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Dr. Sonali Wagle




Exponential Advisory

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ROI Specialist and Consultant

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Human Resources

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Dr. Sonali Wagle is currently the Principal Consultant of Exponential Advisory. He is a Management and ROI Specialist, who helps HR and Training Professionals to make HR a profit center. He trains and coaches them on how HR is all about investment and an asset and also how to quantify HR & Training objectives, how to position themselves as strategic partners in the organization, how to present their case to the directors, and how to contribute to the bottom line.

Dr. Wagle works with professionals who are brilliant at what they do, but want to justify their work to the higher management.

Dr. Wagle has have done his Ph.D in Management and studied 75 corporates in their strategy. These corporates included MNC, PSU, Family Managed Business, Private companies, belonging to various industries. He is a ROI certified professional from ROI Institute USA under Dr. Patti Phillips.