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Kick Start your Professional Development by Managing Your Time and Energy, Your Influencing Skills and Becoming a Confident Leader.


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    Course Overview:

    This 3-day workshop will focus on three major strategic skills critical for success and growth in a rapidly changing and competitive environment; 1) Time and Energy Management Skills, 2) Influencing and Persuading Skills, 3) Presentation and Public Speaking Skills. These are the skills that must be developed and honed for long-term success both as an individual and organisationally. The purpose of this workshop is to help leaders and managers to improve their ability to influence others and communicate their information to groups of any size.

    By attending this workshop, you will be getting the latest and best ideas when it comes to strategically planning your success; ensuring that you are able to identify your signature strengths; and gaining leadership skills that will empower and engage the rest of the organisation.


    The Behaviour Minder Online Questionnaire by Dr.I. Rubin PhD

    Each participant will need to complete The Behaviour Minder online assessment before the workshop. This assessment tool helps to see your behaviour as others do. It will also allow you to identify your behavioural strengths and skills that need improvement. After you complete the questionnaire, a comprehensive report will be generated. You will use this report during the workshop on Day 2 to identify the skills needing work.

    (The Behaviour Minder is the brainchild of Dr. I. Rubin PhD, formerly of M.I.T in Boston and is used worldwide. The focus of this instrument is entirely on behaviours that can be changed and improved. It is a wonderful tool to help improve your communication, influencing, negotiating and persuading skills. It also helps with difficult but necessary conversations.)



    What You Will Learn:

    This exciting program covers three necessary areas of personal and manager development – Learning how to manage yourself by learning time and energy management, managing and leading others by learning how to persuade and influence effectively and presenting / public speaking to groups of any size. The benefits that will come from attending this unique program include:

    • LEARN how to set goals for your exciting future and align these with your important values
    • BE more optimistic
    • MASTER how to decide what’s important – set priorities
    • MANAGE your energy levels to maximise your output
    • LEARN to focus – really focus on what you are doing rather than multitask
    • BUILD your confidence
    • DEVELOP a personal development plan
    • IDENTIFY your behaviours strengths – work on your weaknesses
    • LEARN how to use five powerful influencing style and forty eight individual behaviours
    • LEARN to give constructive feedback
    • PLAN for and conduct difficult conversations
    • KNOW when to ask and when to tell to get the best results
    • UNDERSTAND how to design and deliver a dynamic presentation to an audience of any size
    • GET your butterflies flying in formation – turning ‘nerves’ into enthusiasm
    • IDENTIFY your signature strengths in front of a group
    • BECOME a confident public speaker
    • DEVELOP a tool kit and plan for your future personal and management development

    Course Curriculum

    Day 1: Time and Energy Management – Creating a Stress Free Work Environment
    Setting goals 00:45:00
    Clarifying your values 00:45:00
    Developing optimism and resilience 00:45:00
    How to decide what’s important 00:45:00
    Managing your energy levels 00:45:00
    Using Mindfulness to handle stress 00:45:00
    Building confidence 00:45:00
    Creating a personal development plan 00:45:00
    Day 2: Influencing and Persuading Skills
    Building rapport 00:40:00
    Identifying your influencing strengths and weaknesses (Using The Behaviour Minder) 00:40:00
    Learning Five Powerful Influencing Styles 00:40:00
    Giving feedback to improve performance 00:40:00
    Handling difficult conversations 00:40:00
    Assertiveness 00:40:00
    Leadership Behaviour 00:40:00
    Deciding whether you want to be feared, respected or liked? 00:40:00
    When to ask, when to tell 00:40:00
    Day 3: Professional Presentations & Public Speaking
    How to design and deliver a dynamic presentation 00:45:00
    Developing your confidence as a speaker 00:45:00
    Turning nerves into enthusiasm 00:45:00
    Mindful speaking 00:45:00
    How to create instant rapport with an audience of any size 00:45:00
    Identifying your signature strengths 00:45:00
    Learn and use seven styles of presenting 00:45:00
    Inspiring your audience to take action 00:45:00

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    Paddy has the unique ability to educate, inform, entertain and inspire. He is a sought after professional speaker, MC, facilitator and training professional. A former training executive of the Australian Institute of Management and former President of the National Speaker's Association in Victoria, Paddy can show you how to get the most from your people and your organisation. He can help you to increase your influencing skills, reduce conflict, improve teamwork, send morale soaring, create more delighted customers and enjoy your work more! Paddy works nationally, and internationally. His training and speaking methods include enthusiasm, humour, interactive exercises, role plays, discussions, inspiring lectures... in fact anything that works to build your people and your business... and make the experience enjoyable. The main reason that audiences respond well to Paddy Spruce is that he delivers practical ideas that ‘work’. He does it in a refreshing and open way that allows everyone to be a part of the presentation. He uses facts and fun to shift people’s thinking and to encourage them to become better versions of themselves.
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