Balanced Leadership for Women

SGD 295


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Learn how to use your strengths, optimism, and sense of belonging, power and energy to prevail in service of a purpose in our Balanced Leadership for Women course. Listen to stories told by amazing women leaders and learn from their failures and success. Discover techniques for balancing work and life through centered leadership with tools for connecting, engaging, and energizing yourself and others. This course starts with you and helps you build your path for success.



After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Recall the importance of building meaning for women in leadership roles
  • Identify leadership qualities and traits
  • Recall how to focus on building connections and networks with colleagues, mentors and sponsors
  • Recognize how to find your voice as a leader, use your strength to create opportunities and utilize skills to reach your career goals



Balanced Leadership for Women Module 4

This module will address the importance of building meaning for women in leadership roles. Meaning is a defining trait among leaders. Identifying what brings meaning involves both knowing your strengths and identifying your purpose in what you are doing. Part of identifying your purpose is naming your dreams, and once your purpose is identified alongside your strengths and meaning becomes clear, happiness naturally results. The happiness equation provides a strong base for effective leadership.

  • It All Begins with Meaning
  • Your Own Happiness Equation
  • Start with Your Strengths
  • A Sense of Purpose
  • Dream Catcher

Balanced Leadership for Women Module 2

Once we have identified our strengths and purpose, it is time to begin to identify who we are as a leader. Are we optimistic, pessimistic, and adaptable? Obstacles are a reality in leadership, and being comfortable with feedback and critique can help to use it to build our leadership skills. This module will discuss the importance of how we frame the successes and failures and how to move forward through obstacles along the way.

  • A Matter of Framing
  • The Practice of Optimism
  • Moving On
  • Ready for Change
  • The Journey, Not the Destination

Balanced Leadership for Women Module 3

We do not accomplish anything in this world alone. Relationships we build throughout our career are important for all stages of our development as leaders. This module will focus on building connections and networks in colleagues, mentors, sponsors and developing inclusive leadership skills.

  • A Path to Belonging
  • Reciprocity Forms Relationships
  • The Tapestry You Weave
  • On the Shoulders of Sponsors
  • Member of the Tribe

Balanced Leadership for Women Module 4
Engaging and Energizing

It all comes together when we practice engagement. Engaging is when we commit to taking a step forward, to seize the opportunities in front of us. In order to take risks, we must be able to speak up for our dreams professionally as well as personally. This module will discuss how to find your voice as a leader, use your strengths to create opportunities in leadership in your career, and to utilize skills from centered leadership to effectively reach your career goals.

  • Crossing the Line
  • Stand Up, Speak Up
  • Weathering the Heights
  • Energy in Your Toolkit
  • Experience the Flow




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