Practical Sales Management and Leadership Training System

Optimize Sales Force Performance.


    Program Objectives:

    • Execute sales plans that deliver growth
    • Avoid the fatal errors managers make
    • Develop management and leadership versatility
    • Structure jobs effectively that deliver results
    • Communicate clearly performance expectations
    • Measure sales performance and set standards
    • Train, develop and coach salespeople
    • Positively manage poor performance
    • Build belief in the business and its mission


    How much more does a high performer generate annually than an average performer?

    • 40% increased productivity in operations role.
    • 49% increased profit in general management role.
    • 67% increased revenue in sales role.

    *Source: McKinsey and Co.


    Poor Sales Management results in additional costs that are often not understood or recognised.

    • Soft costs – inadequate team management, poor team hires and morale.
    • Hard costs – hiring, training, compensation costs to breakeven.
    • Opportunity costs – lost revenue and margin, poor quota performance.

    Cost of a poor performing sales manager is up to $3,500,000 per annum!


    Course Content:

    MODULE 1

    Management Defined (32 mins)

    • Five prerequisites for success
    • Purpose of management
    • Definition of management
    • Major management styles
    • Management vs leadership – the difference
    • Making the dream/mission/vision a reality

    MODULE 2

    Major Mistakes Managers Make (Part 1) (31 mins)

    • The effect of manager’s mistakes
    • Refusal to accept personal accountability
    • Having a we/they attitude
    • Failure to manage ourselves
    • Managing everyone the same way
    • Concentrating on problems not objectives
    • Being a buddy not the boss

    MODULE 3

    Major Mistakes Managers Make (Part 2)  (30 mins)

    • Failing to measure performance
    • Failing to set standards
    • Failing to train
    • Condoning incompetence
    • Recognising only top performers
    • Attempting to motivate

    MODULE 4

    Foundation for Sales Success (31 mins)

    • Three major reasons salespeople fail
    • Difference between successful and unsuccessful salespeople
    • Understanding comfort zones
    • Questions that determine salespeople’s actions:
      • #1 “What are my chances of success?”
      • #2 “Where is the value to me?”

    MODULE 5

    How to Structure the Job for Success  (21 mins)

    • Characteristics of successful salespeople
    • Four levels of competence
    • Structuring the job
    • Identifying responsibilities
    • Pinpointing the tasks

    MODULE 6

    Measuring Performance and Setting Standards (30 mins)

    • Methods for measuring performance
    • Recruiting and measuring performance
    • Why standards are required
    • Types of standards
    • Production standards and quotas
    • Attaining objectives

    MODULE 7

    How to Train for Results   (34 mins)

    • Change means train
    • Training is a process, not an event
    • Training vs education – the difference
    • Formula for behaviour modification
    • Creating a good finding atmosphere
    • Disciplines of field training
    • Field training process

    MODULE 8

    How to Confront Incompetence   (34 mins)

    • Taking people from entry level to the norm
    • Questions to ask before confronting
    • Rules for confronting incompetence
    • Formula for confronting incompetence
    • Secret to perfecting any skill – visualization
    • Formula for redirecting behaviour
    • Positively reinforcing behaviour
    • What to do if you are unsuccessful

    MODULE 9

    Facilitating Change (28 mins)

    • Today’s challenge – change
    • Mindsets and motivations of change
    • Tolerance for change
    • Change – questions that must be answered
    • Facilitating change
    • Planning for change

    MODULE 10

    Motivation versus Manipulation (27 mins)

    • Thinking: the source of results
    • Elevate the level of thinking
    • Law of compensation
    • Motivational methods



    “Its been a tremendous success because it allows us to customise it to our business needs. This program is right for any organisation.”



    “This material is far more relevant, practical and easy to implement than anything I did in my MBA.”

    – Lend Lease


    “After utilising the sales leadership process, we’ve increased sales from 2 – 5% growth per year to 23 – 35%.”

    – OMRON


    A message from the instructor, Steve Brown.



    Every member of the Fortune team, and I in particular, is extremely proud that your organization has chosen to make us a part of your management team.

    We look forward to partnering with you in the development of your most valuable asset, your people.

    I am not sure that organizations always realize how much confidence they have placed in the supplier of the training systems they utilize. It is a compliment and a grave responsibility to be the recipient of this trust.

    Your training participants will get more direct input from me through engaging in our training system than they will from any of your organization’s managers and executives.

    In designing and presenting the program I have done everything within my capability to make sure that the concepts presented are practical and reasonably easy to implement. We know from our experience with other companies that if these concepts are utilized the desired results will be attained.

    My purpose is never to stereotype people and require that they agree with me. It is to challenge thinking. Please do not attempt to force feed the material. I have not coined the only workable approaches to dealing with life’s challenges.

    Our mission, through the Fortune Systems, is to ‘Help Others Help Themselves’. Socrates described it best when he said, “You never teach anyone anything; you allow them to discover the truth for themselves.”


    Course Curriculum

    Participant’s Workbook download 00:00:00
    Course Modules 1 - 10
    Module 1 – Management Defined 00:32:09
    Module 2 – Major Mistakes Managers Make, Part 1 FREE 00:31:00
    Module 3 – Major Mistakes Managers Make, Part 2 00:29:40
    Module 4 – Foundations to Sales Success 00:31:07
    Module 5 – How to Structure the Job for Success 00:20:39
    Module 6 – Measuring Performance / Setting Standards 00:29:28
    Module 7 – How to Train for Results 00:34:16
    Module 8 – How to Confront Poor Performance 00:33:22
    Module 9 – Effectively Facilitating Change 00:27:55
    Module 10 – Motivation versus Manipulation 00:27:04

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    Sales leadership requires skills and savvy that managers are not born with! Perception is a global sales force consulting group that helps client teams adapt and grow. ‘Practical Sales Management and Leadership’ develops practical skills utilizing bite-sized learning modules that can be self-paced or internally facilitated anywhere, anytime in small group sessions. The system establishes a durable process for building management and leadership consistency across multiple sales teams and people. Sales leadership is different to other forms of management as it places unique demands on managers. Why is that? Sales by its nature is results oriented and managers must have the ability to help salespeople deal with a high level of personal accountability. Because salespeople operate under constant scrutiny, the performance of no other job is so immediately transparent to all employees. Additionally, sales leaders manage people who experience anxiety in that they face the unknown everyday; they don't know what's behind the next call or door, and are constantly challenged by a different ditch to cross or a different problem to deal with. As a result, sales leaders must have the thinking and skills to build and support a sales force on a daily basis. The program, presented by The Fortune Group's Chairman, Steve Brown, provides the experience and tools to achieve it.
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