Microsoft Excel VBA Programming

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    Course Objective:

    Participant will get in-depth knowledge on:

    • Record and Run Macros.
    • Write VBA Code Manually.
    • Perform Loops, Controls and Error Handling.
    • Create User forms and Sheet Controls in Excel.
    • Use Events to trigger specific VBA code.


    Target Audience:

    For Advanced Microsoft Excel user who wish to automate repetitive tasks or simplify more complex tasks using Excel 2010 Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming.



    Student must have good Excel Skills and understand key concepts of spreadsheets or equivalent. However, it is not necessary to have a programming knowledge.


    Course Content:

    Lesson 1: Getting Started

    • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
    • Displaying the Developer Tab in the Ribbon
    • Recording a Macro
    • Saving a Macro-Enabled Workbook
    • Running a Macro
    • Editing a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor
    • Understanding the Development Environment
    • Using Visual Basic Help
    • Closing the Visual Basic Editor
    • Understanding Macro Security

    Lesson 2: Working with Procedures and Functions

    • Understanding Modules
    • Creating a Standard Module
    • Understanding Procedures
    • Creating a Sub Procedure
    • Calling Procedures
    • Using the Immediate Window to Call Procedures
    • Creating a Function Procedure
    • Naming Procedures
    • Working with the Code Editor

    Lesson 3: Understanding Objects

    • Understanding Objects
    • Navigating the Excel Object Hierarchy
    • Understanding Collections
    • Using the Object Browser
    • Working with Properties
    • Using the With Statement
    • Working with Methods
    • Creating an Event Procedure

    Lesson 4: Using Expressions, Variables, and Intrinsic Functions

    • Understanding Expressions and Statements
    • Declaring Variables
    • Understanding Data Types
    • Working with Variable Scope
    • Using Intrinsic Functions
    • Understanding Constants
    • Using Intrinsic Constants
    • Using Message Boxes
    • Using Input Boxes
    • Declaring and Using Object Variables

    Lesson 5: Controlling Program Execution

    • Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
    • Working with Boolean Expressions
    • Using the If…End If Decision Structures
    • Using the Select Case…End Select Structure
    • Using the Do…Loop Structure
    • Using the For…To…Next Structure
    • Using the For Each…Next Structure
    • Guidelines for use of Control-of-Flow Structures

    Lesson 6: Working with Forms and Controls

    • Understanding UserForms
    • Using the Toolbox
    • Working with UserForm Properties, Events, and Methods
    • Understanding Controls
    • Setting Control Properties in the Properties Window
    • Working with the Label Control
    • Working with the Text Box Control
    • Working with the Command Button Control
    • Working with the Combo Box Control
    • Working with the Frame Control
    • Working with Option Button Controls
    • Working with Control Appearance
    • Setting the Tab Order
    • Populating a Control
    • Adding Code to Controls
    • Launching a Form in Code

    Lesson 7: Working with the PivotTable Object

    • Understanding PivotTables
    • Creating a PivotTable Using Worksheet Data
    • Working with the PivotTable Objects
    • Working with the PivotFields Collection
    • Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

    Lesson 8: Debugging Code 

    • Understanding Errors
    • Using Debugging Tools
    • Setting Breakpoints
    • Stepping through Code
    • Using Break Mode during Run mode
    • Determining the Value of Expressions

    Lesson 9: Handling Errors

    • Understanding Error Handling
    • Understanding VBA’s Error Trapping Options
    • Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
    • Understanding the Err Object
    • Writing an Error-Handling Routine
    • Working with Inline Error Handling

    Course Curriculum

    Microsoft Excel VBA Programming 21:00:00

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