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    Gain A Strategic Advantage And Be Amongst The 30% Who Succeed In Executing Strategy


    About The Training:

    This is an unique training program which is a blend of consulting and training that aims to tackle your most critical strategy execution challenges. Participants will produce real and practical cost reduction plans and strategies for their organisations. You will:

    • Acquire access to the “strategy implementation toolbox” and
    • Learn how to effectively develop strategies and conduct proper strategic analysis
    • Learn how to develop a target operating model
    • Ensure linkage to performance management
    • Learn how to build a Balanced Scorecard and cascade it across the organization
    • Build capabilities in strategic and operational alignment
    • Understand how to cultivate the right culture needed to execute strategy

    You will acquire practical tools and methodologies to implement strategies in the following areas and more:

    • Strategy Conception
    • Operating Model Design
    • Linkage to Performance Management
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Operational Alignment
    • Strategy Oversight


    Key Benefits Of The Training:

    This is a hands on training in strategy execution heavily focused on case studies and practical applications. Participants are asked prior to the event to identify their strategy execution pain points and gain access to tools and methodologies to tackle them during the training itself. Participants will learn proven as well as next generation techniques to implement strategy, and a post training consulting session will be conducted to check on the application of the learnings.


    Who Should Attend:

    Leaders, managers, and professionals in:

    • Strategy and business planning Performance management
    • OSM (Office of Strategy Management) and VRO (Vision Realization Office)
    • Organization Development & Innovation professionals
    • All other leaders, managers, practitioners responsible for strategy execution in their organizations or business units


    Your Instructors:

    James Creelman

    James Creelman is a highly experienced advisor, researcher and trainer in the strategy management and related fields. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the Balanced Scorecard and other approaches to strategy execution, as well as strong background in functional best practices and corporate culture. James has written over 24 in-depth research-based management books.

    Dr David Norton has referred to James in print as ‘the foremost chronicler and historian of the Balanced Scorecard movement,’ and has contributed forewords to many of his works.


    Rani Salman

    Rani Salman is a regional expert in the field of strategy execution and has successfully completed over 100 strategy implementation projects in the region. He is also a high level trainer and advisor on strategy execution to some of the leading organizations in the region cutting across various industries. He also specializes in the softer yet most critical side of execution that includes culture transformation, leadership development, and change management.


    Course Outline:

    Day 1:

    The evolution of strategy
    Latest trends in strategy execution
    Barriers to strategy execution

    Strategy Conception
    Conducting strategic analysis the “right way”
    Visioning and its articulation
    The Art and Science of strategy conception
    Defining you business model
    Formulating strategic decisions and guiding principles
    Strategy mapping

    Operating Model Design
    Linking the business model to the operating model
    Key elements of the operating model
    Deep dive into the operating model elements (structure, technology, process, etc.)
    Alignment of operating model to strategy

    Linkage to Performance Management
    Translating strategy into operational terms (objectives, KPIs, targets, initiatives)
    Strategy mapping
    Setting up the Balanced Scorecard
    Objective setting and optimal KPI selection
    Strategy mapping

    Day 2:


    • Recap of Day 1
    • The hard side to execution

    Strategic Alignment

    • Cascading strategy to business units
    • Cascading strategy to employees
    • External stakeholder alignment
    • Achieving vertical and horizontal alignment
    • People performance (latest trends and methodologies)

    Operational Alignment

    • Aligning budget to the strategy
    • Developing operational KPIs and dashboards
    • Linking operating plans to the strategic plan
    • Operational linkages

    Strategy Oversight

    • Conducting performance reporting and reviews
    • Strategy review meetings
    • Operational review meetings
    • Data analysis & decision making
    • Testing and adapting strategies
    • Emerging strategies

    Day 3:


    • Recap of Day 2
    • Strategic foundation/enablers
    • The soft side to execution


    • Generating leadership buy-in
    • Essential leadership behaviors for strategy implementation

    Culture Change

    • Demystifying culture
    • Why culture “eats strategy for breakfast”
    • Aligning culture to strategy and vice versa
    • How to change culture to enable strategy
    • Framework for cultural change

    Change Management

    • Readiness for change
    • Managing the change
    • Strategy communication
    • Framework for change management and techniques to enable strategy


    • Choosing the right technology system to manage performance and strategy
    • Technology providers overview

    Strategy Execution Office

    • Designing and running the Strategy Execution Office


    • What is strategy governance
    • Implementing the governance model

    Course Curriculum

    Strategy Implementation 21:00:00

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