, with 7 years teaching experience. I recently successfully completed a 3-year degree curriculum Screen Acting, which was accredited by the South African Council of Higher Education. I hope my combination of skills will serve you well.
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