One-Day Course on Finance for Non-Finance

A full-day course exploring the fundamentals of financial reporting.


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    • Are you a non-finance professional or non-finance manager?
    • Do you need an awareness of financial matters?
    • Confused by the financial terminology used by accountants?
    • Need to communicate confidently on financial matters?
    • Want to understand what the accountants are up to?

    We can help you understand finance using simple and interesting training techniques.

    If you need an introduction to finance, general financial awareness or to enhance your existing financial understanding you have come to right place.

    Whether you are an office junior, a trainee, a manager, senior manager, director or even chief executive, you will find our course useful.


    Course Description:

    This course introduces delegates to the fundamental accounting concepts and terminology which underpin financial reporting, and helps them to begin their journey towards understanding financial reporting in practice.

    The event looks at demystifying balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements, and establishes how these different statements interact, how they reflect the underlying business and how they can be distorted to show different results.


    Financial awareness course highlights:

    • Making sense of accounting jargon
    • Understanding balance sheets
    • Understanding profit and loss accounts
    • Understanding cash flow statements
    • An overview of accounting regulation and law, including auditing
    • An introduction to financial reporting in practice


    What will you get out of it?

    • An opportunity to explore the fundamentals of financial reporting
    • An introduction to some fundamental accounting concepts and terminology
    • Gain an understanding of who uses financial statements and why?


    Who is the financial awareness course for?

    Anyone who wants to wants to learn the basic principles behind interpreting financial reports.


    Our Training Style:

    • We take an open friendly and enthusiastic approach to learning finance.
    • Our aim is to make finance interesting for you as people learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves.
    • We encourage as many questions as possible and create an open atmosphere
      to personalise the experience.
    • We want you to ask the questions about finance that you’ve always wanted to ask.
    • We’re not constrained by the course outline and welcome all questions.

    Course Curriculum

    The problems of ‘cash accounting’ and why timing is essential in accounting 00:24:00
    Making sense of accounting jargon and terminology 00:24:00
    The link to financial performance 00:24:00
    Understanding balance sheets 00:24:00
    Understanding profit and loss accounts 00:24:00
    Understanding cash flow statements 00:24:00
    Illustrative exercises 00:23:00
    An introduction to financial reporting in practice 00:23:00
    How to read financial statements 00:23:00
    Who uses financial statements and why 00:23:00
    An overview of accounting regulation and law, including auditing 00:23:00
    Measuring the performance of a business 00:23:00
    Return on investment 00:23:00
    Short term solvency and liquidity 00:23:00
    Long term solvency and gearing 00:23:00
    Investor ratios 00:23:00
    The drawbacks of ratio analysis and other alternatives 00:23:00
    Understand what constitutes success 00:23:00

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    • 24 hours
    • 18 Units
    • 420 Minutes
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    Stuart Warner is a Chartered Accountant, author, consultant, non-executive adviser and trainer, with over two decades of experience in finance. He delivers finance based training programmes around the world to both finance and non-finance professionals. Stuart’s goal is to help businesses increase productivity and profits through innovative and engaging finance training. He is a keen advocate of experiential based learning using business simulations. He works with clients across multiple sectors, throughout the world, to deliver a range of focused and tailored training solutions. Over his career, Stuart has taught thousands of trainee accountants to pass their professional exams for six different professional accounting qualifications. He has helped thousands of qualified accountants keep up to date and meet their CPD qualifications as well as training many people from non-finance backgrounds to understand financial matters. Stuart has designed hundreds of face-to-face and e-learning training courses. He has also produced exams, audio guides, podcasts, and training videos.
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