“Moments of Truth” – Towards Enhanced Customer Mindset

A Winning Approach – One Team – Same Goals


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    “Anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, is an opportunity to form an impression”.

    – Jan Carlzon



    What makes service truly remarkable? Great service is not an event, it is a process that requires active, willing and competent participation of all employees.

    Any company that pays serious attention to Customer service, has much better chance to increase revenues. It’s the great “differentiator”.

    Service must be customer – driven so their satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success. Customers want to do business with people who make them feel good about themselves and their decisions. How we say good bye is as important as how we say hello. The way we help to solve a dilemma is just as important as its outcome because it will determine the outcome.

    We all have important roles in a sequence of events that culminate in a positive customer service experience. Each job is a part of the chain reaction with our co-workers which impacts upon the response of our customers – this linkage is what remarkable service is all about.

    We make choices every day about our customers. We make the choice when we say, “This customer is taking up my valuable time” or by saying, “This customer makes my job possible!”

    In the book Moments of Truth, it speaks about the quality of contact between an individual customer and the employee that serves the customer directly. There are so many contacts that occur each day, month, year between the staff and the customers. Cumulatively they are in the thousands or even millions. These are called by author Jan Carlzon, “moments of truth”. They ultimately determine whether a company will succeed or fail as a company. They are the special moments when we must prove to our customers that your company is the best alternative to do business with.

    Perceptions are everything and during each moment you are in contact with a customer, you are your airline. Make the most of that moment, that opportunity.

    “Moments of Truth” is designed to enhance existing strengths and build new ones at same time minimizing weaknesses. Rick says “it is designed with CARE which = Comprehension and Application which can lead to Results Excellence for your company.

    In business today, service is not an issue, if you don’t provide service, you’re out of business.




    This course will contain some video interviews and film clips, global company perspectives obtained by Rick, examples, stories and cases. He will research your company, as he has these. Plus, we will have group discussions, exercises, feedback questions and actual case studies and stories.

    The goal is to lead the participants towards learning objectives. The program will be delivered in a training atmosphere that encourages two-way communication in a non-threatening, ‘open’ and enjoyable environment.


    Learning Objectives:

    Participants will learn in an integrated way how to:

    ANALYZE the problems of poor customer service and how to deal with them.

    USE of simple but effective communication theory- listening and Questioning skills.

    LEARN how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) empowers you to harness emotions to create optimal results in today’s challenging and demanding service environment.

    ANALYZE your current methods of dealing with the customer and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

    UNDERSTAND the value of effective customer care to a company.

    KNOW what basic needs customers have.

    MATCH the benefits of internal customer service towards developing a stronger internal culture.

    GROUP DISCUSS how to handle an upset customer and their complaint.

    SEE examples of how the affect of your professional behaviour can gain goodwill for your company.

    LEARN the incredible power of a positive attitude.

    MASTER behavioral aspects of words, body language and intonation skills.

    DISCUSS and UNDERSTAND that everything we do must be aligned to the company’s vision, mission, values and goals


    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction to Customer Service
    Why is customer service important? 00:15:36
    Who manages customer service? 00:15:36
    Benefits? 00:15:36
    Value of loyalty 00:15:36
    How you will execute moment of truth for your company 00:15:36
    Section 2: The Customer Service Mindset
    Appropriate customer approach 00:15:36
    What the competition cannot copy 00:15:36
    The three pillars of customer satisfaction 00:15:36
    How to align to your vision, mission, goals 00:15:36
    Section 3: Proactive Customer Service
    Understanding complaining customers 00:15:36
    Danger of ignoring problems or waiting for complaints 00:15:36
    How to be prepared for problems 00:15:36
    Section 4: Customer Service vs. Staff responsibilities
    Your role in the organization 00:15:42
    Learn priorities in customer service 00:15:42
    Discuss rationale for customer service 00:15:42
    Section 5: Customer Expectations
    What stops customers from doing business with organizations 00:15:42
    The difference between service & excellent service 00:15:42
    Understand better Internal and external customers 00:15:42
    Why “first impressions”? 00:15:42
    How do customers evaluate your service 00:15:42
    Section 6: Telephone Best Practices
    Learn Business telephone etiquette 00:15:42
    Handling incoming call, putting customers on hold and transferring calls 00:15:42
    Proper voice mail etiquette 00:15:42
    Section 7: Principals of Communication
    Understanding of your behavior – power of body language 00:17:06
    Active listening – Develop effective listening skills focusing on customer care 00:17:06
    Better Questioning techniques 00:17:06
    Perception & communication styles 00:17:06
    How to minimize potential conflicts 00:17:06
    Examine how customers (internal/external) react differently to the same situation 00:17:06
    Section 8: Behaviors and attitude
    Develop strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations 00:17:06
    Hear examples of how your professional behaviour can gain goodwill for your company 00:17:06
    Understand the power of behaviours and the importance of attitude 00:17:06
    Importance of fulfilling promises 00:17:06
    Section 9: Emotional Quotient
    Learn how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) empowers you to harness emotions to create optimal results in today’s challenging and demanding service environment. Purpose is to increase self-awareness of your emotions and awareness of your internal and external customers. 00:17:12
    Section 10: The value of long term customer relationships
    Who are ‘The connectors’ – remarkable word of mouth advertising phenomenon 00:17:12
    How to turn a complaint into an opportunity 00:17:12
    Identifying your customer care problems 00:17:12
    Understand ways to deal with customers of different cultures 00:17:12
    Section 11: “Differentiators”
    What constitutes a differentiator? 00:17:12
    Your product knowledge can be a differentiator 00:17:12
    What can your company do that sets them apart 00:17:12
    Section 12: What do others do?
    A look at the customer care programmes of IKEA, Panasonic, Marks and Spencer’s, among others – the lessons to be learned 00:17:12
    Understand you are VIP’s – very influential people! 00:17:12
    Video clips of good / bad customer service + interviews 00:17:12

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