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Power Transformers Training

A Comprehensive and Practical Training on Transformer Maintenance, Life Management, and Life Extension Strategies.



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    Course Overview:

    In current ever-growing industry, it has been reported that there is increasing trend in transformer breakdown since 1990s. Such a breakdown can potentially cause high amount of loss for different industries. Thus, appropriate implementation of transformer life management is of great concern in current state. Whether the transformer has been in operation for long period or is newly operating, urgent actions are required to optimize transformer performance through higher availability.

    This 3-days program aims to provide a thorough understanding of transformer life management and life extension strategies. Understanding of transformer characterization and working principle will be the essential foundation before proceeding with development of management strategies. Overview of transformer design and mechanical construction will also be presented to give comprehensive representation of transformer’s features.

    Following that, various implementations of new diagnostic techniques will be presented. Systematic and detailed studies on each diagnostic technique along with appropriate interpretation of these studies will lead to early detection of transformer failure. Subsequently, a certain degree of preventive actions can be implemented for such condition.



    What You Will Learn:

    • UNDERSTAND characterization of transformer, including its working principle
    • IMPLEMENT appropriate diagnostic techniques for timely condition assessment of transformer
    • LEARN new Corrosive Sulphur (Cu2S) analysis for transformer condition assessment
    • IDENTIFY aging behaviour of transformer and PREVENT early transformer failure
    • DEVELOP appropriate maintenance strategies for specific type of transformer
    • ENHANCE reliability and safety of transformer operation
    • OPTIMIZE transformer and asset exploitation
    • IMPROVE life extension strategies and treatment ageing of transformer


    Who Should Attend:

    This program is specially designed for those who are involved in developing and implementing life maintenance strategies of transformers in their plant. These include:

    • Maintenance Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
    • Facilities Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
    • Utility Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
    • Plant Maintenance Head
    • Plant Supervisors/ Managers/ Engineers
    • Electrical Maintenance Managers/ Engineers
    • Electrical and Test Managers/ Engineers
    • Head of Engineering
    • Manufacturing and Production Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
    • Operations Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers

    Course Curriculum

    Day 1:
    Introduction 00:36:00
    Presentation of the attendees, discussion of their daily problems 00:36:00
    Topics will be selected to be more focused based on the discussion before 00:36:00
    Transformer design 00:36:00
    Ageing behaviour 00:36:00
    Questions and Break 00:36:00
    Transformer oil 00:36:00
    Transformer Oil behaviour 00:36:00
    Transformer factory dielectric tests 00:36:00
    Modern field tests example of OMICRON systems 00:36:00
    Day 2:
    Discussion of the first day comments of the Attendees 00:40:00
    Dissfault gas 00:40:00
    Water in Transformers 00:40:00
    Oxygen in transformers 00:40:00
    Transformer oil testing 00:40:00
    Interpretation of Oil data 00:40:00
    Corrosive Sulphur 00:40:00
    TPM procedure 00:40:00
    OAE 00:40:00
    Day 3:
    Summary of Day 1 & 2 and discussion of special problems and selected topics 01:00:00
    Treatment ageing 01:00:00
    The tools: By pass plants regeneration etc. and their correct use. 01:00:00
    TOOLBOX 01:00:00
    Guidelines 01:00:00
    How to use the checklist 01:00:00

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    DTC (Daemisch-Transformer-Consult) is specialized in providing consulting services for the power transformer sector. In our capacity as consulting company and pioneer in all aspects of transformer life time cycle assessment, we offer the following range of services: DTC offers you OEM independent counselling services. DTC offers you counseling services, result open, not pre-determined solution oriented. DTC offers you counseling services with a special view to achieving customer expectations. DTC puts the whole of its experience at your service. DTC shares decades of know-how. DTC acts as your technical "advocate". DTC is established internationally. M.Sc.(EE) Georg Daemisch has been working in the transformers sector for more than 30 years. After working for several renowned manufacturers on generally international missions, he decided in the 90s of the previous century to pioneer the field of overaged transformers. Based on the general problem of moisture-logging in overaged oil-cellulose systems, he was instrumental in developing an understanding of the entire complex ageing process of these systems and for continuing the development towards a holistic population management. The experience gained from these projects are continuously added to the overall expertise and developed further for the customer's benefit.
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