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    This is a mentor supported course with a one year access. Total course hours is 450.

    This course comprises of 2 courses bundled in one (Adobe Creative Cloud and Web Design).



    Are you a creative person who like working on a computer?  Web design may be the perfect field for you. Every business needs to present a new and exciting image to their audience, the public. Good web designers help companies present their best ideas using a combination of technology and designs. Using these tools, you may be the one to help your company or clients get the message to the public.

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Have you ever seen a beautiful, colorful website or a really neat video clip and wondered how it was made? Our Adobe Creative Cloud course will answer those questions and much more! Our course provides a comprehensive overview of Creative Cloud design elements and covers seven programs that all function in unique ways to make design interactive and fun. We provide an overview of how to use InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional and Fireworks to create and design stunning images, pages, websites, movie clips and more.

    Web Design

    Understanding how to add a picture to a website is just one small component of web design. This comprehensive course introduces you to the basic fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 and how to use them to build a website from scratch. By using these powerful tools, you’ll be able to control and master every aspect of the webpage. Throughout this course, you will learn how to configure color, text, accessibility structure and mobile viewing features. A variety of concepts are also presented, such as e-commerce, web promotion strategies and web design elements. If you are new to the field of web design or simply just want to brush up on your skills, our Web Design course will provide you with essential knowledge to become a great Web Designer.



    Adobe Creative Cloud

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Recognize the fundamental components of Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Recall how to use design elements in InDesign and Illustrator
    • Identify steps for creating websites using Dreamweaver and how to edit images using Photoshop
    • Recognize how to use Flash and Fireworks to create animation and visual effects
    • List ways to create, use and edit PDFs using Acrobat

    Web Design

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Recognize the fundamental components of HTML5 and CSS
    • Recall how to structure a website, add visual elements and configure page layout
    • Identify how to add links, tables, forms and mobile features to web pages
    • Define e-commerce and the basics of web promotion
    • List steps for using JavaScript



    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 1
    Getting Started with Creative Cloud 

    • Using Common Menus and Commands
    • Exploring Common Panels
    • Using Common Extensions and Filters
    • Importing and Exporting Files
    • Handling Graphics, Paths, Text and Fonts
    • Using Color
    • Printing Documents

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 2
    InDesign CC

    • Working with Text and Text Features
    • Understanding Page Layout
    • Drawing in InDesign
    • Understanding Color
    • Clipping Paths, Alignment and Object Transformation
    • Exporting to PDF, Flash and Printing
    • Creating Digital Documents Using HTML and EPUB

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 3
    Illustrator CC

    • Using the Selection Tools
    • Creating Basic Shapes
    • Using the Pen Tool and Placing Images
    • Using Type in Illustrator
    • Using Layers, Filters and Effects
    • Livening Up Illustrations with Color
    • Using the Transform and Distortion Tools
    • Working with Transparency and Special Effects Tools

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 4
    Photoshop CC 

    • Getting into Photoshop CC Basics
    • Messing with Mode Matters
    • Creating a Selection
    • Using the Photoshop Pen Tool
    • Resolution Basics
    • Creating a Good Image
    • Working with Painting and Retouching Tools
    • Using Layers
    • Saving Photoshop Images for Print and the Web

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 5
    Acrobat XI

    • Discovering Essential Acrobat Information
    • Creating PDF Files
    • Adding Interactivity to PDF Files
    • Editing and Extracting Text and Graphics
    • Using Commenting and Annotation Tools
    • Securing PDF Files

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 6
    Dreamweaver CC

    • Understanding the Dreamweaver Workspace
    • Creating a Website
    • Working with Images
    • Adding and Formatting Text
    • Linking it Together
    • Creating Tables
    • Creating CSS Layouts
    • Publishing Your Website

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 7
    Flash Professional CC

    • Creating Artwork and Text
    • Symbols and Animation
    • Adding Graphics, Audio and Video
    • Lights, Camera, Movie Clips!
    • Controlling Your Movie with ActionScript
    • Getting into the (Work)Flow
    • Publishing and Final Delivery

    Adobe Creative Cloud Module 8
    Fireworks CC

    • Free to Create
    • Livening Up Your Artwork with Color
    • Creating Text in Fireworks
    • Getting Images In and Out of Fireworks
    • Hotspots, Slices and CSS Layouts
    • Using Buttons and Symbols
    • Don’t Just Sit There —- Animate!
    • Building a Wireframe Using Fireworks

    Web Design

    Web Design Module 1
    Internet Basics and HTML 

    • Internet and the Web
    • Network Overview
    • The Client/Server Model
    • Markup Languages
    • HTML Overview
    • Document Type Template
    • Elements
    • Lists
    • Your First Web Page
    • HTML Validation

    Web Design Module 2
    Configuring Color and Text with CSS 

    • Overview of Cascading Style Sheets
    • Using Color on Web Pages
    • Inline CSS with Style Attributes
    • Embedded CSS with Style Elements
    • Configuring Text with CSS
    • Span Element
    • Using External Style Sheets
    • Center HTML Elements with CSS
    • The Cascade
    • CSS Validation

    Web Design Module 3
    Visual Elements and Graphics

    • Configuring Lines and Borders
    • Types of Graphics
    • Image Element
    • HTML5 Visual Elements
    • Background Images
    • More About Images
    • Sources and Guidelines for Graphics
    • Guidelines for Using Images
    • Accessibility and Visual Elements

    Web Design Module 4
    Web Design 

    • Design for Your Target Audience
    • Website Organization
    • Principles of Visual Design
    • Design to Provide Accessibility
    • Writing for the Web
    • Use of Color
    • Use of Graphics and Multimedia
    • More Design Considerations
    • Navigation Design
    • Design for the Mobile Web

    Web Design Module 5
    Page Layout

    • The Box Model
    • Normal Flow
    • CSS Float
    • Hyperlinks in an Unordered List
    • Header Text Image Replacement
    • Practice with an Image Gallery
    • Positioning with CSS
    • CSS Debugging Techniques
    • HTML5 Structural Elements

    Web Design Module 6
    Links, Layout and Mobile

    • CSS Sprites
    • Three-Column CSS Page Layout
    • CSS Styling for Print
    • Designing for the Mobile Web
    • Viewport Meta Tag
    • CSS3 Media Queries
    • Flexible Images
    • Testing Mobile Display
    • CSS3 Flexible Box Layout

    Web Design Module 7
    Tables and Forms

    • Table Rows, Cells and Headers
    • Span Rows and Columns
    • Configure an Accessible Table
    • Style a Table with CSS
    • Input Element Form Controls
    • Scrolling Text Box
    • Image Buttons and Button Elements
    • Style a Form with CSS
    • Server-Side Processing
    • HTML 5 Form Controls

    Web Design Module 8
    Web Development and Multimedia

    • Successful Large-Scale Project Development
    • Domain Name Overview
    • Web Hosting
    • Choosing a Virtual Host
    • Plug-Ins, Containers and Codecs
    • Adobe Flash
    • HTML5 Audio and Video Elements
    • Multimedia Files and Copyright Law
    • CSS3 and Interactivity

    Web Design Module 9
    E-Commerce and Web Promotion

    • E-Commerce Business Models
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • E-Commerce Statistics
    • E-Commerce Issues and Security
    • Search Engines
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Listing in a Search Engine
    • Monitoring Search Listings
    • Link Popularity
    • Social Media Optimization

    Web Design Module 10
    JavaScript and jQuery

    • The Development of JavaScript
    • Popular Uses for JavaScript
    • Document Object Model
    • Variables
    • Programming Concepts
    • Form Handling
    • Accessibility and JavaScript
    • JavaScript Resources
    • Adding jQuery to a Web Page
    • jQuery Selectors and Methods




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