Influencing and Negotiating Skills

Negotiating is not a natural skill. It is learned. Not everyone plays fair. Some use tricks. Deception is commonplace.


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    I had worked with a client who was given twenty minutes to present a tender proposal. The client had chosen two from several to do a second presentation. The stakes where high, millions of dollars. A lot riding on the ability of one person to negotiate and sell a proposal successfully.

    Negotiating is simply a method of achieving a result. You find out what I need, I find out what you need. We move toward a result that we agree on. Sounds simple. Requires skill, patience, assertiveness, ability to listen… We might compete. We might work together.



    Negotiating has a bad reputation because some negotiators work shortsightedly as if they didn’t want any further contact. Paddy can teach your people to become professional negotiators.

    Opportunities to negotiate are presented daily. Whether a simple corridor negotiation, a sales negotiation or a large business negotiation, the principles are the same. The skills are the same. We all negotiate. Let’s learn to do it professionally and successfully.

    If you need to improve the ability of your people to negotiate, this program is for you


    Course Curriculum

    The stages of a negotiation or sale and how to use them
    Understanding the needs of others
    How to achieve a win win result
    Building trust
    Knowing when to compete, collaborate and avoid
    Identifying currencies
    Recognising underlying needs
    Unconscious influencing
    Preparing for a negotiation
    Understanding their world
    How to handle tricks and traps
    Influencing and Negotiating Skills (2-Day) 12:00:00

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    Paddy has the unique ability to educate, inform, entertain and inspire. He is a sought after professional speaker, MC, facilitator and training professional. A former training executive of the Australian Institute of Management and former President of the National Speaker's Association in Victoria, Paddy can show you how to get the most from your people and your organisation. He can help you to increase your influencing skills, reduce conflict, improve teamwork, send morale soaring, create more delighted customers and enjoy your work more! Paddy works nationally, and internationally. His training and speaking methods include enthusiasm, humour, interactive exercises, role plays, discussions, inspiring lectures... in fact anything that works to build your people and your business... and make the experience enjoyable. The main reason that audiences respond well to Paddy Spruce is that he delivers practical ideas that ‘work’. He does it in a refreshing and open way that allows everyone to be a part of the presentation. He uses facts and fun to shift people’s thinking and to encourage them to become better versions of themselves.
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