Liquid and Gas Flow Metering and Measurement

Advancing flow metering practices by staying ahead of developments in technologies, regulations and practices to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


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    Course Overview:

    This course will provide specialist support, introduce sophisticated state–of–the–art monitoring and measurement systems, develop / recommend proper procedures and design standards in line with international bodies to ensure mistakes of any kind are alleviated / and or minimized. The workshop will start with an informative update on new developments and technologies in the flow metering! market and important issues governing flow meter applications such as calibrations, accuracy and uncertainties. Second day will tap! on multiphase meter application in oil and gas well testing and solutions to increase its accuracy. Besides, meter proving problems will! be covered to help delegates tackle their current challenges. The final part of the workshop will deal with sampling practices including! installations, sampling standards, procedures, and sampling handling. At each stage, the concepts and techniques will be discussed! together with experienced view and practical application considerations to bring about a hand-on and interactive training. Last but not least, the workshop includes many case studies aiming to resolve some common problems facing by oil and gas people and create higher efficiency in measurement and control system.



    What You Will Learn:

    • UPDATE on new technologies in custody transfer applications: ultrasonic flow meter, coriolis flow meter.
    • CONSIDER recent improvements on turbine flow meter in custody transfer application and meter proving.
    • REVIEW calibrations techniques for established flow meters.
    • LEARN about calibrations for new technologies in flow metering.
    • UNDERSTAND different factors that affect the accuracy of measurement.
    • LEARN the best practices in dealing with factors that affect the accuracy of multiphase flow meter in oil and gas well testing.
    • MASTER your skills on sampling practices and sampling standards.
    • IMPROVE your sampling procedure from installation to sampling taking and handling.
    • RESOLVE problems of meter prover.
    • CAPITALIZE an opportunity to learn from expertise on how to tackle current problems encountered in flow metering.


    Who Should Attend:

    This program is uniquely designed and will be of particular benefit to:

    • Metering Engineer / Metering Superintendent
    • Measurement Engineer
    • Measurement and Control Engineer
    • Instrumentation and Control Engineer
    • Engineering Manager
    • Engineering Supervisor
    • Any other person who is dealing with liquid and gas flow measurement

    Course Curriculum

    Day 1: Flow Measurement Principles and Devices
    Principles Of Flow Measurement 01:00:00
    Fluid Dynamics 01:00:00
    Tools 01:00:00
    Metering Methods Inferential and Direct 01:00:00
    Calibrations Techniques 01:00:00
    Flow Metering Exercises 01:00:00
    Day 2: Accuracy Determination and Instrument Trouble Shooting
    Accuracy Methods, Limitations And Tools To Automate 02:00:00
    System Integrity and Performance 02:00:00
    Application Considerations 02:00:00
    Day 3: Sampling Practices
    Sampling Systems 02:00:00
    Sampling Procedure 02:00:00
    Ground Breaking Technology In Flow Measurements 02:00:00

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    Youssef Basrawi is a professional consultant in fluid flow measurements with emphasis on hydrocarbon fluids. He holds a B.Sc. Degree in Engineering Science, and a minor in Electrical Engineering. He speaks and writes English, Arabic and German and is conversant with Spanish, Italian and French. His industrial experience spans 44 years, starting in 1972 with the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to Saudi Air Force and lastly with Saudi Aramco from 1980 to 2004. From 2004 to date provides consultations to petroleum companies and courses on fluid flow measurements especially in the hydrocarbon industry as well as facilitates flow metering workshops for proponent organizations since 2010 to date. He has helped in the development of several crucial Saudi Aramco corporate procedures for hydrocarbon fluid measurements, one of which is a corporate general instruction for ship/shore volume measurements variances tolerances, amongst others, as well as developed and continues to instruct several flow measurement courses. His personal and professional biography is published in the prestigious Marquis: “Who’s Who in the World” Almanacs in the 2009 to 2016 Editions, “Who’s Who in Asia” Biography 2012 Edition, Bristol: “Who’s Who in the World” Biography 2015 Edition
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