Making Strategy Happen

An Intensive Immersion into the World of Strategy Execution


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    Do you know that companies lose a great share of the value of their strategies while implementing?

    Do you know exactly where your company, department or team is losing performance?

    What can you do to close the execution gap?



    This course is certified by The Institute for Strategy Execution and Jeroen De Flander. Upon successful completion and assessment, participants will receive a certification from the Institute and signed by JDF.



    This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Upon successful completion and assessment participants will receive an endorsed certificate (Optional).


    Course Overview:

    This course is the only Strategy Execution training in the GCC endorsed by The Strategy Execution Ambassador Jeroen De Flander. It will help you to start your journey through the strategy execution world, or to enhance your achievements in developing a Strategy Management Framework (including key concepts such as Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard).

    The program will provide you with an intensive immersion into the world of Strategy, preparing you to get certified by the Strategy Execution Institute. You will learn that Strategy Execution is much more than having a BSC…it is about managing change.

    This course is composed of 5 different modules across 3 days. It will take you through the principles of strategy definition and formulation; you will learn how to identify your current challenges and how to translate them into an actionable strategy. Then you will learn how to translate your strategy using the strategy maps methodology as a key tool, and then it will immerse you in the world of performance management, looking beyond the Balanced Scorecard as a tool, and helping to use it as a comprehensive management framework.

    Once you have gained a good understanding of the foundation of strategy execution, you will be walked through more advance concepts such as the strategic alignment; you will learn how to align your organisational units towards your corporate strategy. Concepts like cascading objectives, alignment, rewards and incentives, and sharing resources and costs towards creating more organisational values will be expounded upon.

    Finally, you will learn how to define and implement a strong governance mechanism that will help to manage effectively the strategy as a process.


    What You Will Learn:

    LEARN the foundations for successful Strategy Execution, getting your strategy into action.

    UNDERSTAND the relevance of sound objectives, KPIs and initiatives to provide clear direction for your organisation.

    LEARN what is the Balanced Scorecard, understand how to go beyond the tools and how to create a comprehensive management system.

    BUILD your credentials and enhance your CV, drastically increasing your professional capital.

    DEVELOP unparalleled levels of strategy knowledge through a proven hands on approach that can be taken back to the workplace and comprehensively applied.


    Course Trainer’s Profile and Accreditation:


    Roberto Wyszkowski

    Roberto is an experienced practitioner and lead trainer in the field of Strategy Execution, Strategic Planning and Performance Management. Over the last 15 years, Roberto has trained and coached hundreds of managers in both for profit and non-profit organisations. Being an entrepreneur also reflects on the motivation and inspiration of the receiving end. Before founding ShiftIN, he worked at several consulting firms including Arthur Andersen, Palladium Group, Hitachi and BearingPoint. A Chemical Engineer with MSc in Sweden and postgraduate studies at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA).


    Who Should Attend:

    This course is designed for people in private and public organisations, from analysts to managers to directors, who are seeking to implement or refine their strategy execution or management frameworks. From regular practitioners in the strategy department to senior functional or operational managers in every business units of the organisation, this course holds the necessary key to unlock your true potential for strategy execution.

    Course Curriculum

    Module 1: Strategy Definition - How to Define a Robust Strategy
    Strategy in a nutshell 00:40:00
    Defining your purpose 00:40:00
    Identifying your Value Gap 00:40:00
    Creating a Burning Platform – Your case for change 00:40:00
    Module 2: Strategy Mapping - How to Translate Your Strategy
    Introduction to Strategy Execution 00:40:00
    The “8”, a pragmatic strategy execution framework 00:40:00
    How to build a Strategy Map 00:40:00
    Understanding Michael Porter’s Value Chain 00:40:00
    Concept in action: Build the strategy map for your own organisation 00:40:00
    Module 3: Performance Management - The Balanced Scorecard and Beyond
    Understanding the Balanced Scorecard architecture 01:12:00
    How to define robust strategic objectives 01:12:00
    What makes a good measure 01:12:00
    Linking your initiatives to your strategy, and not the other way round 01:12:00
    Concept in action: Build your own BSC 01:12:00
    Module 4: Strategic Alignment - How to Align Your Whole Organisation with Your Strategy
    What is alignment? 00:33:00
    Aligning your units and departments: Horizontal and Vertical alignment 00:33:00
    Aligning your employees: Cascading the strategy into individuals 00:33:00
    Engaging your key stakeholders with your strategy 00:33:00
    Concept in action: Align a business unit with the corporate strategy 00:33:00
    Module 5: Strategic Governance - Managing the Strategic Journey
    What is Governance? 00:33:00
    Implementing the “8” framework as a key pillar of your governance 00:33:00
    The role of the leadership in executing the strategy 00:33:00
    Change management for strategists 00:33:00
    Take communication to the next level 00:33:00
    Building your Strategy Delivery Office 00:33:00

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