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    Would you like to be an internationally certified NLP Trainer? Would you like to be able to certify students at the NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner levels? Are you ready to become more confident, charismatic & be certified under the world’s largest NLP authority, the ABNLP?

    If the answers are Yes, read on…


    This training is the pinnacle of your NLP journey. Graduates of this program have been able to earn themselves more than $5,000 USD/day, as a qualified trainer!! In order to attend the NLP Train the Trainer Course, you must first be certified at the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner level. You can learn more about those NLP Trainings in Bangkok here;

    NLP Practitioner TRIPLE Certification

    NLP Master Practitioner TRIPLE Certification


    What Is This Course About:

    NLP Train the Trainer is the ultimate that NLP has to offer, teaching you how to present to groups and how to function masterfully in group environments. Whilst the most direct beneficiaries may be those interested in teaching NLP themselves, the skills and behaviours you will learn are useful and applicable in a wide variety of contexts. Whether you want to give presentations or speeches, work more efficiently in team environments, handle meetings more effectively, lead groups or conduct professional trainings, seminars or workshops, you will find this course invaluable.

    In short, NLP Train the Trainer is the difference between being a good presenter and an Outstanding presenter.


    Customised Topics:

    During the training you will participate in group presentations, which will focus on a specific context of NLP Training – usually chosen from business and sales, education or healthcare, although additional areas may also be covered depending on the interests of other attendees.

    The content of individual presentations are on specific areas of NLP, so you have the opportunity to completely integrate the NLP information you already know, while also mastering new material and skills.


    Learn to be comfortable and confident as a presenter:

    Public speaking is known to be one of the bigest fears that people have NLP Train the Trainer gives you the knowledge and tools you need to become a highly polished presenter and a comfortable, confident, resourceful speaker.

    Our entire training is based upon gently guiding you, step by step, through a supportive and enjoyable process. Therefore, you can learn and experience just how to turn any fear you may have into excitement, energy and confidence that all contribute to your success.


    6 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Course:

    1. Choose the best
    Our team are the world’s leading NLP trainers and innovators, Masters in Accelerated Human Change technologies. As experts in the field you can be sure we will provide you with the very best training available anywhere in the globe.

    2. An unrivalled record of success
    We’re one of the largest NLP training organisations in Asia. We’ve been conducting NLP trainings since 2008. Year after year we receive a high number of referrals and repeat customers, and we consistently receive the highest ratings on our evaluations.

    3. An arena for immediate feedback
    We have a very high ratio of staff to students in our courses. This means you’ll receive the attention you deserve and as you present you’ll receive immediate feedback to reinforce your own learning.

    4. Outstanding presentation methods
    If you want to be an NLP Trainer you’ll need to be an entertainer, storyteller and hypnotist who can impart information with verve and talent. As such, you can expect nothing less from our trainers teaching you.

    5. The ideal length of training
    We’ve learnt through experience that 18 days is the optimum time for a course of this magnitude. After all, you need time to learn, prepare and deliver presentations and receive quality feedback. You’ll also need the time to experience great trainers in action and master the huge variety of material covered. The exact format is 12 days training, 2 days break, 4 days assessment.

    6. Training versatility
    You need versatile skills to teach in different markets, so it follows that your trainers should have them too! NLP TOP Coach has a wide range of experience and knowledge across all areas of NLP and beyond.



    Just Some of The Topics You Will Learn:

    Mastering the Art and Science of Training Excellence
    The Masters at teaching NLP were created, not born. Here you’ll learn exactly what creates
    a powerful presenter and how to internalise these strategies for success.
    • Mastering the training state
    • Removing fear and stage fright (Time Line Therapy Induction)
    • Reading the room
    • Rapport on stage
    • Energy extension
    • Staying in Uptime

    Training Design and Structure
    One of the keys to accelerating the retention of your presentation is proper design and structure. Learn the specific steps to make all your trainings a unique and unforgettable experiences:
    • Utilising trance in learning
    • Advanced training design

    The Modelling Process for Duplicating Excellence
    • Training styles
    • The 4-Mat system
    • Learning styles
    • Nested loops
    • Learning strategies in training
    • Setting up a room for maximum results

    The Language of Training
    Most of the time it is not what you say but how you say it. By structuring your language and understanding how people change and learn, you’ll be able to transform your audience’s thinking and behaviour.
    • Multiple level communication
    • Hypnotic patterns for trainers
    • Multiple embedded metaphors
    • Voice anchoring
    • Using questions to transform students
    • Quantum Linguistics

    Platform Skills
    Discover the art of speaking to a group. Learn how to use NLP in advanced ways to control your audience and enhance student competence. Entertain and move your audience for powerful results.
    • State elicitation and anchoring
    • Steps for answering questions
    • Group calibration and rapport
    • Anchoring the group
    • The satire categories
    • Chaining states and universals
    • Unpacking stage anchors
    • Postures and gestures
    • Utilising the stage
    • Group dynamics

    Coaching and Testing
    Create winning relationships with individual students. Learn how to give feedback and bring lagging students up to speed. Be completely in control during distractions.
    • The art of coaching
    • Feedback and tasking
    • Lifecycles of groups
    • Strategies for handling group behaviour
    • Handling distractions
    • Testing

    Audience and Student Dynamics
    Understanding the psychological makeup of your audience can help dictate the training style and design of your course. Transform your group communication and motivation skills.
    • Training principals
    • Principals of learning and memory
    • Accelerated learning
    • Personality type indicator
    • Meta programs in training
    • Values in training
    • Claire Graves’ “Survival System”

    The Bonding Process
    Establishing rapport is a key factor in all human communication. Bonding goes much deeper than rapport and normally occurs randomly. Now, learn how to create deep bonding.
    • Going beyond rapport
    • Processes which cause bonding
    • Bonding ecology and ethics

    Creating a Successful Business
    Discover exactly how to start, build and run a successful training from those who have done it.
    • The business of training
    • Proven marketing techniques including logistics and
    • Advertising insights
    • Positioning yourself
    • Choosing a business structure
    • Building relationships
    • Curriculum for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner
    • NLP introductory sessions


    Your Master Trainer:

    Sebastien Leblond:

    Sebastien is a highly respected and sought after Master Coach and Trainer, and has trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their goals. With over a decade of experience in Results Coaching, his purpose is to transform people’s lives so they can unleash their power in the areas of Wealth, Health, Career, Relationships, Success and Happiness.

    Sebastien is the President, Master Coach & Master Trainer of NLP Top Coach, a coaching and training company with expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP) & Coaching. Sebastien certifies students to become NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners & Professional Coaches, with certifications that are internationally recognized.

    Sebastien also facilitates workshops and seminars for Fortune 500 companies, in the areas of NLP, Sales, Leadership Development, Coaching, Presentation skills, EQ and more, helping companies develop their competencies & improve efficiencies & profit.

    Sebastien has been certified by Dr. Tad & Dr. Adrianna James & NLP Co-Founder John Grinder, ensuring through knowledge of NLP. He also worked side-by-side with internationally acclaimed Success Coach Anthony “Tony” Robbins (his programs have reached over 4 million people from 100 countries around the world), supporting his company for 2 years in their worldwide engagements, as a team leader on Tony’s MUST coaching team. The experiences makes Sebastien a highly qualified Coach & Trainer with international recognition.

    Sebastien is a fully certified Trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Coaching by the American Board of NLP, the world’s largest NLP authority. He is also certified under the world’s largest Coaching Authority, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Sebastien is also the author of the Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M. System book.

    Sebastien has been featured several times in The Bangkok Post, The Guru Magazine, Edulife Magazine & offered key-note speaker for many organizations. and has worked with all members of the community, including students, teachers, MD’s, CEO’s & celebrities. He is uniquely qualified to help you Unleash your Power for Success and Happiness.

    Course Curriculum

    NLP Train the Trainer Certification Course 4 days

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