Mastering Organisation Design and Development

Managing Change, Talent, Performance, Innovation and Creativity in Your Organisation.


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    An Impactful 2-Day Intensive Course.

    Brought to you by:

    Dr. Jim Cannon, PhD, FCIPD, FCMI

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    “This was a fantastic and very relevant workshop. Jim is clearly a subject matter expert. Highly recommended for HR leaders and line managers.”

    – AVP Talent Optimization, Aboitiz Equity Ventures


    “Good, trainer gave many inspiration about OD, both hard and soft aspects.”

    – Human Resource Analyst, Bank Indonesia


    What You Will Learn:

    • UNDERSTAND the history of OD and several theories and processes for successful organisational change
    • IDENTIFY how to build organisation capability
    • EXPLORE a methodology for organisation design
    • PRACTICE a number of tools and techniques for improving team and organisational performance
    • DEVELOP the role of the OD practitioner


    Who Should Attend:

    This course is specially designed with various industry feedback on the current needs and is most suitable for personnel from the following departments:

    • Human Resource
    • Talent Management
    • Employer Branding
    • Organisational Development
    • Learning & Development
    • Change Management
    • Employees Relation and Retention
    • Leadership Development
    • Compensation and Benefits


    Your Instructor:

    Dr. Jim Cannon, PhD, FCIPD, FCMI

    With a career spanning some 25 years, you will find Jim an outstanding source of inspiration for your people and organisation.

    As a specialist in organisational development, as well as being a fully qualified and experienced coach to individual executives, he has worked for some of the largest and well-known companies in the world.

    Jim has facilitated some of the most controversial and high profile meetings around the world, in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia. Bringing people together to work and achieve a common goal is Jim’s motivation and satisfaction.

    As a trainer for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Jim runs an extensive series of training programmes, which have been attended by some 3500 people in the last 8 years, giving you the highest quality delivery and providing your people real hands on skills they can take away and implement immediately to better their career, improve their self esteem and their productivity in your business.

    With a story telling style of real life issues and solutions, Jim brings a warm, unique and relatable presence to your team… most importantly, discretion is paramount to the success of all the facilitation, coaching and counselling work undertaken.

    Jim’s skills mean he is in demand with both corporate and non-corporate organisations.

    Jim has a Degree in Behavioural Science, a Masters Degree in Manpower Studies and a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology, his full career has included such household names as Charterhouse, Black and Decker and Thorn EMI, all at director level.


    Some Recent Projects and Achievements:

    • Designed and delivered Senior Management Development Programme for part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    • Designed and delivered a programme on Developing the Strategic Manager for HBOS, JP Morgan, Bridgestone
    • Delivered a Team Leader programme for Singers including developing a 360 feedback process and providing feedback and coaching as a result
    • Completed an Organisation Audit in India for NIEA
    • Designed and delivered a programme on Improving Engagement for Cambridge Agency in Melbourne, Australia
    • Trained a cadre of 40 Mentors to launch a mentoring scheme in the FCO
    • Co-authored 3 toolkits for CIPD in recent years
    • Delivered courses on Facilitation, Counselling, Workforce Planning, Change Management for many clients including Birmingham City Council, GVA Grimley, Eumetsat (Dormund), Eurocontrol (Brussels), NPIA, National Archives, MOD, MHRA, Philips, Plus Housing, North Yorks Council, Marks and Spencer, Texas, ABB, BAPCO (Bahrain)
    • Facilitated a workshop on Organisation Design for Areva in Paris
    • Delivered an intensive programme on Human Resource Management in Nigeria for i Skill and for MTC Vodaphone in Bahrain
    • Facilitated team improvement for the Directors of The Health Foundation over 2 years
    • Acted as Mediator to resolve conflicts in Oriel College and Southend Housing Association
    • Coached a series of line managers moving into Head of HR roles in Astrazeneca (Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Norway)


    Course Outline:

    Day 1:

    Theme: Managing Organisation Change

    Organisation development has traditionally been the label given to a set of activities and techniques designed to bring about change. They include methodologies and processes such as action research, tools for innovation and creativity, and personal skills such as facilitation. Organisation development seeks to deal with two aspects of change – rational processes and emotional responses.

    Introduction to Organization Development

    • What is organisation development?
    • Theory of change
    • Two paradigms: ‘gap analysis’ and ‘appreciative enquiry’
    • Our mental models – our diagnostic filter

    Why Change Goes Wrong

    • How does change affect us?
    • Exercise: our reactions to change
    • Working with emotion
    • Various roles in leading change
    • Group discussion

    Models of Change

    • Diagnostic tools – Models of change
    • Case study

    Working with Resistance

    • Working with resistance to change – an introduction to Transaction Analysis
    • Exercise: relating to different reactions

    Determining the Benefits Case

    • Finding leverage – Identifying patterns of interest – ‘working with the supporters and resistors of change’
    • Exercise and role-play

    What is Organisation Capability?

    • Plenary discussion, presentation

    The Four Pillars of Capable Organizations

    • What is required by the organisation to be successful: leadership, culture, organisation and competence?
    • Group work to identify what the organisation requires in each of the 4 areas, using the material available

    Day 2:

    Theme: Designing Organisations and Building Organisational Capability

    Success in organisational life requires that the key capabilities are in place and aligned. The four pillars of capability are Leadership, Organisation, Competence and Culture.

    Drawing on insights from the Behavioural sciences, this practical course uses case studies and exercises, and is designed to equip participants with a range of concepts, skills and techniques applicable to various organisational situations.

    • What do we mean by organisation design?
    • Characteristics of good and bad organisation design.
    • What factors should we take into account when determining organisation design?
    • Group discussion followed by plenary session to identify the principals of good design.

    The Nine Principles of Organisation Design

    • Presentation followed by discussion on good and bad examples of design.
    • The strategic imperative of the business – what does success look like?
    • Building the transmission system
    • Plenary discussion followed by groups carrying out a mapping exercise to link business goals with structural design and process

    Models of Organisation

    • Presentation on different models followed by small group discussion to develop a model that will work for participants

    The Galbraith Methodology for Formulating an Effective Design

    • How to apply it to participants’ situations

    Matrix Structures

    • Discussion on how to mitigate the unintended consequences of any structure

    Systems Thinking

    • Exercise on two cases

    Analyzing Designs to Test Their Effectiveness

    • The nine tests of organisational design
    • Exercise – applying the nine tests to our organisation and developing a checklist for implementation

    Action Research

    • How do we measure our current level of capability in these areas?
    • Group work to examine a selection of participants’ situations using several tools
    • So what is the gap?
    • Poster exercise round the room to capture the nature of the gaps

    Team Based Problem Solving

    • How do we close the gaps?
    • Leadership
    • Culture
    • Organisation
    • Competence
    • Exercises in team development

    Getting Ready to Work with our Issues

    • Pairs coaching exercise using a diagnostic tool with the aim of developing an action plan for improvement.

    Summary and Review of the Course

    Course Curriculum

    Mastering Organisation Design and Development 14:00:00

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