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We’re proud of being Asia’s Psychometrics & Business Psychology Consultancy since 2002. Operating from offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, award-winning PsyAsia International offers Online Psychometric Tests, Aptitude Tests and Personality Assessments, Job Applicant & Employee Screening, Psychologist Assessment & Interview Services, Human Resource Training and I-O Psychology / HR Consulting. We work across Asia-Pacific, using highly qualified and experienced Business Psychologists.

Our world-class solutions and focus on scientific, evidence-based psychology at the core of our Psychometrics, Human Resource Training and Business Psychology Consulting separates us from competitors in the HR field and has won us numerous Quality & Excellence Awards. As an Asian business, registered in Hong Kong and Singapore, we understand Asia, and our client’s investments in us remain in Asia. We are a vendor of choice for multi-nationals across Asia, as well for a number of Asia’s Governments.