Speed Reading for Professionals

The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page.



    If you have always wanted to get up to speed with what you read, now’s your chance!


    Got reading? What busy professional doesn’t! Strategic reading skills can help you better manage your reading workload while staying current in your field.


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    Course Overview:

    When was the last time you had ANY reading training? If you are like most, it was way back in elementary school! The reading habits you acquired back then were appropriate for a young reader, but they don’t work well today as you struggle to process mountains of printed information, both on paper AND on-screen.

    Rev It Up Reading can help you manage your professional reading workload AND stay current.

    Our proven and experienced training works on developing the four main areas of good reading: reading speed, concentration, comprehension and retention. Shared are tips, tools and strategies you can immediately use to make a BIG dent in the piles of reading you face daily both on paper AND on-screen. You will also feel more confident and competent as a result of the strategic reading training.

    All our programs are interactive and the content is immediately usable on your reading workload.

    Corporate clients include: ING Insurance, Lego Systems, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, The Hartford Insurance, Turner Broadcasting, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Education, Ziff Brothers Investments, CT Department of Transportation, Connecticut Hospital Association, Alabama River Pulp, and many more…


    How It Works:

    This is an easy-to-follow online strategic reading course divided into nine, half-hour modules. The course takes a total of about five hours and includes 17 timed reading exercises and the ability to email Abby with any questions at any time.


    What Will You Get:

    • 90 Full Days of 24/7 Access: Enough time to take the course and review all you learned.
    • Get personal help from America’s #1 Speed Reading Expert. Email Abby anytime using the EMAIL button provided inside the online course screen.
    • Follow-Ups by Email: After you complete the online speed reading course and the course survey, Abby sends you one short email for eight weeks to remind you of and refresh your memory about some of the more important things you learned.
    • Works on  Mac, PC, Tablet, and iPad.
    • No printing required!



    “It’s not just a speed reading course, it is a comprehensive package to keep you motivated and stick to your learning goals.”
    – Dr. Prashant D., Assistant Professor

    “Abby, Thanks for putting this material together! I always thought speed reading courses were gimmicks, but I’ve been wrong for years! You’ve shown me how to preserve the world’s most precious commodity – time. I’m looking forward to continuing to strengthen the muscles and skills I never knew I had! Thanks so much!”
    – Russ H. – Finance Manager

    “This is the kind of course that will get your reading abilities from good to great, from great to excellent. I’m excited by the prospect of all the great reading I’ll be able to cover with the tools this course has taught me! Now excuse me while I get back to reading!”
    – Eric W., Graphic Designer

    “I was completely shocked at the results I got from this course. I’ve increased my speed and comprehension materials and now I’m not afraid to go back to college armed with this information! Thanks Abby!”
    – Toni T, Buyer

    “I’m about to start grad school in the fall. I’m also studying for several technical certifications. Technical certifications require much more of a reading investment than most people could imagine. I’m always looking to improve my lot in life and I’m an avid reader. However, studying and working can be tough and I needed an edge. RevItUpReading is that edge!”
    – Dextra S., Defense Contractor

    “This course was a tremendous help not only in improving the speed of my reading. I learned about organization and retention along with how to identify my personal reading habits that needed work. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their reading skills for any reason.”
    – Lisa S. Wellness/Health Coach

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    Abby Marks Beale is America's Number 1 Speed Reading Expert. She is the author of 10 Days to Faster Reading, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning. Why Learn Speed Reading From Me? I love teaching speed reading! As someone who used to HATE to read and now someone who can’t imagine life without good reading skills, I enjoy sharing the simple secrets to better and faster reading. I believe I’ve come up with the most user-friendly speed reading content – available through my online course, through webinars and my publications – for those interested in becoming the best readers they can be. I have authored two speed reading books – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and 10 Days to Faster Reading – which means you are learning from a published expert. I also wrote a college-level study skills textbook Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning. I incorporate many of these study skills in my teachings. I have a Master’s degree in Adult Learning and consider myself a lifelong learner. For the past 25 years, I have taught business professionals in Fortune 500 companies, associations, small businesses and government agencies, students and educators in high schools, colleges and universities, and anyone else who wanted to improve their reading speed.
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