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    Your ability to get others to do what you want is an essential skill that underlies Influencing, Negotiating, Selling, Leading and Handling difficult conversations. Influencing also implies that you won’t use force, fear or threats.

    Imagine being told ‘You will have to wait’ in a retail setting. Or being told by your manager to do something unpleasant in these terms ‘Drop what you are doing and follow me!’ You may not have your heart in what you are asked to do.

    The most important of Deming‘s 14 points is ‘Drive out fear’.

    Influencing is about getting what you want and strengthening relationships, without using fear as a motivator. Serving clients and selling based on genuine value to all parties. All managers and team leaders need to have difficult conversations to improve performance and the ability to influence others positively becomes extremely important.

    Paddy can can assist you to dramatically improve your influencing skills and can design a program to meet your particular needs.



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    Influencing, selling and negotiating are ‘soft skills’ with very hard consequences. These skills are not ‘natural’ and must be learned. Imagine the success of your organization if everyone was skilled in reaching outcomes that suited both parties, including your clients and customers.


    What Clients Say:

    “When Paddy Spruce reveals the simple, straightforward techniques to influencing success the results he helps people achieve are amazing. More sales made, greater prices gained and happier customers are just a couple of them.” – Winston Marsh, Business Growth Centre


    “It was a joy to work with someone who had a similarly professional commitment to ensuring that his presentation was as near seamless as possible.” – Colin Quarrington, British Association of Removalists (Dublin- Ireland


    Course Curriculum

    How to make an excellent first impression
    How to give and receive constructive feedback to improve performance
    How to achieve a win win result
    Understanding the inner world of others
    How to build trust
    Choosing the right influencing/selling style to achieve your desired result
    Identifying currencies that are valuable to others
    Keeping your ego out of the interaction
    Influence and Communication Training (2-Day) 12:00:00

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    Paddy has the unique ability to educate, inform, entertain and inspire. He is a sought after professional speaker, MC, facilitator and training professional. A former training executive of the Australian Institute of Management and former President of the National Speaker's Association in Victoria, Paddy can show you how to get the most from your people and your organisation. He can help you to increase your influencing skills, reduce conflict, improve teamwork, send morale soaring, create more delighted customers and enjoy your work more! Paddy works nationally, and internationally. His training and speaking methods include enthusiasm, humour, interactive exercises, role plays, discussions, inspiring lectures... in fact anything that works to build your people and your business... and make the experience enjoyable. The main reason that audiences respond well to Paddy Spruce is that he delivers practical ideas that ‘work’. He does it in a refreshing and open way that allows everyone to be a part of the presentation. He uses facts and fun to shift people’s thinking and to encourage them to become better versions of themselves.
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