How To Innovate! – Building and Leading a Culture of Innovation

75% of CEOs say that innovation is one of their top three priorities, but how do you systematically create value out of new ideas?


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    Course Overview:

    This highly interactive programme is designed to equip leaders with the tools, techniques and processes to help them build a culture of innovation. Through hands on sessions, leaders will learn how to align their strategy to drive innovation, innovate in the processes of management and develop innovative ways of thinking and working across the organisation. Suitable for Innovation and Organisational Development Directors, C-Suite Leaders and those who want to learn the importance of creating the right culture to lead and support innovation.



    • TAKE AWAY practical concepts, tools and skills to help you lead and drive innovation.
    • LEARN cultural assessment tools and how to devise the relevant strategy that will fit current culture and strategic ambition.
    • ASSESS your organisation on the Six ‘I’s of innovationTM and create a plan for where, how and what you need to focus on to drive innovation effectiveness.
    • BE EXPOSED to the latest thinking in the new fields of ‘innovation in management’, ‘social network analysis’ and the beliefs and patterns that shape culture and social behaviour. Learn how these theories can help you manage cultural change.
    • KNOW your leadership strengths and challenges by receiving a personal innovation skills assessment.


    About the Six ‘I’s of Innovation:

    The Six ‘I’s of Innovation was designed by Natalie Turner, CEO of the Entheo Network. It measures innovation skills and equips organisations with a practical approach to developing an innovative and productive working culture. *Innovation Challenge sessions can be applied to real work challenges to fit the specific needs of the company or groups attending.


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    Course Curriculum

    Day 1:
    Management innovation. How and why the world of work is changing and the need for radical shifts in management and leadership. 01:12:00
    Assessing organisational culture; what it is, what it needs to change to and the best course of action to take. 01:12:00
    The Six ‘I’s of Innovation. The core cultural norms and processes that need to be present to effectively manage ideas. 01:12:00
    Matching leadership styles to different stages of the innovation process and the life cycle of the organisation. 01:12:00
    Six ‘I’s skill assessments; how to play to strengths and build new leadership skills. 01:12:00
    Day 2:
    How to find the top 10% of your workforce that you need to engage in order to change the culture of the organisation. 01:30:00
    Learning from the innovators. Best practice in making innovation part of core organisational DNA. 01:30:00
    Measuring innovation. How to ensure your innovation efforts are working and delivering value. 01:30:00
    The Innovation Challenge*: Using the Six ‘I’s as a framework, leaders will develop processes and practices that will become a plan for driving innovation across the organisation. 01:30:00

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    Natalie is the Founder of Entheo and has a background in marketing, business strategy and leadership development. She has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations including American Express, Singapore Airlines, LEO Pharma, Coca Cola, Cisco Systems and IKEA. An experienced business facilitator, trainer and coach; Natalie works to unlock the potential of organisations and people to help them create new products and services whilst focusing on the development of innovation skills, capabilities and culture. With over twenty years of corporate leadership and consultancy experience, working in entrepreneurial start-ups, corporate incubators and as the former Head of British Telecom’s Internet Strategy, Natalie is passionate about the application of ideas into tangible, practical and operational results. Natalie has three degrees; a BA Hons in Politics, an MSc in Economics and Social Psychology and an MBA. She is also a Master Practitioner in Group Dynamics and Non-Verbal Communication.
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