Succession Planning Masterclass

Sustaining Your Talent Pipeline.


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    Training Certified by:
    Penn State University



    Presented By:

    Dr. William J. Rothwell


    – World’s preeminent guru, thought leader, and renowned author on Human Resources.

    – Best selling and award winning writer of HR books with over 90 international published titles.



    Course Overview:

    85% of organizations say that their talent management programs and policies need an overhaul. This unique 2 day MasterClass aims at helping your organization build the right succession management and planning systems to ensure business continuity and talent optimization.

    The training gives unique insight into best practices into Succession Planning frameworks, techniques, and best practices exhibited by the world’s leading organizations. Don’t miss your chance to enroll in this course and start making change happen in your organizations. This certified training from one of USA’s top ranked universities aims at giving you the right tools to institutionalize succession planning in your organizations.


    Key Learning Benefits:

    • LEARN best practices on succession n planning and learn how to apply them in your organization.
    • BE INTRODUCED to an established framework on succession planning.
    • UNDERSTAND how to build the talent pipeline in your organization and ensure business continuity.
    • IDENTIFY best practice assessment methods to identify future potential.
    • BE MENTORED by global HR guru Dr. William Rothwell.
    • OBTAIN official certificate from top HR Business School to further enhance your career.


    About The Certification:

    Participants attending the event will receive an official certification on HR Leadership from Penn State University, one of the largest universities in the US. Founded in 1855, Penn State has grown into a world-class learning & research institution. With a core campus covering 5,448 acres, the University Park campus is the epicenter for about 40,500 students, 3,000 faculty & 13,000 other employees.


    Penn State is highly notable for its top ranking graduate program in Human Resource Development. It operates the largest outreach effort in American higher education, delivering programs to learners in all 50 states and 80 nations worldwide. In addition, the university is ranked amongst the top 1% globally, has a top 100 business school, and is ranked #1 in several other disciplines such as technical education, and online MBA programs.


    Who Should Attend:

    • Practitioners, managers, directors, and executive level HR & OD personnel
    • Professionals involved in talent development, management and retention
    • Any management professional with an interest in ensuring business continuity performance enhancement, motivation and engagement of employees


    Your Instructor:

    Rothwell1Dr. William J. Rothwell

    William J. Rothwell, (PhD, SPHR, RODC, CPLP Fellow) is a professor of Human Resource Development at the University Park campus of the Pennsylvania State University. The department which he heads is the top ranked graduate program in Human Resource Development in the US. To supplement his academic experience, Dr. Rothwell has worked extensively as a Consultant in executing HR transformations and has engaged with over 40 multinational corporations. Dr. Rothwell has worked in the Performance, OD and HR field since 1979 and has authored, co-authored, edited and co-edited close to 90 books and many best sellers.

    Dr. Rothwell was the winner of the American Society of Training and Development’s (ASTD) prestigious Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance award for 2011. In 2013 he was again honored by ASTD by being named a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) Fellow. His best selling book, Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within, 4th ed. is regarded by many as the “corporate reference guide” on succession management practices.


    Course Outline:

    Day 1:

    I. Introduction

    II. What is Succession Management?

    • Why do organizations implement succession management programs?
    • Emerging business trends as indicators of need
    • Activity: Rate your organization on succession management
    • The lifecycle of succession management programs
    • Replacement charting for visualizing gaps in a succession plan
    • How do you link succession management to HR plans and organizational strategy?

    III. Defining Key Terms and Explaining the Business Need for Succession Management

    • Overview of this part
    • Defining key terms in succession management
    • Explaining the need for succession management
    • An activity on replacement planning: real-time focus for organizations

    IV. Models to Guide Succession Management

    • Overview of this part
    • Models to guide succession management
    • Purpose, Goals, and Policies for direction
    • Present job descriptions and competency models
    • Performance management models
    • Future job descriptions and competency models

    Day 2:

    IV. Models to Guide Succession Management (cont)

    • Potential assessment modeling
    • Individual development planning
    • Evaluating succession and talent management efforts
    • Improving recruitment & retention

    V. How Do You Implement a Succession Management System?

    • Overview of this part
    • Common mistakes in a succession management program
    • Commitment and top management support
    • Using job/position descriptions and competency modeling
    • Assessing present work requirements
    • Evaluating current performance
    • Determining future work requirements
    • Assessing potential
    • Closing development gaps
    • Individual development plans
    • Evaluating the succession management system
    • Career planning programs and mentoring

    VI. Applications

    • Practical Exercise: Developing Succession Plan

    VII. Conclusions

    Course Curriculum

    Succession Planning Masterclass 14:00:00

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