Winning Sales with Your Voice

How to Speak with a Confident, Credible & Convincing Voice


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    Course Overview:

    As a salesperson, your voice is probably your least developed tool. Sales guru, motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziglar says that 95% of all salespeople never do anything about their voice, thus fail to build their sales career to the fullest.

    In today’s highly competitive environment, every salesperson is doing their best and making improvement in every aspect in order to get ahead. Are you developing your voice to your advantage? Can you make the voice work for you and establish immediate likeability, credibility and authority in a sales process?

    In this interactive, practical and fun workshop, Cynthia will help you discover your confident, credible and convincing voice so as to make your voice work for you and achieve more sales and clients with your voice. She will empower you with tools to ensure you speak with confidence, credibility and authority at any given situation.



    Workshop Objectives:

    KNOW what are the voice problems that hinder you from winning more sales and how to overcome them.

    LEARN proper breathing techniques to give your voice power and energy.

    DEVELOP a clear and dynamic voice that helps you engage your prospects and clients.

    MASTER a confident and credible voice that helps you establish likeability and trust with your prospects.

    POSSESS a voice that speaks assurance and authority.



    Cynthia’s workshop is packed with practical activities, pair and group work, video analysis, and interactive presentations set in a fun and safe learning environment. Participants will be prepared to participate fully in role plays and discussions that allow for immediate application


    Course Curriculum

    Voice Recording 1 & Critique
    Recording your voice before training 00:30:00
    360 voice critique 00:30:00
    Voice analysis report 00:30:00
    Areas to work on 00:30:00
    Module 1: Vocal Aerobics to lay the foundation of a confident voice
    Exercises to keep vocal muscles active 00:30:00
    Exercises to keep vocal muscles relaxed 00:30:00
    Module 2: Proper Breathing Techniques to give your voice power and energy
    Voice production 00:30:00
    Diaphragmatic breathing 00:30:00
    Proper breathing techniques to support your voice 00:30:00
    Breathing exercises 00:30:00
    Module 3: Speak with the support of your diaphragm to project a clear and calm voice
    Projecting your voice with the support of diaphragm 00:30:00
    Speaking consistently from the diaphragm 00:30:00
    Module 4: Develop Resonance to Speak with Credibility & Authority
    Find your optimum pitch range 00:36:00
    Develop your voice resonance 00:36:00
    Project your voice properly 00:36:00
    Better control of your volume 00:36:00
    Take advantage of inflection & cadence 00:36:00
    Module 5: Speak with Dynamics & Color
    Master a better speaking rate 00:36:00
    Step-by-step techniques to overcome monotone 00:36:00
    Speak with conviction & passion 00:36:00
    Voice Recording 2
    Record your voice after training 00:36:00
    Voice critique 00:36:00

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    Cynthia is an Executive Voice Coach, Speaker & Trainer. She has helped Executives and Senior Managers from MNCs & government bodies to develop their powerful voice that holds the room, engages and inspires people to embrace change and take action. Leaders Cynthia has worked with incl. CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific, CFO of LEONI Asia, President for North Asia of K & N, Senior Vice President of HSBC China, Vice President of SingTel, Managing Director of EFG Bank, Associate Director of Barclays Bank, Director of Quality Service from Media Development Authority, Director of Communications from Singapore Tourism Board, Commander from Singapore Air Force and many more. Cynthia has worked with many high-profile clients incl. Simultaneous Interpreter for G8 Leaders Summit, a governmental forum attended by the heads of government. Cynthia’s engagement spans Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, India & Brunei. She has appeared in Singapore National Radio Program 938Live 3 times and Hong Kong Radio 3 as a guest speaker on Voice. Cynthia has spoken to more than 5,000 audience members across industries, from the world’s top MNCs as Google Asia Pacific, HSBC Singapore, Procter & Gamble International Operations Southeast Asia Singapore Branch, to Government bodies as British High Commission Singapore, Singapore Air Force. Her audience members vary from senior executives to sales professionals, from scientists to soldiers, from trainers, teachers to college professors, and many more.
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