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Industrial Security Training.


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    Course Overview:

    This course will provide a comprehensive overview of industrial security. It addresses everything from cyber security, to terrorism, and physical attacks. It discusses how to set up and organize a security system for industrial areas, including ports, and rail yards. It discusses everything you need to know about risk, safety and security, including management principles, and how to evaluate and present, and justify the budget you need for the prevention of the plant-wide incident. It also tells you how and where to deal with the surrounding community, and provides you with key resources for risk evaluation and threat mitigation. If you are involved in security or security management, you need to attend this course.


    Who Should Attend:

    This course is designed for everyone from vice president down to the level of supervisory staff. It discusses the principles and equipment and how to know your level of risk and what to do about it.

    Course Curriculum

    Session 1: Introduction to Security Risk Assessment and Management
    Session 2: Risk Assessment Basics
    Session 3: Assessing Types of Attacks and Threats with Data Sources
    Session 4: Evaluating a Company’s Protective Systems
    Session 5: Port Security
    Session 6: Basics of Cyber Security
    Session 7: Scenario Planning and Analysis
    Session 8: Security System Design and Implementation: Practical Notes
    Industrial Security (3-Day) 18:00:00

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