Procurement Fraud – A Comprehensive Strategy

Know The Scale Of The Problem So You Can Apply The Right Solution.


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    Course Overview:

    The risk of fraud in the procurement process applies to all businesses around the world. Many organisations do not have a strategy in place that effectively identifies and deals with, what is by its very complex nature, a difficult fraud to investigate. That is why knowing the scale of the problem and how the fraud can be perpetrated enables you to identify any risk areas and put effective counter fraud prevention and detection measures in place. This workshop will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to draw up a robust strategy that minimises risk and enables you to make best use of the counter fraud resources at your disposal.


    What You Will Learn:

    • UNDERSTAND what is procurement fraud
    • ANALYZE where fraud, corruption and bribery pose the most risk within the procurement lifecycle
    • IDENTIFY what are the key ‘red flags’ of procurement fraud
    • IMPLEMENT practical steps to measure procurement fraud and assess the scale of the problem
    • KNOW the language of procurement fraudsters
    • LEARN what the key elements that should be included in a comprehensive strategy and action plan
    • DEVISE practical steps to investigate procurement fraud



    Each participant will receive a full course handout that can be used as a source of reference back in the workplace. It will include reports, checklists and examples.


    Training Methodology:

    The workshop is very interactive and practical skills and knowledge based. It includes a broad range of assessment and training methodologies, which include trainer led discussion; syndicate and pair working exercises; use of case study, published reports and statistics; quiz activities; power points; a multiple choice question test and progress checks.


    Who Should Attend:

    • Heads and Managers of Procurement
    • Heads and Managers of Purchasing
    • Fraud Investigators
    • Legal & Compliance Managers
    • CFO/VP Finance
    • Financial Controllers & Accountants
    • Risk Management & Regulatory Managers
    • Internal Auditors & Audit Managers
    • IT & Contract Managers
    • Internal Control Officers
    • Merchandizers
    • Buyers
    • and all who are involved in corporate transparency, governance and procurement fraud management



    • The cases discussed and legal issues were very interesting and hopefully we will now move forward to ‘install’ a culture of zero tolerance with regards to procurement fraud (U Abdullah – Senior Analyst)
    • The handout provided is very informative, I find it useful. Thank you (W Rasidi – Legal Executive)
    • Great presenter. Very informative material. Your experience shows (W Pirie – Superintendent Drilling)
    • Very relevant to my line of work. Concepts are readily applicable in establishing fraud investigation, identifying fraudsters (S Ramasamy – Executive Financial Services)
    • I think Pete is a good trainer and able to deliver the module successfully. This course actually exceeds beyond my expectation (N Husaini – Head of Development)

    Course Curriculum

    Day 1:
    Session 1:
    Domestics 00:24:00
    Icebreaker – Getting to Know You 00:24:00
    Your Trainer 00:24:00
    Session 2:
    Three Day Programme Outline 00:24:00
    Learning Outcomes 00:24:00
    Session 3:
    Procurement Fraud – Background 00:24:00
    Definitions of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption 00:24:00
    Legislation and Guidance 00:24:00
    Session 4:
    Cost of Procurement Fraud 00:24:00
    Procurement Fraud 00:24:00
    What is it? Definition, types 00:24:00
    How is it committed? Absence of strategy, difficulties in detection, culture, risk 00:24:00
    Session 5:
    Who commits it? Roles, grooming, profile of a procurement fraudster 00:24:00
    When is it committed? Pre contract award, post contract award 00:24:00
    Why is it committed? Fraud triangle, red flags 00:24:00
    Day 2:
    Session 6:
    Review of Day One (Quiz) 00:30:00
    Procurement Fraud – Comprehensive Strategy 00:30:00
    Developing Strategy 00:30:00
    Immediate interventions 00:30:00
    Policy and procedures 00:30:00
    Session 8:
    Fraud Loss Measurement 00:30:00
    Global findings and results 00:30:00
    Six steps to setting up an exercise 00:30:00
    Session 9:
    Anti Fraud Plans 00:30:00
    Prevention 00:30:00
    Detection and language analysis of the procurement fraudster 00:30:00
    Disruption 00:30:00
    Day 3:
    Session 10:
    Review of Day Two (Quiz) 00:52:00
    Session 11:
    Procurement Fraud – Comprehensive Strategy (Continued) 00:52:00
    Investigation and investigative framework 00:52:00
    Data analytics 00:51:00
    Prosecution and sanctions 00:51:00
    Session 12:
    Multiple choice test assessment 00:51:00
    Session 13:
    Evaluation and closure 00:51:00

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    Peter’s background is in the counter fraud investigation environment where he has worked for over 35 years. He spent 21 years in the public sector working as an investigator and investigations manager. He ended his career as the Department for Work and Pensions Professionalism in Security (PINS) Project Team Manager where he was instrumental in turning the aspirations included in the Government Green Paper, “Beating Fraud is Everyone’s Business – Securing the Future” into reality. He personally designed and developed the accredited counter fraud training syllabus used to train all UK government investigators, co-chaired the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board and was responsible for procuring training providers and an academic institution to provide a development learning pathway for counter fraud investigators. This initiative to professionalise the work of investigators across the public and private sectors has significantly changed the way investigations are conducted and raised the profile of counter fraud investigators across the UK. It has now become the recognised benchmark for counter fraud investigation training across the wider fraud community. His operational career has directly involved him in all aspects of external and internal fraud and anti-corruption investigations including progressing initial enquiries, gathering evidence, witness interviewing, interviews under caution and giving evidence in court, tribunals and disciplinary hearings. At an operational level he has managed and developed regional counter fraud investigation and prosecution units in UK central government departments, working in partnership with various government agencies, police forces and departmental solicitors on several successful major investigations. At a strategic level he has developed: Counter fraud and security policy Identity fraud investigation policy and guidance Fraud loss measurement policy and guidance National counter fraud training policy and programmes He is an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist and Trainer and trains counter fraud investigators and managers in all aspects of investigation on a regular basis. He is a member of the University of Portsmouth’s Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board Training and Education Committee. Peter moved to the private sector in 2000 and is the business owner of Peter Darby Associates (PDA) a counter fraud training and consultancy company. The company has several clients from both the private and public sectors. For more information, please visit:
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