Women’s Power at Work

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    The world of work is different for women and men. They not only see things around them differently, but women also notice and evaluate completely different things. The female vision describes what is unique about how women perceive their world at work and offers strong research support for how this uniqueness can benefit women as well as organizations. This course will unpack what is involved in the differences between the typical male and female vision, how they impact one another, and how women can capitalize on their unique vision to benefit their leadership and become a considerable asset to any organization.



    After completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Define the vision disconnect and biological differences between men and women
    • Recall reasons why women might feel disconnected in the workplace
    • Recognize the importance of and the elements of female vision
    • Choose ways to profit from female vision



    Women’s Power at Work Module 1
    What Women See

    Our vision is shaped by what we notice, what we believe is important, and what we perceive life should be. Women often have challenges articulating what is seen at work because how women see things is often out of sync for what is expected in today’s organization. Module 1 will address what women see at work that is uniquely female and how it can complement an organization’s leadership.

    • The Vision Disconnect
    • Consequences of Dismissing What Women See
    • Complementary Capabilities
    • Attention
    • Acting on What We See

    Women’s Power at Work Module 2
    Warning Signals

    There has been much conversation in popular media in recent years about top female organizational leaders opting-out of their rising careers to raise children or change to completely different careers. How connected is this trend to the differences between how women and men see things and perceive what they see at work? This module will discuss why women leave work and careers and what challenges organizations face to keep top female leaders.

    • When Women Leave
    • Female Brain Drain
    • Opting-Out
    • Women and Risk
    • Fail-Safe

    Women’s Power at Work Module 3
    Elements of the Female Vision

    Women and men notice things in their environment differently. While there are exceptions to every generality, women tend to take a broad-spectrum style in what they notice than men. Not only do women and men typically notice things differently, but they also assign value and the importance of relationships differently. This module will discuss how women typically notice things in their work environment, how they attach value at work, and the importance of a social network to women.

    • Broad-Spectrum and Narrow Noticing
    • Wired to Notice
    • Numbers and Relationships
    • Worth and Satisfaction
    • The Social Fabric

    Women’s Power at Work Module 4
    Profiting from the Female Vision

    While women often recognize their vision is different than their male colleagues or the traditional expectations at work, acting on that different vision can be challenging. In order to bring your voice to your unique vision, it is important to be able to articulate the differences that make your vision useful, surround yourself with a strong and diverse network, and build the skills necessary to carry out your vision. This module will bring together the research on the differences found in how women experience and perceive their environments differently in the workplace and offer a skillset for bringing your unique vision to life.

    • Articulate Your Vision
    • Allies, Accountability, and Coaching
    • Being Present and Letting Go
    • Encouraging Mindfulness
    • The Power of Empathy




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