Inequality in the Modern World

Why difference and not inequality is important.



    Course Description:

    This course will explore the concept of inequality from a systems perspective. The course is structured with a review of inequality as it is used today, a definition of inequality from a systems point of view, and the concept of differencs and diversity. The course connects to the the courses of “Food Energy Water: Foundation systems of modern society” and “BANTER; steering systems of modern society”, as we discuss how systems use the differences between them to grow and strengthen society. This course explores the way different social systems, whether people or groups, interact with each other and use the differences between to strengthen and grow. The course then evaluates system concept of differentiation to analyze inequality, and the concept of diversity. In this course we discuss the concepts of inequality, diversity, and difference as applied to social structure and to social systems generally. You will learn in this course that in the universe, terms such as superior and inferior are meaningless. In the universe, only difference matters. Key words for ths course are inequality, diversity, difference, FEW, BANTER.


    What Will You Get From This Course:

    • All students will leave the course with a deeper perception of the structure of human society, and the larger universe
    • A greater understanding of social systems and their development
    • Choosing the right definition for inequality
    • Realizing the universe makes us all unique, or different
    • Knowing that differences make us all stronger
    • Realizing we linve in a universe based on differences


    Who Should Take This Course:

    This course is for people with out formal training in system analysis, and who want to gain an understanding of how systems affect society. No prior soft ware or course work needed.

    Course Curriculum

    Inequality in the Modern World:
    Lecture 1: Introduction FREE 00:04:30
    Lecture 2: The concept of inequality FREE 00:07:00
    Lecture 3: What inequality really means 00:07:10
    Lecture 4: Difference vs diversity 00:05:49
    Lecture 5: A review of social systems FEW and BANTER 00:04:30
    Lecture 6: How steering systems impact our world 00:04:04
    Lecture 7: Conclusion 00:04:00

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