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Learn to read 2x as effectively!


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Course Overview:

Gain more time for yourself. In only 20 hours, we will teach you to read more than 2x faster which will allow you to save time reading articles, books, emails and documents. You can speed read every day at work or school, and speed reading ability also looks good on your CV.

If you read at least 2 hours a day, you save 7 hours a week. (That’s almost a full workday)


What You Will Get From This Course:

  • Complete e-book about speed reading
  • Access to all 20 lessons
  • Unlimited access to additional exercises even after finishing the course
  • The graduate certificate after successfully completing the 15th lesson
  • Feedback and advice while learning


How It Works:

Speed Reading


Reading is a learned skill. We usually start learning to read at age six. Most schools no longer devote further development of reading when we are eight.

So our reading training is completed at the age of 12 at a value below 200 words per minute. But that is far from our optimal reading speed. The solution is to develop our reading skills and increase reading efficiency.


How can you learn to read 2x more effectively?

The Legentas speed reading course will show you how to read more characters at one time. You’ll learn how to expand your view and to move smoothly along the line through better eye movements and good reading habits.



  • Eye movements and visual span
  • Regression
  • Articulation and sub-vocalization
  • Active reading
  • Eye relaxation
  • Further conditions for correct reading
  • Correct and fast reading of documents
  • Reading technical materials
  • Reading of letters
  • Reading newspapers and magazines
  • Cursoric reading
  • Selective reading
  • Combined reading
  • Reading skill


Speed Reading 2



I’m very satisfied with the online course. You only need to exercise for couple minutes a day and the result in increased speed of reading will show up. Thumbs up for the Legentas team.
Ales Svoboda

Nice form of an e-learning with a great user support. Based on my experience, the learning is excellent and the new skill can be applied daily. Best of luck for your next work!
Lenka Balakova

I felt significant improvement in my reading after only a week of daily trainings in the Legentas application and that motivated me to continue with development of my reading skills even further. Daily reading of newspapers, books and school materials are much more efficient now.
Jan Trybenekr

I thought I already read fast enough but I wondered whether or not I can speed up? And it actually was possible. Legentas helped me to achieve improvement of 84 % from the original 372 words per minute to 685 words per minute. Thank you!
Ondrej Svoboda

The speed reading (and effective reading) training delivered by the Legentas project I can only recommend! In a very pleasant form and in less than 2 weeks you learn how to “really read”.
Michal Ciffra

I was very skeptical and hesitated to believe that I could learn to read two or three times faster at the beginning, nevertheless the results of the first lessons really surprised me and the progress motivated me to continue.
Kristyna Honcikova

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Legentas Online Speed Reading Course 20:00:00

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Legentas is an award-winning speed reading online course. We have worked closely with academic speed reading experts and UX designers to develop a set of interactive exercises that reduce the most common bad reading habits and improve the overall reading performance. Michal Zwinger is the Co-founder of Legentas.
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