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Your Voice can sound Powerful and make people Look Up to you.


Course Overview:

You are a talented, self-driven and hardworking professional who is good at what you do. However, your voice is holding you back and does not project the confidence and impact you’ve desired for.

You are tired of one or more of the following voice problems:

  • Your voice gets worse when you are nervous. You feel the tightness in your throat but couldn’t do anything about it. It’s just beyond your control! What even more frustrating is that your competence gets questioned.
  • Your voice is not clear. People often ask you to repeat yourself, which frustrates you and affects your confidence.
  • Your voice is too soft and people can’t hear you. It gives people the impression that you are not confident. You try to speak loudly but embarrassingly, you often end up shouting.
  • You sound too young. Your voice does not match your age. People don’t take you seriously. You spend a lot of time proving your competence.
  • You speak too fast. People can’t catch what you say and often ask you to repeat yourself. You try to remind yourself to slow down but after a while you start speed talking again. You often feel breathless.
  • You speak with a monotone. You have great insights and creative ideas but people don’t seem to be interested when you speak. You find it difficult engaging them and leaving any impact. You believe your voice has put you in disadvantage.
  • Your have a high-pitched voice. You didn’t know until you hear yourself in the recording or a close friend tell you it’s irritating. Because of your high pitch, people misunderstand your good intention.
  • You voice is nasal. People don’t take you seriously and they doubt your capability and competence.

In this interactive, practical and fun workshop, Cynthia will help you discover your confident and powerful voice to make your voice work for you and achieve the impact you want. She will empower you with tools and techniques to ensure you speak with confidence, credibility and impact at any given situation.


Learning Objectives:

IMPROVE your vocal influence to sound more polished and powerful.

PROJECT a clear, confident, and credible voice.

DEVELOP a deeper, fuller, more resonant and more mature voice.

UNCOVER your optimum pitch that speaks influence and authority.

SAY goodbye to soft-spoken, squeaky, and immature voice.

DEVELOP a voice that will be taken seriously.

INCREASE your volume properly to project authority without shouting.

CONTROL your speaking rate to convey the impact.

SPEAK with conviction and overcome monotone.

GAIN insights about yourself through the process of uncovering your powerful voice.



Cynthia’s workshop is packed with practical activities, pair and group work, video analysis, and in- teractive presentations set in a fun and safe learning environment. Participants will be prepared to participate fully in role plays and discussions that allow for immediate application.


Who Should Attend:

  1. Executives, senior managers, newly-promoted managers or aspiring managers who want to speak with a voice that commands respect and influences people to take action.
  2. Professionals who want to speak with a voice that projects confidence and credibility.




“Cynthia creates a relaxed environment in which you can explore the strength and weaknesses of your voice. I learned many aspects of my voice and speaking qualities from the season. Most important, how to breathe.”
– Maureen Wilkinson, IT Director, Americal Bank of Merrill Lynch

“Cynthia is able to identify my areas of improvement. She is patient to guide me through the sessions and have me see the improvement I wanted. I can feel the voice after the sessions is more powerful and gave me a sense of higher confidence in leading people.”
– David Ng, Vice President, SingTel

“Cynthia is very professional and communicates well. Her voice control is astounding. The sessions equipped me with the ability to calm down during hectic moments. It raised my awareness of how to relax and focus on breathing correctly and effectively, and lays the foundation for a better voice.”
– Pam Hu, Director of Quality Service, Media Development Authority

“The sessions helped me sound cleaner. I also learned how to find my optimum pitch. The transforma- tions will help me in my further career advancement as how you speak forms people’s reflection on your capability. Personally, I will also feel more confident as I learned to make my voice stronger. Cynthia tailored her program based on my needs and progress. She also makes me feel at ease in her sessions. She could identify the specific details where I could improve and frequent revisions to make the change lasting. Thank you Cynthia for your help!”
– Victor Lesmana, Product Manager, IBM

“Cynthia is calm and knowledgeable in what she does. She’s flexible in making changes to the schedule to suit the audience. I always know the importance of breathing from the diaphragm and today I learned how.”
– Derek Henson, Master Trainer @ Achieve Global Asia Pte Ltd

“Watching before and after videos of my, is immensely instructive, especially with Cynthia’s comments & analysis. Cynthia is the best example of what a full voice can do and sound like. What is most valuable is that Cynthia shared with us the tangible improvement is possible even in one day!”
– Mae Lim, Head of Programmes, ITE

“The valuable techniques that I’ve learned are how to breathe properly, how to use the proper breathing to project my voice and how to sound more confident through infection. It’ll definitely help me be more assertive, project confidence in my presentations and build greater credibility. Cynthia is very engaging and personable.”
– Gina Wong, Events Manager, HP Singapore

“Thank you Cynthia for the helpful Voice workshop. My family noticed the increased volume and resonance right away after I came back from the workshop.”
– Ramakrishna Kakarala, Associate Professor, NTU

“The workshop has developed in me a greater confidence and appreciation for my voice. It helps me recognize better the power and potential of my voice. It has taught me that voice is not something that we should take for granted; it has introduced me to the various practical and useful techniques that can enhance my voice and the crucial foundation as Cynthia has emphasized a couple of times is to be conscious and mindful. There’s also a body-mind connection to it that comes into play. The techniques will work best when we can also tap into our heart and mind (e.g. emotions, purpose, intent, and awareness). I appreciate Cynthia’s amazing generosity and passion in sharing her knowledge. I think Cynthia also has the rare gift to see the potential in others and inspire others.”
– Dr. Chee Chew Sim, Researcher, Temasek Polytechnic

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Voicing Freely to overcome your voice challenges
Voice & Tension 00:18:12
Find your hindrance for your specific voice problem 00:18:12
Vocal Aerobics to find where your tensions are stored and release them 00:18:12
Module 2: Uncover your powerful voice with Every Breath You Take
Breathing & Voice 00:18:12
Proper breathing techniques to support your voice and lay the foundation to a powerful voice 00:18:12
Manage your voice in stressful situations with proper breath support 00:18:12
Control exhalation for a polished and powerful voice 00:18:12
Module 3: “Speaking from the Diaphragm” to project your voice properly for a Confident Voice
Step 1 & 2 to “speak from the diaphragm” 00:18:18
Manage your voice in stressful situations with proper breath support 00:18:18
Steps 3 & 4 to “speak from the diaphragm” 00:18:18
Control exhalation for a polished and powerful voice 00:18:18
Module 4: Voice resonance for a credible and authoritative voice
Find your optimum voice pitch range that sounds credible and authoritative 00:18:18
Develop your voice resonance to sound mature, authoritative and credible 00:18:18
Control different volume levels with resonance 00:18:18
Use different volume levels for authority 00:18:18
Module 5: Build vocal presence as a leader with proper volume
Pitch & Volume 00:18:18
Control different volume levels with resonance 00:18:18
Use different volume levels for authority 00:18:18
Module 6: Voice Dynamics - Remove monotone to speak with credibility and conviction
Use different tones of voice to sound more engaging and interesting 00:18:18
3Es Techniques to use your voice to engage and connect with your audience 00:18:18
Adopt voice dynamics to speak with impact, incl. pitch, volume, pace, etc. 00:18:18
Use your voice to paint pictures in your audience’s mind and make your presentation visually memorable and impactful 00:18:18

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Cynthia is an Executive Voice Coach, Speaker & Trainer. She has helped Executives and Senior Managers from MNCs & government bodies to develop their powerful voice that holds the room, engages and inspires people to embrace change and take action. Leaders Cynthia has worked with incl. CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific, CFO of LEONI Asia, President for North Asia of K & N, Senior Vice President of HSBC China, Vice President of SingTel, Managing Director of EFG Bank, Associate Director of Barclays Bank, Director of Quality Service from Media Development Authority, Director of Communications from Singapore Tourism Board, Commander from Singapore Air Force and many more. Cynthia has worked with many high-profile clients incl. Simultaneous Interpreter for G8 Leaders Summit, a governmental forum attended by the heads of government. Cynthia’s engagement spans Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, India & Brunei. She has appeared in Singapore National Radio Program 938Live 3 times and Hong Kong Radio 3 as a guest speaker on Voice. Cynthia has spoken to more than 5,000 audience members across industries, from the world’s top MNCs as Google Asia Pacific, HSBC Singapore, Procter & Gamble International Operations Southeast Asia Singapore Branch, to Government bodies as British High Commission Singapore, Singapore Air Force. Her audience members vary from senior executives to sales professionals, from scientists to soldiers, from trainers, teachers to college professors, and many more.
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