Shaping The Future

Capacity Building and Tools for Future Thinking.


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Course Overview:

The SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING LAB helps individuals and organisations make decisions and develop plans and strategies that are more robust under a variety of alternative futures, and is aligned with excellence criteria and indicators.


The SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING LAB results from a combination of creativity and ideas generation, scenario planning, trend analysis, and horizon/environmental scanning methodological tools, as well as strategic decision making processes. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to share knowledge and structure information in an inclusive way.

Skills Developed:

The skills developed throughout the training lab, as well as the participants’ willingness to question current assumptions, are central to achieve a balance between the analytical, intuitive, and creative components of the process, enhancing foresight capacities. The workshop is strongly anchored in present challenges that private and public organisations face, but it will focus on evidence-based foresight, so that traditional ways of thinking do not conceal the deep variables that influence the medium and long term future.

Foundations – Scenario Planning:

The SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING LAB creates a simulation space to work the future as opposed to the more “traditional” prediction space. The simulation, based in the scenario planning framework, allows testing competitive advantages, skills, strategies and other critical success factors in order to align present actions with future challenges.

Future Insights:

The starting point of the SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING LAB leverages the participants’ explicit and tacit knowledge by structuring information about key transformations both in internal and external contexts (including global), and of a technological (including emergent technologies) and socioeconomic nature.

You will gain insights around a practical methodology that promotes a new strategic thinking regarding current and future challenges with direct impact on your competitiveness and on the way you envision, plan and manage your organisation, businesses, and teams.


The 5 Benefits of This Course:

  1. Highly contributes to collective and individual strategic thinking.
  2. Promotes alignment at both organisational and team level by defining a common understanding of possible futures.
  3. Provides awareness to the organisation and its businesses of the external changing forces.
  4. Creates the ability within the organisation to start designing its own future.
  5. Builds the capacity and mindset in the participant to respond to current and future challenges.


Specific Benefits (Linked to Excellence Criteria & Indicators)

  • Enables individuals and organisations to meet global and future changes with agility, responsiveness and readiness.
  • Introduces various tools to help shape the future, analyse the predictable and unpredictable future trends, explore possibilities and arrive to results.
  • Defines the steps to embed future thinking into the organisation’s culture and day-to-day work, from plans to policies and procedures.
  • Prepares individuals and organisations to understand the future variables to deal with or benefit from future trends and utilize them to create opportunities.


Who Should Attend:

The SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING LAB is designed for anyone interested in strengthening their forward thinking, innovation and planning skills; from creative minds, to innovation and strategy professionals and business leaders.

This applies to anyone who wants to broaden their capabilities, build a career in strategy, planning and innovation, or help their organisation improve performance by creating and capturing business value in a context of uncertainty.


Your Instructor:

AntonioAntónio Alvarenga

– Founder of ALVA Research & Consulting

– Professor at Lisbon School of Economics & Management

Antonio is a seasoned consultant and professor specialized in the field of Scenario Planning, Strategy and Future Insight. Over the last 17 years, António has advised and trained +2000 managers in the areas of Scenario Planning, Strategy, Horizon Scanning, New Product Development, Innovation and Sustainability.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of ALVA R&C, a consulting company focused on Foresight and Scenario Planning. He is an Invited Associate Professor in IST – Instituto Superior Técnico and ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management. Among other leadership and research positions, he was Director of the Department of Strategies and Economic Analysis of the Portuguese Environment Agency, Rapporteur for the Portuguese Green Growth Commitment, Director of the Department of Innovation and Strategic Sectors of the Lisbon City Council, and Director of the Strategic Foresight Unit of the Portuguese Department of Foresight and Planning.

He holds a PhD in Management Sciences at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and is internationally trained in Strategic Foresight (PREST, Futuribles, Coates & Jarret, Outsights, Fuld & Company). He has multiple research publications, regular press interventions and participations in national and international conferences and projects, as well as working experience and presentation skills in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Sample list of clients advised and trained includes: European Commission, Bosch Thermotechnology, FIAT, National Defence Institute (Portugal), Novabase, Sonae, European Environment Agency, Faro Hospital, and many more.


Course Content:

The two day SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING LAB simulates strategic environmental scanning, ideation, and scenario planning process, including the analysis of key trends and uncertainties, their dynamics and implications for product/ service development, and planning and strategy definition.

Key Concepts and Tools:

  1. Horizon/environmental scanning
  2. Future thinking and scenario planning
  3. Creativity and ideation
  4. Strategic decision-making under uncertainty


  1. Definition of focal issue and time horizon
  2. The “Unstoppables” – major driving forces we cannot escape from
  3. Strategic environmental scanning, key trends, uncertainties, and wild cards identification
  4. Identification of strategic gaps and areas of interest / opportunities
  5. Understanding implications, options and the opportunities’ potential
  6. Brainstorming and definition of pictures of the future (micro-scenarios)

Discussion, Q&A, and Wrap Up

Course Curriculum

Shaping The Future 14:00:00

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