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Georg Daemisch




Daemisch Transformer Consult (DTC)

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Owner / GM

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Power Transformers

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DTC (Daemisch-Transformer-Consult) is specialized in providing consulting services for the power transformer sector. In our capacity as consulting company and pioneer in all aspects of transformer life time cycle assessment, we offer the following range of services:

DTC offers you OEM independent counselling services.
DTC offers you counseling services, result open, not pre-determined solution oriented.
DTC offers you counseling services with a special view to achieving customer expectations.
DTC puts the whole of its experience at your service.
DTC shares decades of know-how.
DTC acts as your technical “advocate”.
DTC is established internationally.

M.Sc.(EE) Georg Daemisch has been working in the transformers sector for more than 30 years. After working for several renowned manufacturers on generally international missions, he decided in the 90s of the previous century to pioneer the field of overaged transformers. Based on the general problem of moisture-logging in overaged oil-cellulose systems, he was instrumental in developing an understanding of the entire complex ageing process of these systems and for continuing the development towards a holistic population management.

The experience gained from these projects are continuously added to the overall expertise and developed further for the customer’s benefit.