Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel (Online)

How to use Microsoft © Excel Differently for Breakthrough Performance.


Course Description:

A solution-based Microsoft® Excel course tailored for managers and executives who are seeking practical solutions to their Excel problems in raw data management, business analysis and reporting.

  1. This Excel course is conducted based on business case studies to facilitate your understanding of the commonly used functions and worksheet functions and how these functions are applied in business.
  2. It is a tried and tested course from face to face workshops which has been running for a number of years. It has received rave reviews for introducing new perspectives to the way Excel is used, tips & tricks that help you complete the usual Excel tasks in double quick time.
  3. The course is designed to show you the entire process of preparing an Excel report, starting from cleaning up of raw data downloaded from the system to generating a Pivot Table report for analysis, and Pivot Chart for presentation.
  4. The course aims to help you acquire the skills of building complex formulas like an Excel expert.

The entire course is 120 minutes long and it is divided into mini videos so that you could watch them using pockets of free time you have between your activities.


What Are The Requirements?

Students must have some basic to intermediate knowledge of Excel i.e. navigate around a worksheet, format cells, auto-filter, sorting, create a simple template and enter simple formulas (e.g. SUM) into the worksheet.


What Will You Get From This Course?

  • Over 33 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Apply useful built-in functions in Excel to process data and enhance the usefulness of the data.
  • Apply the function learnt to consolidate records.
  • Acquire skills to analyse the records for operations and reporting purposes.
  • Employ new ways of tabulating and managing data.


Who Should Take This Course?

Managers and Executives who have to manage, analyse and prepare reports using data downloaded from systems. They must have some basic to intermediate knowledge of Excel i.e. navigate around a worksheet, format cells, auto-filter, sorting, create a simple template and enter simple formulas (e.g. SUM) into the worksheet.

This is not a beginner course and those who do not have practical Excel Experience should not take this course.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Identify and Clean up Raw Dates
Unit 1: Identify and clean up dates FREE 00:03:27
Unit 2: Combining the day, month and year to create an Excel date 00:02:51
Unit 3: Calculating the age of the customers 00:04:13
Unit 4: Filter records based on pre-defined conditions 00:03:40
Unit 5: Count the records of visible cells only 00:02:16
Unit 6: Count the records of visible cells only (II) 00:03:43
Unit 7: Find the oldest person born in a selected month 00:02:34
Unit 8: Differentiating customers based on cut-off age 00:05:51
Unit 9: Making Excel auto-highlight the row based on your criteria 00:04:10
Section 2: Select Required Records in the Shortest Time
Unit 10: Filter records using a range 00:04:13
Unit 11: Highlighting the filtered records 00:02:22
Section 3: Building complex formulas
Unit 12: Retrieve Part of a Text From a Cell 00:05:00
Unit 13: Retrieve Text of Varying Length Intelligently 00:03:25
Unit 14: Combine Records From 2 Worksheets Together 00:06:00
Unit 15: Creating a total for each group of companies (1) 00:04:10
Unit 16: Creating a total for each group of companies (2) 00:02:31
Unit 17: Highlighting the Subtotal Rows All At Once 00:02:34
Unit 18: Separate Text in a Cell in 3 Simple Steps 00:02:37
Unit 19: Combining Data from 2 Worksheets Together 00:12:04
Unit 20: Remove Duplicates in a List 00:02:19
Unit 21: Create Totals & Averages For Each Industry Class 00:04:18
Section 4: Create and Manage Pivot Tables Using Data
Unit 22: Create a pivot table using data from an Excel spreadsheet 00:05:33
Unit 23: More Pivot Table Options 00:04:49
Unit 24: Format & Sort Pivot Table 00:03:40
Section 5: MS Query in Pivot Tables
Unit 25: Connect to the Source Database 00:04:22
Unit 26: Format Pivot Table Created From Database 00:02:46
Unit 27: Analyzing Monthly Sales Trend 00:04:56
Unit 28: Using Pivot Chart 00:04:04
Section 6: Introduction to Macro Programming
Unit 29: Creating & Storing Macro 00:03:48
Unit 30: Delete the Macro from the personal Macro Workbook 00:01:58
Unit 31: Add the Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) 00:02:02
Section 7: Consolidating Data from Multiple Sources
Unit 32: Add Multiple Entries & Consolidate Data 00:05:12
Unit 33: Remove Duplicate Records from the Database 00:01:39

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